Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MEMO: To Geraldine Ferraro: DO NOT go negative on the Dalai Obama

Geraldine is the latest victim of "speak no ill" of Dalai Obama or ELSE!!! I am ready to rant about this ridiculous force field around his Holiness. She states that Obama would not be where he is if he were a white man. Maybe this is true, maybe it is not true. It is her opinion and the thought police are now calling her a racist by making an observation about Senator Obama. Matt Lauer had the Senator on the Today show and asked him the very important question of how he felt about her comment. Now he is the front runner in a PRESIDENTIAL election and maybe a question or two about OUR FREAKING NATION might be in order. But NO. The few moments he had with the man was spent talking about racial politics and how he is being abused by anyone who questions his ability or stardom. It does bring up the important topic of affirmative action and where we are or aren't in this country regarding the issue. Is Obama getting special treatment because he is a man of color? It would appear so in my blogmind. Michelle Obama can flap her gums plenty about how disappointing America is and I don't hear anyone crying foul on her stupid, idiotic, moronic, belly-aching comments. And why can't racial topics be addressed in this country without the influx of "racism"? If he is an "affirmative action" Presidential candidate as Ferraro is suggesting, is it not worth debating?
Why is it explosive to question the validity in which one has risen through the ranks of power if they are a person of color? Would the media be imploding if he were a white man?? I think she brings up a valid point and that point ended with her resigning her post in the Clinton camp. It would appear that some people equate criticism of Obama the same as criticizing the Pope. Barack better get some thicker skin and the media should quit coddling him like he was born in a manger and start asking some tough questions like "Do you really plan on attacking Pakistan, and why did you take that statement off your website"! No we would rather talk about his feelings. Poor baby. And another Obama criticizer bites the dust. Bill was the first. Where is Bill? Avoiding sex and prostitution questions and his FEELINGS towards them? Who knows and who cares. It's just something to blog about and of course if it includes a democrat that sucks then it must be addressed. No pun intended.


ba and the boys said...

i think both camps on the democRATS side are ubersensitive just to get attention and sympathy. if it works for more votes, they will use it.
what happens if one of them makes it to the white house? as you well know, the late night comics/pundits and the media are ALWAYS so nice to the man/woman sitting behind that big desk.

namaste said...

hey nik, well said!! i saw ferraro in a news segment yesterday and she looked furious about the accusation. she also looked hurt. gimme a break, the woman is as racist as i am! the media is a necessary evil whose main role is to drum up controversy, even if it mean lying. you and ba are right about both camps. and i'm beginning to get a scary vision in my head: that red phone ringing and each of them bursting into tears over the fear of answering it. *sigh* enuf of this cry-baby sh*t already!!

Nikki said...

BA......great points!!! we all know democrats are hyper-sensitive because they would NEVER trash someone else with all of the tolerance they push!! and of course Bush is indeed thick skinned with all of the crap he gets thrown and I don't see Matt Lauer asking him how he "feels" thanks for the great comment.....:)N

Namaste...Love the feistiness!!!! I agree enough of the crying and whining from both Hill and Obama......and we did beg for contraversy didn't we??? Love it and yes we blog about it and of course the blogs are's a cycle I can live with!!! :)N