Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The BIG Endorsement

Donkey's are so thrilled with McCain's latest endorsement. The unpopular President Bush has endorsed the GOP nominee John McCain. Dem's are oozing with delight that this endorsement will have a negative effect and remind voters of the "HORRORS" (yes the horrors in quotes is to mock democrats in case no one was offended) of the last 7 years. Nothing could be better for democrats than to have a President with a 38% approval rating to endorse the GOP candidate. Except what they forget or ignore is the 16% approval rating of Congress. I am not a math whiz, but I would rather have Bush endorsing me with those poll numbers. All the candidates still in the running are from a very unpopular Senate dominated by democrats. Go figure.


icanseeclearlynow said...

nik, i don't think it hurts mckain at all to have bush's endorsement. ALL those politicians on capitol hill have been stinkin up the place. obama at least got that right. it's high time to change the way things are operating in washington.


Nikki said...

Except we forget that Obama is one of them........he is only more articulate than most political boneheads!!! There won't be change unless both sides are willing to acknowledge what they refuse to.....and that is a fair minded approach to ideology. Bush has never had that from the democrats and he has lost alot of his base because of his compromises and the democratic base refuses to give credit. The needed change in Washington is poisenous power seekers who lie to keep partisans hating......your point is well taken and I agree with you, the endorsement won't hurt. thanks for commenting.....:)N

Mike said...

The endorsement won't hurt McCain because McCain is trying to become Bush III.

I have to admit that I'm one of those people who don't give Bush any credit for the compromises he's made to work with the Democrats. Can you name a few, cause I really can't think of any.

The only way to change Washington is to get rid of the influence of lobbyists. Obama won't do that, Hillary won't do that, McCain sure as heck won't do it (he has lobbyists running his campaign, after all.) Edwards was the only hope for real change, which is why the conservative media never gave him a chance.

Nikki said...

Hi threw the gauntlet and I may have to write a post on this one the list is so long. Here are a few examples for starters, now you may or may not agree with the legislation but the democratic agenda is what I am putting forth:
1.No Child Left/co-sponsored and later bashed by Ted Kennedy
2. Job creation and worker assistance act of 2002
3.Farm security and rural investment act of 2002
4.United States leadership againsts HIV/AIDS Tuberculosis and malaria act of 2003
5. medicare prescription drug improvement and modernization act of 2003
6.Protection of lawful commerce in arms act of 2005 (to the demise of the NRA)
7.the pension protection act of 2006 requiring companies to pay higher premiums and closed loopholes to underfunded pension plans of employees.
8. a revised with more funding and provisions for illegals in CHIPS 2007 campaign reform act of 2002 (republicans hated that one)
10. bi-partisan Sarbanes-oxley act of 2002 affecting the accounting practices of major corporations such as Enron (to the demise of republicans and big corporations who called it government intrusion)

He has only vetoed 4 pieces of legislation in the 7 years of his Presidency not including the present vetoed budget based on current transparent earmarks legislation co-sponsored by Obama himself and passed and signed by the President in 2006.. These vetoes were stem cell research twice CHIPS (which was later passed, and the media failed to report) and a Katrina accountability act....I can go into detail and can give you more examples if you would like. I think I will write a blog about this!!thanks for the topic.....:)N