Monday, March 10, 2008

"JOHN" Spitzer.......Nice going GUV!!

How can I not blog about this. A politician that hangs out with $5500 dollar an hour prostitutes and gets caught. I don't care that he was a democrat.......OK I lied, that is my favorite part. I know republicans carouse and get caught. The Larry Craig's are just as fun to make fun of and fun we will make of them too! This guy is awesome! Now he is being investigated for money laundering. Shocker. And what is up with the wives of these pervs??
They are always standing behind these dorks when they have to "apologize" to the public. If this were my husband it would be........well let's just say I wouldn't be pulling any sort of Tammy Wynette. I guess the part that bugs me the most is the fact that this doesn't bother some people. I have heard the Carville's of the world stating that this doesn't matter to them as long as it doesn't interfere with governing. He actually stuck up for this "John" today on CNN. He has to take that position because of his vehemently defending slick Willy, Monica and the cigar. I don't accept that argument. How is this type of behavior acceptable?? Because they "all" do it? I don't buy that bag of garbage either. James Carville has actually argued that the Monica scandal is "insignificant" because Bill was an effective leader in spite of his infidelity. That couldn't be any more stupid of a statement. Why shouldn't actions speak to the character of individuals? If he is going to cheat on his wife and his daughter and in the case of Eliot Spitzer, his wife and 3 children, why would he not lie to the American people? Should his loyalty not be held here first, in the confines of his family? I find it troubling that someone would find it necessary to defend the sexual perversions of not only the President of the United States but also the Governor of New York. Liars to their families and to the American people. They are not fit for the positions they hold and anyone who would defend or demean the severity of these acts, is probably hiding a sea of filth of their own. These men do not get a free pass from me. I don't care if Bill, Eliot, Larry or any other pervert republican or democrat is sporting a 90% approval rating. There is no room to shrug it off as a horny male acting out. See it for what it "IS"! Because "IT" IS who they ARE, a lying cheat who is undoubtedly screwing all of us!!!
AND PLEASE NO "Clinton lied and no one died, BUSH LIED AND PEOPLE DIED" COMMENTS!! I will have to spend too much time correcting the errors of your words and I need to be out enjoying the SUN!!


namaste said...

nik,ah vell. what can i say. he's pretty dumb for getting caught so blatantly. i agree with you about the women who stand at the podium in a show of support for their husband. they are a stupid disappointment and i find them enabling. they have these blank looks like they've been lobotomized. what the heck is that about? sad message they send to young girls.

i could use a vacation, too. have some fun in the sun for me! hugs to you, girlie! :)

btw, kudos to you for getting this timely post up so quick!

ba and the boys said...

1. dont go into public service (i hate that term, it sounds like they are doing US a favor. and that it wont cost us anything.) if you 'like' prostutes, animals, anyone other than your partner, porn...seriously, the internet is out there and i can bet that people will find something to smear you with. there are alot of people with nothing else to do but look for 'stuff' abuot people in the public eye. and im not even talking about the fbi!
2. when you do screw up that bad, dont drag your wife out there. she wants to cry, scratch your eyes out, scream...does she need the world watching as she tries to smile? all she is thinking about is how long does she have to wait until she can call a lawyer to get a divorce.
3. the sun is out here in slut (salt lake utah), but wont be for long.

Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. You make a good point about how people should not be dismissing the lies told by certain politicians just because they are on their side of the aisle. I'm wondering, though, if your outrage is directed only at the men (and women?) who lie about cheating on their spouse, or are all of the lying politicians equally deserving of being thrown out of office?

ba and the boys said...

first i would like to say that i dont like hillary. but she has said this and i have to back the girl up...

I do not approve of legalized prostitution or any kind of prostitution. It is something that I personally believe is demeaning to women. I have worked against it and I have certainly taken a very strong stand against what happens in many parts of the world where young girls and women are forced into prostitution against their wills.

I understand Nevada has a regulated system and it is within the authority of the state. So that is not a federal issue that we will have any role to play in when I am president. But I would obviously speak out against prostitution and try to persuade women that it is not --- even in a regulated system -- necessarily a good way to try to make a living. Let's try to find other jobs that can be there for women who are looking for a good way to support themselves and their families.

ok-'when she is president'...not gonna happen. and nevada...whats up? arent there enough waitress jobs on the stip to employee most of the state? come on.


Nikki said...

namaste.....stupid enough to get caught or arrogant enough to think he wouldn't get caught.....I guess it is the same thing....I surprised myself with this post as well, wasn't feeling like a rip session but even in the sun I can grumpy-up myself hahaha....thanks for the comment and I think you should fly down here and visit!! the weather is soooooo awesome!!! luv ya :)N

BA.....Someone put a nickle in you girlfriend!!! I LOVE IT!! and I told Rob that my new phrase on my blog is authored by you and will credit your cleverness!!! WHEN I AM PRESIDENT!!!! Love is my new moto and I thank you for it!! Now about these interns count??? hugs :)N

Mike.......great to hear from you!! I knew this was going to be your angle and of course you know that if the President was lying then the majority of the house and the Senate and the British parliament and the Austrailian parliament and etc etc would all have to be thrown out as well and then there goes Hillary's chances because she voted for it before she voted against it along with her husband who supported it before he lied that he didn' know I love run-on sentences and I thank you for the chace to write one!!! hehe thanks for stopping by...let's pick a candidate already and talk some smack!!! :)N

Freadom said...

I'm so disappointed that so many politicians, republican and democrat, keep getting caught in these scandals. I suppose I should state that a different way. I'm not disappointed they got caught, but that they were so stupid. We need honest people in politics. Why is it so hard for politicians to simply be honest?

DB said...

I love the Nevada argument concerning prostitution. Since I am from Nevada this is one of my favorite conservative don't want the Federal Govt to interfere in the state's business, but you also want a moral value system put in place. Rock. Hard place. I love it.

This guy is a douche* and should get the same punishment he forced upon others. I feel sorry for the wife until she decides to stay. Then she becomes an enabler.

*I had to spread some of my childish vocabulary on your page for you ;-)

Nikki said...

Hey'd think we are asking for a million dollar social security check or something, honesty is unheard of in politics and it is sad that Americans shrug their shoulders and say "oh well that's just how it is".....thanks for the comment!:)Nikki

DB....anytime you want to spread your childish vocabulary please feel free....I am a fan of 80's jargon and of course the "vinegar and water" terms are some of my faves!! and regarding the rock and a hard place....PERFECT termonology for a prostitution topic!!! thanks for the comment...:)N

Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. It's funny that you thought I was referring to the Bush administration lying us into the Iraq war. Bush has lied about plenty of other stuff as well. Remember when he said that he wanted to find "the leaker" in the Plame affair? That was funny. Or how he said that he wasn't spying on Americans without a court order? We all busted a gut over that one. Or how about when he vowed to find the anthrax killer?

The interesting thing is that Democrats are all, 'cheating on your wife doesn't matter because it doesn't affect the job they do.' While Republicans are, 'cheating on your wife is the only "sin" that someone should be impeached for.'

Thing is that cheating on your spouse and lying to your family, despicable though they may be, are not actual crimes. Spying on Americans in defiance of FISA is a crime. Outing a covert CIA agent is a crime. Sending anthrax through the mail is a crime.

Whom should we impeach, now?

Look at that, you're vacationing in AZ and you still got me all riled up. :)

Mike said...

And not for nothing, but John McCain cheated on his wife, too.

I'm just saying.

Anthony Palmer said...

The prostitution thing doesn't really bother me at all. I could care less. Sure, it's unsavory, but I think that's between him, the hooker, and his family. But if he was using government resources, tax money, and staff to line up his hookers, that's where I have the problem and would support legal charges.

I don't care if it's Bill Clinton, Larry Craig, David Vitter, Elliot Spitzer, or my own father. If they wanna get involved with prostitutes, that's their business. Yes, their families may suffer, but you can't talk about how we need smaller government and then talk about how prostitution should be illegal.

I hope Mrs. Spitzer and her family pull through this.

Nikki said...

Hey Mike.....I am sooooooo glad to able to rile you up from such a bright and happy place!! Are you saying that Bush is responsible for the anthrax crap? or are you saying it is important to find the person responsible? either way Bush can't win because he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Example exibit A is his focus on terrorism. Like I have said in previous posts he is neither credited for our safe 7 years, he is only criticized for being too aggressive and fear-mongering.......thus the anthrax scare, now he is too relaxed and not doing enough. As far as the leak....who cares. that is where I am with the whole scooter libby thing......And I am sure the ACLU is pleading your case with regards to listening to phone calls....and Clinton was almost "impeached" for criminal behavior not "sinful" behavior.....Bush has plenty of "watchers" waiting to put him in the big house (prison) so if any of these accusations had merit I am sure heads would roll, or could it be that Americans could care less about leaks, spying and far as McCain having an affair, point well taken. But I still wouldn't vote for a sqeaky clean democrat over an adulterous republican.....cuz Robin Hood was a criminal too!! haha.......great to hear from you!! :)N

Nikki said...

Hey Anthony!! thanks for stopping by Mr. I am gonna win a Scholarship :) wooohoooo, keep clicking people!!!!!! I understand the point about smaller government, however as with most religious people I can't see any concessions with regard to this argument. The morality of it would trump any sort of political ideology.....I suppose for me I am not a small government purist. Also prostitution is illegal and so is being a "John"....there is some criminality to it already. Had it been an affair then I agree it would speak to his character, but it is between him and his family...this is breaking the law, perverted and possible money laundering and I suspect the tip of the iceberg. I agree his family will suffer the most and that is the worst part for sure....great comment!! :)N

Mike said...

I'm not saying that Bush is personally responsible for the anthrax attacks. However, the strain of anthrax used came from the CIA Ames laboratory, so only someone within the government would have access to it. Once this fact came out, the investigation seemed to magically go away.

The reason that Bush doesn't get credit for "keeping us safe" for the past 6 years is that the systems we had in place when he took office could have prevented 9/11. The suspects were known. The FBI was aware of their actions, and had Zacarias Moussaoui in custody and could have searched his laptop, where they would have found useful information. The FBI agents were told not to pursue the leads. Everything Bush has done since then has done nothing to keep us safe, but has done plenty to expand the power of the Executive branch. That's why he gets blamed for 9/11 and doesn't get credit for the lack of terrorist attacks in America since then.

The reason that the other stuff (Plame, warrentless wiretapping) is important is because laws were broken. If Clinton was impeached for lying under oath in a case that was dismissed, why shouldn't the Bush adminstration be held accountable for breaking laws as well?

As for McCain, what can I say? You yourself said, "If he is going to cheat on his wife ... why would he not lie to the American people? Should his loyalty not be held here first, in the confines of his family?" You made a compelling argument against the adulterers, but then dismissed Saint McCain's very same actions. I'm not expecting you to vote for Clinton or Obama (or even Nader), I just think you should hold McCain to the same standards as you would any Democrat.

Nikki said...

Hey Mike...after looking into the McCain affair it looks as though it is and was "alleged" at this point.....and if the President is breaking laws then I am sure there are plenty of ACLU lawyers and democrats to charge him with a crime, why don't they??? and the laws that were in place doing such a great job I suppose that is debateabele because there is plenty of argument on how we aren't safe and Bush isn't doing enough depending on which side of the aisle you sit on.....:)N

Mike said...

True, the security debate rages on. The McCain affair I was speaking of was when he cheated on his 1st wife with the woman who became his 2nd wife, which I believe he openly admitted in his biography and when he ran for president in 2000. Google McCain Divorce and you'll get some interesting info on that.

The thing holding up the Bush & Cheney impeachment hearings for all their crimes is that the Democrats in the House are almost as spineless as the Dems in the Senate.

Nikki said...

Hey Mike.....I guess there is a town somewhere that plans on arresting Bush and Cheney if they ever step foot anywhere near it, I think it is in Vermont..I could be wrong, so there is hope for you haha. And hopefully McCain has repented by now and I do believe in redemption. You do make a great point, things aren't so black and white, I will stipulate that point....... I do hold republicans to the same standard...Larry Craig and the others that have resigned should have and I guarantee would have lost any election. It is democrats that don't care about infidelity. great conversation!! :)N