Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Trying to order a drink or a meal from a fast food restaurant is difficult. No, it isn't because it is a complicated process to stick your head through the car window and talk to a box like object. It isn't because the menu is so complex that one must study it carefully to make a decision. It is because the person on the other end of the process doesn't speak any english. Keep it simple and don't ask any sort of veering questions, like a menu substitution or product ingredients. It really could start a wave of events that could really kill your lunch deal and send those behind waiting to order into eye-rolling convulsions and heavy heavy blue faced sighs. You will undoubtedly get nothing you ask for and some items you probably didn't want. Keep it basic and DO NOT veer from the fast food basics of "I'll take a #3 supersized with a Coke please" anything more difficult than that will send you cursing in your car about the idiot who took your order. The problem is, they don't speak english and yes it sends the good old American vocabulary to the land of what my mama told me not to say. I am not suggesting by any means that any particular fast food chain uses illegal immigrants to run their restaurants but one can only speculate. However, this frustrating part of life doesn't send me to the loathing of immigrants like it does some in my political party.
Concerns that our enemies are sneaking into the U.S from friendly border countries is obviously a legitimate argument and one that I vehemently support. Tightening security measures on the border is no doubt an essential part of protecting us. However this mass deportation that so many on the far right are advocating is unrealistic, costly, and bad for our economy.
There are in fact jobs that illegals do that most Americans will not do. For example, in Arizona there are people who own landscaping companies, farms and construction companies who can not get a non-illegal to work for them even at 10+ dollars an hour. The non-illegals are totally unreliable and would refuse to work in 110+ temperatures that stay for more that 6 months in this state. Illegals work hard with little complaint, and most employers prefer illegals to the complaining American who wants more compensation for far less work. Illegal immigrants are an essential part of the economy in Arizona and I would suspect in Texas and other border states.
Who is going to pay for this mass deportation? Conservative values instill low taxes and less government, but it would appear in the illegal immigrant argument that it would be OK for the government to wander around gathering up illegals by the truck loads and shipping them back to where ever they came from. How is this going to be funded? Is raising taxes back on the agenda for republicans? Paying for this huge undertaking is of no consequence to the Sean Hannity's of the world, because he can advocate without responsibility like all the other talking heads. Spewing your opinion vs. actual accountability is a luxury the President doesn't have. And let's remember an expensive war going on at the moment, not to mention a hostile dominant democratic congress to convince to pass such legislation. So politicians rhetorically spouting "tough on illegals" are really just pandering to angry conservatives who hyper-focus on this issue.
So I may have made up the term hyper-focus. I am not sure, I didn't look it up. Focus groups that hyper-actively focus on one issue rather than see the big picture are in fact guilty. Perhaps the Michelle Malkin's, Laura Ingrahms, Bill O'Reilly's and of course Ann Coulters of the world can get off the illegal immigrant bus long enough to realize they are in fact OCD about the issue. Sending a dem to the White House because of one stringently placed philosophy is irrational. And quite frankly I just don't give a damn what the elite conservatives have to say about this issue. I can make up my own mind. Thank you very much. Now can I please have a large diet coke with extra ice........No I said extra ice, not NO ice, no DIET COKE not regular COKE, no I wanted a large not a regular. Please can I have a diet coke. Screw the ice. No screw you!!!!


icanseeclearlynow said...

*sigh* LOL! girlie. you NEVER get tired of riling people up. where do you find the energy? ;) you and i have had this conversation too, nik. i agree with a lot of your points on this issue. i think people accustomed to reading from the scripts that keep them thinking inside the box are gonna take offense, however.

but i must say friendly border areas have been sorely neglected by our government. americans are sitting ducks if measures are not taken to tighten security. but what usually screws things up are ignorant opportunists who take their directives to extremes, forwarding their own agenda, thus rubbing illegals, their families, and their advocates the wrong way. lately in my neck of the woods, law enforcements officials have been raiding factories and demanding legal working papers. gestapo jerks! GRRR! so you know what, our country needs to get their sh*t together and police themselves better. cause a country divided among itself will SURELY fall!

this is another good topic, nikki that begs reflection and discussion.



Freadom said...

Good points here. I don't have a problem with amnesty so long as the BORDER IS 100% SECURED FIRST. Amnesty with no secure border will only compound the problem. IMO.

Now, if you give me two extra large fries when I ordered one, I won't complain.

Nikki said...

Maria, I agree tighten the borders and let's have a sensible approach to the current state of illegals here and working......and yes I never tire of riling you up!!!! I do get tired however of getting riled up!!!haha hugs Nik

Freadom...glad to have you around!! Extra food now that I think we can all live with except for maybe our hearts eh??? thanks for commenting....:)Nikki

ba and the boys said...

in philadelphia, which isnt even close to boardering anything but new jersery (and yes, it is almost another country with the way they drive!), my cheesesteak place has a sign that says to order in english. cheesesteak in anyother language just wouldnt be the same!
and, just a fact from history, my great grandparents came to the usa in 1912 (him) and 1915 and 1916 (her) (my greatgrandmother got SENT BACK TO ITALY BECAUSE THERE WERE TOO MANY ITALIANS IN THE USA THAT YEAR! yes, she made the trip 2times! she was see sick all 3 trips and didnt open her eyes (her account) until they could see the statue of liberty. and once they got here, the family was so poor that they learned english on the streets. yes, no special class and all their kids knew english. and even though my great grandparents fought in italian, that was the only time we heard their native tounge.
so i agree, dont tell me english is too hard. now give me a fresca!

Nikki said...

All I know is I don't want to get on your bad side because you know "people". I love Italians that make me yummy spaghetti and meatballs!!! mmmmmm :)N

King Coby said...

It is a good topic...However it is delivered by a self ritcheous bufoon that is bored and in need of more tlc time. Now don't go too hard on me I have a beef here. Right is right and WRONG is just plain old Wrong. Point in fact: Your talents with notepad are strikingly obvious. Adding a mustache to old Ronald is funny and cute, along with the sombrero. It's cute if your a racist anglo, I being hispanic don't find humor in it. I expect all your WASPy or Mormon friends to back you up and cheer Go Nikki Go! Bottom line I am glad you forged your Racist roots for all of Cyber-ville to see and remember. My ancestors had GRINGOS just like you steal Millions of acres of land in Texas that were rightfully deeded them by a sovrein nation. Their deeds were not honored of course as they looked like your picture of old Ronald there. You are an Elitist and a person unworthy to fly your banner. When may I ask have you ever helped a person in need that was'nt anglo? Oh the dollar at the corner to the homeless guy does'nt count either. Your petty, foul,and a Racist to the core. It is so easy to dispise you. Nice legacy there missy.

Nikki said...

KB.......stop being a VICTIM and tell me what you think about immigration. You thought I was racist long before this article strictly on the face that I am white and conservative. And for the record Mormons are not Protestants and I have enough Cherokee Indian in me to get a government grant for college, housing and many other privilages. So by your standards alone I am incapable of being racist, I am oppressed.
And why is it that you believe the homeless person on the corner is a person of color or a minority??
Your victim arguments are so tiresome and weak. Do you have any opinions that don't accompany a cry of injustice and emotion? How do you live in this God forsaken country?? Your constant belly-aching is so old. You are a cancer in this society holding on to past grudges so you can blame the world for your failures.

Nikki said...

btw KB stands for King Baby

icanseeclearlynow said...

king coby, how OLD are you? seriously. what's with the name calling every time your button gets pushed? nikki's a good sport cause if you came to my blog calling me names i'd delete every comment you made or just flat out ignored you until you went away!



AsISeeIt said...

I'll defend Coby's right to call names and throw accusations. Otherwise, I'd be a hypocrite to call him an idiot! Since his level of reading and understanding is probably limited to books only with pictures, I can see why he was so quickly offended by the Ronald McDonald picture and didn't READ any of the post. Guess what, Coby? the 'words' part of the post were about Nikki disagreeing with the elite 'rights' on the issue of immigration. and seems to speak highly of our competent, hard-working, illegal immigrant neighbors?? but then again, anything less from you, and you wouldn't be 'the King'. tu eres stupido!

Anonymous said...

Oh KC you are a trip. Jump forward with me a bit to the present (that's right now in case you haven't been here before).

What is it that you want from Nikki, myself, and all the other white Mormon, Wasps? What can we do for you today that will rid you of holding on to century old wrongdoings?

My guess is nothing. Because your identity is wrapped around all this bitterness and ancestor blah, blah, blah crap! You do know that none of us were around then and had nothing to do with all of that, right?

Should we give you 60 acres of land? Should we say we're sorry?

Your comment about not finding humor in the Mexican Ronald McDonald is so pathetic. Poor KC was offended by a picture. A picture for goodness sake. You need to lighten up!


Lemme say this: I like your blog, but on a second note, Nikki, you wreak of being a racist. I can see clearly through you. Fight it with words all you want, but you will not convince me that you are not a racist. Go ahead, write 10 pages of reply to this...it doesn't matter....YOU wreak of it.

It is evident that you and yours are in a state of panic because a black man has a good chance of becoming the next president. Keep spewing...but you are not convincing me or others.

This might incite 100 comments, but NO WORDS OR COMMENTS can steer me from what is quite evident here.

Does that mean that I will not ever read this blog again? NO. Does that mean that I do not like Nikki? NO. I'm just expressing what can be intrepreted all over this blog.

Come on ...blast me.

King Coby said...

Ms. Nikki, I read your entire post. Quite contrary to some of your LOYAL Supporters. Let me tell you something, I am no victim. I am a professional and I earn a decent living. I work hard, pay my taxes, and try to obey the law. In answer to Maria's comment. What difference would it make if I were 16 or 60? My views on immigration are probably in line with yours. I would never dream to admit that to you because you are the most infuriating creature in my daily routine. That being said keep up the good work. Your views are fun to read, and even better to talk about amongst my illegal alien subs. You see I'm in the home building business here in south Texas. I live with this growing issue every day. Immigration reform has to start with some form of amnesty. Are YOU going to come down here and arrest detain and deport thousands upon thousands of undocumented workers? Most labor intensive industries in California and Texas would go under. If you are so opposed to those PEOPLE outhere. See wait a minute let me side track here..... Thats the big problem with most hard core conservatives. you dont view anyone as people all you see is,..what did you call me? oh! a VICTIM. We are all just whiny little victims. I for one do not consider myself your victim. No one is victimizing me either. I am not a leftist freedom fighter as some here in this forum might suggest. I look at you for what you say you stand for. What you really should have titled this entry as is:: I just hate it when SPICS cant get my order right. Why not just say it Nikki. You must have thought your picture was oh so cute. You stereotyped hispanics. You stereotyped me. You stereotyped my father and his father and my mother. My grandmother came to this country illegally when she was 16 years old. You insult her memory, as she was a great woman. A strong woman. She was fiercly proud when she gained her full citizenship. I know this because my father always tells me stories of her life when she was young. According to you and others here we should just keep em out and throw them back once they are here. Keep them out? Did anyone say that in the european migration in the Early 1900's? Why has the country's attitude changed? You see where i am going here Nikki? I can come in here and say that yes I am prejudiced. I do not like anglo's that prey on minorities and there are plenty of them. Not to say that I dont like anglo's either. I have family that are anglo. Oh yes we do cross breed down here in the south. I do not like those who wish to kick people down. You see Deep down you dont want to believe it, but your prejudiced too. The honorable thing to do is not to try to mask it. Own It, be proud of it. Your reader asked me to read the post before I comment. Why? if getting past the offensive image is hard enough. By the way i may not have perfect grammer, or be the best typist, I might not be as enlightened as yourself, but when that mexican that you cant understand asks me for my order. I can answer back!

asiseeit said...

Coby -
You're not stupid because you are Hispanic. You are just stupid. Here's a little cut and paste exercise since 'reading and comprehension' seem difficult for you - Nikki's post "...However this mass deportation that so many on the far right are advocating is unrealistic, costly, and bad for our economy...Illegal immigrants are an essential part of the economy in Arizona and I would suspect in Texas and other border states. Who is going to pay for this mass deportation?... Paying for this huge undertaking is of no consequence to the Sean Hannity's of the world, because he can advocate without responsibility...And quite frankly I just don't give a damn what the elite conservatives have to say about this issue."
Where do you differ from her on this stance??? sounds like she's against sending them all back. Your input always has passion, but rarely has any value. my anglo opinion.

King Coby said...

As i said my stance is simmilar to hers. yes I can read, rite, and do rithmatic too. LOl. I do believe I stated quite clearly that i agreed with her view on immigration, what i don't agree with is that stupid picture. Like it or not it ticked me off. Love me, hate me, but please dont poke fun at my heritage. Oh by the way I am an Idiot, not because I am stupid but because I allow myself to get caught up in this ridiculous banter. I am cyber dumping this link into the abyss. Aloha children. My opinion here doesnt matter and there are good positive reads out there. Although entertaining, this forum breeds hate contempt and is just plain ole negative BS.


Ditto, ditto, and ditto. I totally agree with you that the entire post was about the stupid spic who could not get the order right.

I'm not much of a "fighter" per say, but I do live by ONE mere statement:

"People will NOT remember you by your good deeds, the cash in your pocket, or you straight A report card, HOWEVER, WHAT THEY ALWAYS REMEMBER IS THE WAY YOU MADE THEM FEEL."

King Coby said...
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King Coby said...
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King Coby said...

lol! your a coward

Nikki said...
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asiseeit said...

Coby - You're a lying punk. I was hoping you were a man of your word with your 'aloha' declaration. Nik, who won the Coby pot?? how long did he stay away?? 6 hours. I'm sure I didn't since I bet on 2 days. ha ha. lol. The checks in the mail.

DB said...

Wow, a circus. (I'll add a long comment so I only have to say it once and none of us really have anything better to do than blog anyways)

Colby, do you see the irony in calling someone else "self-righteous"? Pot, kettle, black...not to get self-righteous on you or anything...

Anyways, Colby, surely you would have a better approach and argument for an issue so close to home, literally(ha!). While your comments were totally hilarious, you just set yourself on this one to lose. You sound like the ignorance the ignorant are trying to deport.

You could have taken the stance that many, dare I say most, Republicans are so "conservative" and looking for the "way it used to be" (often confused with "should be") that they have blinded themselves with false pride of what America is. This comes off as racist, and while typically accurate, is not always true. "Conservatives" have always had that sense of "pride," typically of "who is an American." This is evident in every generation since our founding. The Italians and Irish had to go through these same trials for the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries. Dare I mention Asians, Blacks, etc. There will always be people who don't like "your kind," but you will have to get tougher skin than that or develop a better though out response. I doubt the Italians got all bent out of shape when an "anglo," as you guys keep eloquently putting it, made derogatory remarks regarding an Italian's background.

America isn't great because of what we should be, we are great because of what we are. Immigrants add to the strongest arguments for freedom; the freedom to work for a better life, the freedom to be happy, the freedom to simply be free. Basically, freedoms not apparent in most Latin American countries the immigrants come from. While I don't think any politician has a good answer to our immigration "problem," I do know that people find it easier to find fault in something they don't understand. Most American's can't comprehend a world so close to ours where freedom is not a concept. While I don't condone violating US law to enter our country, I find that ones desire for freedom will push them to do what it takes to be free, even if it is illegal. Can hardly blame them.

Nikki said...

Hey Db, thanks for your well thought out response and for constructive points to a heated topic!! And of course thanks for reading!! :)Nikki