Monday, February 4, 2008


Enough of this Gomer Pyle of a candidate!!! He needs to get gone already!! He got all butt hurt yesterday because he thought that Mitt said he wished he would drop out. Turns out it was a rumor. Suckabee went crazy on Mitt and showed his true colors. He hates Mitt and why is this? Is it because Mitt can afford dental work and has good teeth? Or is it because Mitt has a hot wife? Could it be that Suckabee lives in a double wide and thinks Mitt is a richie rich and he is jealous. He does mention Mitt's wealth quite often. He can barely get a sentence out without referring to Mitt's money. I have had it with this guy. He is sabotaging. (I am sure that is spelled wrong but I can't get my spell checker to work and trust me I need it). This is a shout out to the Hucksters that you all SUCKSTER.....and as for Chip the designated cronie YOU SUCK EVEN WORSE!!! And little Chuck Huck lay off the plastic surgery dude!!! You look like you are a dog looking out the window of a car and does Mufasa know you stole his hair???!! whew I feel better. Now go away please!


icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nik! i was over here this morning, but it was too early for my cob-webby brain.

this was a FUNNY post about the gomer pyle candidate. BOY do you have some zingers when it comes to the insults! i take it you're not a chuck norris fan. LOL! "mufasa know you stole his hair..." you CRACK me up, girlie!

later gator.



ba and the boys said...

suckabee...perfect nickname

Nikki said...

hey there chicks.....I am on one. I may need a break from politics after SUPER TUESDAY makes me pop a blood vessel. no more screaming at the radio or TV after this. yep I am lying. I will continue to throw the insults to deserving candidates. and we know who they are. thanks for commenting chicks. :)N