Monday, February 4, 2008

Life after a possible Democrat in office.......

Yes I would like to see a republican in the White House. I am not one of those who thinks one party or another should dominate. I like having a balance of power. I usually vote for democrats locally, but prefer republicans nationally. My views align more with conservatives on a macro scale. To me worrying about my childs education and the welfare needs of my community, should rest on the shoulders of the local government and not the feds. This is balance. In Arizona we had a Democratic Governor that I liked, to the dismay of many of my republican friends, but the education system in Arizona is very good and the taxes are low. I was happy, how could I not be, I control my own destiny and look to the government for very little. People who seek governmental supplication are the complainers.
When Bill Clinton was President I enjoyed the benefits of "Family Medical Leave" while I was pregnant with my son. I was sick most of my pregnancy and this allowed me to keep my job and its benefits while I was down and out. he also signed a non-discrimination act for religious groups trying to aquire property. This benefitted my Church and so it benefitted me. Needless to say I survived a democrat as President. I watched his speeches and at times cringed, but all in all to MY credit I kept an open mind and chose to see what was real instead of petty partisan hatred.
So we may indeed get a donkey in the White House and it will hurt for a bit. I will pray for the person in that office because the problems of the world will be on their shoulders. They will be hated among many and worshipped by some. Some will look to them to make their lives better and easier and this will not be an easy task. The country will thrive for a time because of the fresh and the new. They can blame George Bush for the problems they face and the mistakes they make.(even though George didn't blame Bill NOT ONE TIME, and he even pardoned him). Hopefully the next President can make decisions with such precision and perfection that the American people can quit acting like we know more than the President. It amazes me the people who think they are more informed and intelligent. The Monday morning quarterbacking of the media and so-called experts is astonishing. Americans are so swallowed up by their own intelligence. And to think that most are getting their information from talk shows or news outlets. Unbelievable and scary.
So if the Jack-Ass's take over, I will survive, just like Gloria Gaynor. But take note, I will blog and I will not be nice and I will call people names and say things that will send your donkey blood boiling. But I will also be fair. Unlike you who choose to be blind partisans and take personal shots because your arguments are so weak.
But until the fat lady sings we can still hope that a Conservative will win the Presidency. Until then, dems and libs can continue in their false sense of security that they will win.......only time will tell.


icanseeclearlynow said...

"and say things that will send your donkey blood boiling."

hey nik, you promise? LOL!

with georgie-boy, it was never about being loyal to any party. i just didn't like him as a person. i actually liked ronald reagan, even when i didn't like his politics. and i clinton was always shady to me, despite some of the good things that happened during his administration.

later gator.



King Coby said...

Cant wait for all that fiery commentating to begin! The rebs lost this one for themselves! If they thought Georgie Porgie was soo god all fantastic why are they distanceing themselves soooooo very far away from him now? Hell you cant get Piza to deliver at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. These days! lol. But seriously, its time to change for better, but it cant get worse!

King Coby said...

Nikki my spellings as xbad as yours! no offense meant. I meant to type PIZZA and for the other words oh what the hell its just a blog!

Nikki said...

No spelling nazi here and no offense taken....feel free to rant among the blog......:)Nikki

Freadom said...

Great down to earth thinking. I consider myself not a party person, pwer se, but a person of principal and values. While the democrats do have some good ideas, that party is way off base with the common man like me. However, America will survive either way.