Thursday, February 7, 2008

Reaganitis McPain and TRUE Conservatism

Much has been said in this primary by both republicans and democrats about Ronald Reagan. First of all I must say that I have been dissappointed in my own party for abandoning the current President. This President would have much more political power were it not for nazi conservatives who have abandoned him. I expect libs and dems to not support the President, but not his own party. Shame on republicans. You may not agree with the President on immigration but faltering support in a time of war is shameful. I also find it interesting that partisan dems can't even give the President credit when he aligns himself with a philosophy from their party. Shame on democrats. I am tired of delusional Americans.
So the candidates are married to Ronald Reagan. I was in jr. high and high school when Reagan was President. The "preppie" and the "yuppie" were the big thing. I drove a Honda scooter to school and had a convertible rabbit during my college years. It was a time of prosperity and it became the "me" generation. For the most part Reagan enjoyed average approval ratings. In 1983 was his lowest approval at 38-40% depending on the poll. 1983 had a very high unemployment rate and Reagan was hated as much world wide as President Bush if not more so. He was all about peace through strength and the cold war was in full force. I remember when action movies were full of Russian demons and we cheered when the Rocky's of the screen defeated them. It made for great ass-kicking movies. Back in the day we could rip on our enemies without getting arrested by the PC police. There was always some sort of communist to kick the crap out of in the eighties and it was a patriotic time in our history. Reagans highest approval rating was after he was shot. He enjoyed a 70% approval rating. I remember watching TV coverage in my history class in jr. high. This was before the 24/7 news sources that dominate the airwaves today. Reagan on an average had a 50% approval rating and at the end of his Presidency was down to 40% again with the Iran-Contra scandal. His retrospective rating is 87% positive by republicans and 50% positive by democrats. His overall retrospective is about 67%. Bill Clinton had much higher approval ratings throughout his Presidency but has lower retrospective numbers, though with time they may jump just as Reagans have.
Reagan was very much a compassionate conservative like George W. Bush. He raised taxes and his Reaganomics and trickle down economic policies were criticized by his Vice President, George Bush 41, who called them voo-doonomics. His deficits were the largest in history at the time and even George senior saw no option but to raise taxes even after we all read his lips and thus, losing his second Presidential term. Bill Clinton raised taxes again and of course the rest is history. Reagan was an extremely good communicator. To me this is the problem of the Bush Presidency. George for whatever reason refuses to communicate with Americans. Or maybe America refuses to hear George W. Bush. I beleive it is the latter. However, my problems with the extreme right at the moment is the inherent screaming for "conservative" values and yet the very person they use as an example, Ronald Reagan, was not an extreme conservative like everyone fantasizes about. I love Ronald Reagan for his ability to speak to the heart of Americans. The ideals of the republican party are fundamental American traditions. As many are screaming about the McCain nomination and hugging Ronnie like he was the last living true conservative, open your eyes and you will see that Ronnie was not a textbook republican. And for the record I lived in Arizona for 5 years and I agree with John McCain and the President on their immigration policy. But that is another subject I will blog about at a later date. And for the Reaganites, 1986 Amnesty Bill signed sealed and delivered by the Gipper.
So while republicans fight about core conservative values and which ones are the most important, let's not forget that the war on terror is our main objective! I know John McCain is stronger on terror than either of the donkey boneheads!!! So gut it up PHANTS! It is time to plug our noses and support the Senator from Arizona or we may have a Senator from New York or Illinois and both of them are endorsed by Al Qaeda! And that my friends STINKS!! A deal breaker for me would be a Huckabee Vice........Mitt for Vice. That I could live with!!!


icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nikki, i remember reagan for what happened to several of my friends during our second and third years of college. during reaganomics some cuts/purse-tightening went on that forced some of my less fortunate friends to return home. a little inevitable rearranging of things put in place during the carter administration.

but he was likeable, he had charisma. he was a hollywood star, afterall. i LOVED him in "oklahoma."

"or maybe america refuses to hear george ..." HA!!! when you place yourself in front of a group as their LEADER, the group that allegedly voted you into office (alleged cause you probably cheated), YOU need to bring IT! it means your HEART. your heart means a little humility AND eye contact. they're intertwined and will only work together. YOU are the one expected to CONNECT with the masses, NOT the other way around. all that bad-boy, arrogant, a**-kicking nonsense should be saved for dealing with the enemies. NOT the people you are representing!

i LOVE that you know how to get us going, nikki. GREAT post, girlie!



Nikki said...

you know it...can't have it any other way!! Jimmy Carter, now there is a waste of a President!! :)N

Butler said...

Very well done... that's all I have to say

Nikki said...

thank you butler for reading and commenting and for the compliment...:)N

Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. Great post. Very passionate. I was in 6th grade when Reagan was elected. That was the first presidential election that I paid attention to. I remember the Reagan years as the time when the rich started getting richer and the poor started getting poorer. (The top 1% richest people almost doubled their % of the total income, while the bottom 50% saw their % decrease by about 16%. (See Table 5 here.)

Besides, what right do Hollywood celebrities have to push their morals on us? Reagan should have gone back to his life of sin and debauchery and left politics to the non-actors!

As for Hillary or Barack being "endorsed by Al Qaeda," why would they endorse one of them when Bush is the poster boy for the Jihad recruiters across the Middle East? Just joking (only sort of.)

Huckabee for VP? I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Nikki said...

Mike such a nice comment today.....thanks it is hard work stickin up for you know who....I threw up in my mouth too thinking about yuckabee.....let's see 6th grade in 1980 would be born in are my same age, about, aahaa!! just kidding thanks for commenting. feel free to rip me a new one anytime!!! :)N

icanseeclearlynow said...

ummm... i was looking for a playlist. can't seem to find one on your blog when i need one. i'm working late tonight.

love ya!


playlist... anytime now...



King Coby said...

I remember BONZO going to Bitberg! I believe the correct term was voodoo-economics. reagan was the enemy as is bush. The GOP isnt running away from him because he was great. His legacy to our country is one of sadness and futillity, as well as catastrophic loss of life. He wanted to change history in the mid-east and he can't. Poor guy really believes in what he says too thats the irony. I cant hate him as much as I pitty him. He and his cronies destroyed a huge surpluss and yet you still place him on a pedestal? OPEN YOUR EYES!

lurker said...

did somebody forget to take their meds today?king coby are you gonna go postal on some poor reP, I believe it is reP not reB spelling bee champion ur pitiful with all of your anger management problems.

King COBY said...

LOL actually maybe I should clarify my use of slang for you. In the deep south we refer to conservative republicans as REBS ie: rebels as in CONFEDERATE REBELS. most republicans in the deep south are biblee thumpers better than thou conservatives hence the really dispicable comparrison to REBS as the confederate soldiers were reffered in the civil war.........and thanks I have taken my lorazipam today. Oh my goodness I know my spelling is off kilter....but I think I spelled all of that correctly. So go suck an egg REB

lol.....conservatives are just sooooo easy to have fun with! tighten up your lips, not enough suction going on! OMGLMFAO! Can you read that rebs?

King Coby said...

Oh by the way LURKER, thanks for digging through this very well written blog. I have fun reading its interesting points whether I agree or not. Nikki dishes it out and can take it as well soooooo....stop defending her views. Dont take my sarcasm so serious....but if you do so be it it is more fodder for me to go off on. I want to be the most hated liberal on this block. So come on and HATE me some more. By the way I wont hold my tongue and play nice. If you met me in person you would love me. i am funny and opinionated. I just don't take it soooooooo seriously because all politicos are snakey to begin with. I go with the lesser of 2 evils. i have no plans to blow up your post office I leave that to conservative wacko's like conservative boy Mcvay as in Tim if you did'nt know. Never give a REB too much rope or they'll hang themselves for sure!

Your Royal Chatterness said...


Lighten up! I'm getting this bad visual of you...corn cob and all!! Nikki's blog is sooooo damn fun! I tell ya, the girl is passionate about her political views! The purpose of her blog is to both have cheerleaders (like yourself) and passionate and spirited Dems like King Coby!

It would be a very tortured world if everyone were like YOU..or me, for that matter.

You would make a horrible educator and I feel for your children (if you have any). I envision you stifling their creativeness by enforcing your demeaning and condescending insistence on crossing every "t" and dotting every "i."

What do you know about "anger management," my friend? What do you know about "morning meds?" I believe you know a lot about their effects because you seemed to think you recognize the sypmtoms of an "unmedicated" indiividal. Looking in the mirror, there?

If Nikki ONLY had blog fans like you, this blog would be COMPLETELY starched, stiff, and boring.

Lighten up and have fun! We all come into this online world to relieve stress and see the world through others' eyes. No need to bust a vein!

;-) Sup, Nikki??? I will never comment again on this blog, because I don't feel like whipping out my dictionary to see if I spelled everything correctly. I'm around too many uptight people 14 hours a day and I like to go to blogs and relax and feel free from people like Lurker.

I will continue to read your blog, Nikki, but I will not comment. No tears shed on either side, I'm sure!

Rock on, girlie!!

icanseeclearlynow said...

btw nik, i got distracted by my bush rant. i also wanted to tell you that this post was well written and a really good read!




Ok, damnit! I broke my promise! I DO have to comment....misspellings and all! This, by far, has to be the "fairest" post you have written. I like! I like! Let's get one thing straight...I'm a "donkey bonehead!" I'm a little puzzled by your statement that Hill and Obama are endorsed by Al Qaeda! Ha! Interesting! That alone, may make me change my mind. NOT! LOL!

By the way Nikster, I wish I were a history buff like you! You got it going! I'm always in awe of folks that "run it down the line" like you can. I may not agree with it all, but in between your feelings/opinions there stands the history "timeline" that definitely would make your former history and government teachers proud!

How did your love for politics and history begin? Was there any particular thing that inspired your love for history? When did you first realize that you loved history?

King Coby said...

Ok ladies and gentleman, I would like a moment to clarify my position. I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am a new fangled Hybrid. I am not a moderate or an independant. I am a new fangled Hybrid. There are policies in both parties that I support. Democratic policies tend to allign with my train of thought most of the time. I support many conservative policies such as welfare and pork barrel reform. I am an artist, therefore my mind doesnt always think and act like yours. i am not perfect like all of you cyber republican hulks. i am a single mind in a great big tank of individuals. I am a sataryst. If some of the readers of these blogs would OPEN their minds to things that they dont neccesarilly agree with, they might find they are alot like me. I am a hybrid, a bright shiny new PRIUS, and arent PRIUS's all the rage? Do Prius's really affect our enviornment? Who really knows? I can tell you one thing I would rather take a chance on a Prius than drive a gas guzzling SUV.