Thursday, February 28, 2008


When I write an article, I usually start with the title. I jot down some thoughts and try to come up with something a little catchy or outrageous, based on those thoughts. This post is different. I am going to type and see where it takes me and then come up with a title. I will get a bit more personal, which I do not like to do. I don't get personal with many people. I don't find it beneficial and a lot of times it hasn't proven worth the vulnerability it generates. My blog is a place for me to rant and give a voice to my political frustrations and ideology. I keep it more opinion based because my ideas are what I am marketing, not my personal life. The emotional connection needed between writer and reader can be achieved without getting personal when a shared philosophy emerges through the written word, or a common interest is discovered. I don't think getting personal is needed for a connection.
Lately I have been frustrated. I share this with you because I am sure all of you have been there many times throughout your lives. This particular frustration comes from within the blogosphere. I have a straight forward approach when it comes to communicating a message that is on my mind. I hope that it may strike the nerve of another person and hopefully generate some thought or a differing perspective on a subject. I put myself out there for the world to read and critique what is on my page. My frustration is with the little trolls who undoubtedly have tried to quiet my voice by using intimidating attack words to thwart my creative outlet. I am angry because for a short time it has worked. For the last few days I have not written about what I have wanted to write about for "fear" of how it would be interpreted. So I began to analyze every subject I wanted to write about through the mind of someone else and not mine. How is this right? Terms such as racist, sexist, WASP, Anglo, gringo, bigoted, homo-phobe and many more in that genre are used far too loosely. These terms are used to intimidate another persons thoughts and ideas and to inject fear into an argument. There are some who thrive on the use of these terms and inject them into every ideological difference. No one likes being called a racist or a bigot. I certainly do not. This is a shameful use of such terminology and it undermines the origins and historical basis in which these terms were born. To compare ones own self to a person of slavery is on its face, self serving and demeaning to those who have faced real oppression. Those who truly have walked the halls of prejudice and civil inequality should not be defined by the same explosive verbiage as someone who merely disagrees with an opinion. Perhaps words do take on different levels of meaning as time passes, even so, they shouldn't be used so flippantly as to degrade its original origins. And so I have had an epiphany. No more will I concern myself with trolls who want to intimidate me and silence my thoughts. You are the bigots of today. You are the ones that insist that other people control your destiny. You are the bottom feeders that can't crawl out of a philosophy of low expectations and a need for a guilty America to sponsor your way to success. You are the oppressors of self, living in a world of dependency and reliance. You wish to stifle my words because they make you uncomfortable and question what you have been taught for so long. You are indeed scared that perhaps it is you that is responsible for your own destiny.
I realize I put my views out there in an agitating way. I do it to generate thought and to promote the exchange of ideas. This is a blog of opinion and not information. I want to challenge philosophical differences and I don't claim to be objective. Why should I be? The material is "according to Nikki" not the gospel "according to John". I understand that it is only a few that have thrown the racism and bigotry card at me, but it troubles me nonetheless. I now take it for what it is, an attempt at intimidation. No more wasted energy on the thought MAFIA. This is America and I am free to speak my mind without fear, intimidation or hostility. Any attempt at doing so is contrary to what this country is about and you may as well be the Taliban. OK, of course it isn't the same, but the comparison is as inflated as the racist usage. So I admit to the self-doubt and frustration that I felt and that is the first step to recovery, right? But this is the day of reckoning and I am back!! WITH A VENGEANCE!!!!


Freadom said...

I could write a post of my own in response to this, and maybe I will. But I used to write for another website, and I was called every name in the book, from Nazi to idiot, and that's why I ended up starting up my own blog instead of writing for that website; this way I have control. And that is why I have my comments posted only at my approval. However, I have yet to delete any comments. That time will come soon enough I am sure.

I have also done much reading on this, and most debating experts will tell you that people resort to these tactics only when they have no intelligent counter argument. In other words, if you get called a racist or an idiot, it's because you won the debate.

So, however frustrating these personal attacks can be, they are actually a compliment to your brilliance.

icanseeclearlynow said...

nikki, HOOORRRRRAAAAYYYYY!!!! for you, girlie. WELL SAID!! i am SOOO tired of the belly-aching and boo-hooing. GET OVER IT! let's move on! people hang on to OLD beliefs because they're afraid to WAKE UP and RECOGNIZE that the world has in fact CHANGED. and therefore, change is expected of them. i am a BLACK WOMAN and neither me nor my family members are oppressed. WTF?!! i have no idea what oppression even feels like. though i stand on their shoulders, i have not walked in the shoes of a slave, or anyone who lived in thru the racism of the 60s and 70s.

sure, i've encountered white people who are prejudiced. big effing deal!! those individuals do not reflect on the entire race. jesus! i am so sick individuals who try to scapegoat others, like you nik, for their own short comings.

freadom makes an excellent point. people revert to name calling when they have NO INTELLIGENT response to counter your arguement. GOOD FOR YOU, nikki!! i LOVE ya girlie!!



ba and the boys said...

'the blog mafia'...nikki, don't talk bad about the family. xx (that is a kiss on each cheek al la godfather II).

Nikki said...

Freadom you should write a follow-up, it is a topic that should get out there more often....and thanks for the brilliance comment......I am far more gutsy than smart that is for sure!!! but thanks.....:)N

Maria...I love it when you get so feisty!!!! this is a good topic for you too there chickie....I could feature it hint hint....I know you have a lot going but maybe in the future??? nudge nudge. BTW I am going to feature you "Is America Ready" post next if that is OK with the boss of the icanseeclearlynow articles..... I want to get it up before I take off for AZ on Monday so probably Satuday for the link...let me know. thanks for your passionate comment!! I LOVE IT!!! :)N know I love the fam....they are far nicer than the blog mafia!! for real!! I love the godfathers and mothers they are so cool and I love their spaghetti sauce recipes!! :)N


Nikki, you say,

"This is America and I am free to speak my mind without fear, intimidation or hostility. Any attempt at doing so is contrary to what this country is about and you may as well be the Taliban."

That goes for your readers also! They, too, are free to speak their mind without fear, initmidation, or hostility!!! I've seen you go "ape shit crazy" when someone counters what you have to say. I've seen you go "postal" on people who are not blog members and go under "anonymous" to comment. Seems like you think people are hiding to make comments, but you fail to realize that a lot of people read blogs and are not members of blogspot. There was an anonymous person commenting on my blog all the time. Now she signs her name at the bottom of the post. I wasn't all wigged out.

You were right in saying that the material is "according to Nikki" and not the gospel "according to John."

Write with a "vengeance!" But also be grown-up enough to accept comments with a "vengeance." Don't be like the child who pokes everyone with a stick and then gets struck and cries "foul!" Elementary, my dear!!!

You criticize those who whine and complain. Read your posts...sentence by sentence. You gripe about name your posts.....sentence by sentence.

I, too, call it the way I see it. I may not be aggressive and full of venom, but I don't have to be to make my point. It's not my style. But I certainly don't lose sleep over it, nor would I ever let my blog or any blog overtake me by becoming frustrated enough to "quiet my voice."

Rock on with a vengeance....but don't cry when someone comments back with a vengeance!! People who do not agree with you and call you racist, sexist, WASP, Anglo, gringo, bogoted, homo-phobe, are not necessarily trolls, bottom feeders, whiners, complainers, psuedo you see the condradictions here?

AZ border patrol said...
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Nikki said...

Patti....thanks for reading and commenting. My readers can make up their own minds as to who is and is not full of venom!! :)N

Nikki said...

fyi......the deleted post is a clone with a virus.


My blog is also experiencing double comments. I was unaware that it is a virus. I thought it was just a blogspot malfunction.

Anonymous said...

Are you a racy, sexy, WASP, homophobe? Sweet. Have a great drive.....
Mike T