Wednesday, February 27, 2008

John McCain Apologizes For Right-Wing Radio Crazy

I swear this guy reads my blog!!! He stole my material. It's interesting that they showed far less of the McCain apology and denouncement of this guy!!......It is funny that stuff like this is all over the blogs on peoples rants and what is the big deal. I see worse stuff about George....I do think McCain was right to denounce it.


icanseeclearlynow said...

wow, nik. this is interesting stuff. woo-hoo! the plot thickens. boy oh boy. this is what anthony was talking about on one of his post. why shouldn't obama be fair game just like any other politician?! it's ridiculous! and what's up with mckain's retarded handlers? what do you mean you had no idea about the program's agenda?! what kind of lame crap explanation is that?! phfft! somebody would have been cut from the payroll if i was mckain!

nice find, girlie.



Nikki said...

Hi there late blogger girl!! great point about McCain not knowing who was on the their butt!! It is getting down to the wire and McCain and Obama are going after eachother and YES the plot thickens....I love it. I think it will be a hotly contested election. Now if we just knew who was going to win American Idol! hehe now get some sleep you need some green tea??? hugs :)N

Kazahn said...
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