Sunday, February 10, 2008


While the democrats are busy making love to themselves for kicking out the first possible African American or female Presidential nominee, republicans have an opportunity to counter. Not only is Condaleeza Rice one of the most intelligent people on the planet, she is also black and a female. Democrats pride themselves on their monopolizing of civil rights. They claim to be the most diverse and tolerant of any political party. After all they are the party of John F. and Robert F. Kennedy, both champions of the civil rights movement. How can the republican of today not be racist nor sexist or be anything other than a rich spoiled bottom feeder that sucks the life out of the poor or opresses the minority? How is that possible? How can the good old days of "fighting against the machine" be gone? If one party represents the "populist" then the other party must be an evil corporate empire. If this philosphy is not true then what will the party of taking to the streets in protest, do for a cause? So as it is, republicans must remain the bigoted, rich, sanctimonious, non-caring beasts that keep the little guy down.
And so we have a gem to offer. Her name is Condaleeza Rice. She is one of the greatest intellectual minds of our time and she is a republican. She has also served under the most evil of republicans George W. Bush. Now there is sticking it to the man!!! Oh yea, oops, he is the man. Now what? What if the phants can offer our own historical poster child and claim to be the party of racial and gender equality? Or how about we recognize the candidates as capable people because of their acheivements and not the historical representatives of the left. Historical it is and amazing there is no doubt, but being judged by the "content of their character" will only surmount when the back patting stops and professing what is popular is secondary to quality.
I pick Condi Rice because of her incredible ability and her understanding of the world in which we live and the danger we face. I trust her with my future and the future of my family. She is a class act in a sea of classlessness. She in my opinion is more qualified than any other candidate offered on either side of the aisle. But alas, she is conservative and the true colors of the self-professed monopolizers of color-blindness and gender equality are in fact NOT idea-blind, nor am I. Could the philosophy of qualified vs. historified (I made that word up) make the case for support? Perhaps. Check your egos at the gate and stop living in the glory days of the hippie and come to the realization that republicans aren't "the man". THE MAN is an ignorant philosophy that keeps us all from progressing. So in the spirit of change and progress, let's kill 2 birds with one stone and give them more of the same with McCain and Rice!! History will surely be made!! Female, black and a republican! You can't get much better than that!!


King Coby said...

Wow! I never knew the Rebs were so partial to the downtrodden. To say that the GOP is a party of Diversity and equality is like saying a baboons ass is pretty! So cmon baboons show your asses!

Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. You make a good point about how the Dems are almost breaking their arms patting themselves on the back over Hillary and Barack.

However, I would disagree with your assessment of Condi. I think she is unqualified to be Secretary of State, she was unqualified to be National Security Adviser, and she is certainly unqualified to be VP. It's an interesting idea, though.

Nikki said...

Thanks Mike....what do you think about a Lieberman Vice?

Mike said...

Nikki, ever since I became aware of Lieberman (back in 2000) I wondered why he called himself a Democrat. He's so "moderate" that he makes Chuck Hagel look like a liberal. I don't care that Lieberman is a conservative, what I don't like about him is that he isn't honest about who he is. When it became clear in '06 that the democratic party had abandoned him, rather than switch to the Republican party, he had to form his own "independent" party. Then all the Republicans voted for him and he returned to the Senate, where he continued to back Bush every chance he got.

So to sum up, he's a dishonest conservative Bush boot-licker. He'd be perfect as McCain's VP. :)

(Of course, if those were the only qualifications needed, Condi would fit the bill as well.)

ba and the boys said...

i have so been thinking that! my thoughts are, she doesnt have any family to embarrass her (remember bill clintons brother when he was 1st running for pres? or just bill clinton), and she is so focused on her career. and (in case you didnt say this because after i read just a little of you blog i decided to comment) she has worked with so many leaders. isnt that all hil goes around saying? i know i heard her say that yesterday on why people should vote for her.

Nikki said...

Mike, PERFECT let's sign him up!!! Haha.....thanks for chiming in! :)N

BA...great point it is Hill's message, experience, yet change. she is so confused. :)N

icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nik! i think condoleeza would make a good v.p. i would LOVE to know why anyone would think her unqualified. dick cheney shoots people by accident, i think he's pretty stupid. and yet, he's our v.p.




I'd go for Condi in a heartbeat! I'm in awe of the woman! Really liked this post, Nikki! I would def. be happy w/ McCain and Rice! Never thought about it before reading this post! Rock on!

PS! LOL, Maria, on the comment on Cheney shooting people up. That was such an unfortunate situation and I felt so bad for the older gentleman that got shot. He was so blessed that it didn't end up a total, so, blessed.
I honestly felt bad for Cheney. My husband is a hunter and I know these things are always one second away from happening. Cheney has taken the "punches" so gracefully. Poor guy.

Nikki said...

Maria.....too funny!! Dick never recovered from that one. he has been a late night talk show joke for months!! and of course I think Al was pretty stupid...let's face it being a politician ain't rocket science!! :)N

Chatti Patti....I agree it would be a great combo!! Though I have heard that Condi has no interest in running ever....but who knows she may change her mind!! thanks for commenting!! :) Nikki