Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Gallup poll just did an interesting poll on how Americans see the candidates with regards to uniting or dividing the nation. Most Americans feel that John McCain and Barack Obama are "uniters" and Hillary Clinton and Mike Huckabee are "dividers". I find this data interesting for several reasons. There is no doubt that Hillary is more of a polarizing figure than Obama and McCain. Within his own party, McCain has stirred up some major division and why is this, because he has reached across party lines on some issues. Obama has voted 96% within his own party and has done very little if nothing at all to reach across party lines in compromise. As a matter of fact, Obama has one of the most liberal voting records of any Senator, with the exception of Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. How is this reaching across party lines for the sake of unity? Should there not be some evidence to prove what he so vehemently professes, that he has in fact compromised in the past? He has not compromised at all. John McCain has crossed party lines so much he has the far right crying foul and calling him a non-conservative. Americans are spouting this unity and togetherness crap like we are all at camp singing COOMBAYAH! There isn't anyone I know that would be willing to compromise any stringently held belief for the sake of unity. Obama obviously hasn't done it in the past and we see where compromise has gotten George W. Bush, riding the train of low approval ratings and your favorite over dinner Presidential bashing. Far right republicans are unwilling to compromise on immigration, tax breaks, foreign policy and anti-abortion ideologies. Democrats are unwilling to compromise on Iraq, health care, environmental issues and pro-choice policies. Neither one is going to budge on policy so stop singing that stupid Coca-Cola song with candles swaying back and forth like Obama is going to get republicans to smoke crack until we agree to his ridiculous spending frenzy. John McCain has a record to prove he can compromise. Just ask the conservative talking heads that are shamefully crippling John McCain's campaign. Yep, I see them compromising with an Obama President, they don't even compromise within their own party. So I hate to beat a dead horse and trust me this bloody horse is going to decompose before too long and it will continue to get hit.
Memo: To Democrats: Continue to smoke whatever it is you are smoking to feel so euphoric. Keep hoping for some unity, because what you are really trying to say is "think like us and then we can get along". And don't act like that isn't what you mean. Because that is what I am saying to you. Think like me and there will be no trouble in paradise. Sorry it cuts both ways. Please, go sing some more stupid hugging songs. I will not agree with you, especially when you can't even recognize the current administrations contributions to your lame party. I know it is a tough stance on a very fluffy concept. So I will remain conservative and divisive. I don't think I am the only one with stubbornly held beliefs. I am just unwilling to pretend to reach out a hand to then cut it off. And trust me it will happen.


icanseeclearlynow said...

awww maaann! i LOVE that coke song!

wow girlie. what can i say? obama's voting record: it is what it is. he's green. he'll learn.

umm...regarding your memo, could you point me to those dems. i'd like to feel euphoric. LOL!



Nikki said...

Maybe I will try to find a clip of it.....I remember learning that song in elementary school during music class. Boy how things have changed. I am sure such a political song would not be allowed today...and as far feeling eurohoric, maybe some green tea?? haha.....thanks for stoppin by as always :)N

Freadom said...

I like what you say about George Bush's popularity being so low because he "crossed party lines" too often. I think this has more to do with his low approval ratings than the war.

You make some other good points here too. If we want to vote for a unifier, then McCain would be the best man for the job. He has a proven record as a unifier, while Hilary and Obama do not.