Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Transcends Reverend Wright

Unfortunately this horse is not dead and the racial Pandora's box has been opened. I hate to harp on this, but I am going to partly because it is such good blogging material, and partly because it is on my mind and it must come out or I can't sleep. Oddly enough the gorilla in the room was pointed out by the wrong camp. Obama never expected to be the one that had to explain his philosophies on race in this election. But here we are discussing it and it is because of the explosive Reverend Jeremy Wright, who Obama credits for his spiritual growth. Funny, I fail to see how one can grow spiritually in a church where the pastor screams about the President of the United States getting the same service from Monica Lewinsky that black people have gotten for years from white people, but that's just me. NC-17 church ain't the place the kiddies should be learning about Jesus. Anyway, Obama's in a pickle, and it's a dill.
There is a part in one of Wright's sermons where he trashes Hillary. Now, normally I am all about a Hillary bash and like doing it myself, but this is too much even for my mud flinging self. He starts by saying that "Jesus is a poor black man raised in a country that was controlled by rich white people", he goes on to say that it occurred to him why people were "hatin' on Barack Obama", EX squeeze me? Sphincter says what? Did you say people were hating on Obama? He has had more positive press than any other candidate, up until now. Every news agency has had their tongues down the throat of Obama for weeks! Whatever. He then states that it is because Obama doesn't fit the mold, "He ain't white" um, yes he is, "He ain't rich" um, yes he is. "He ain't privileged" um, yes he is. Then he begins the Hillary bash. Hillary fits the mold. White, rich and privileged. Then the comparison takes an even uglier turn. He states that Hillary was not a black boy raised in a single parent home like Obama. Obama knows what it is like to live in a country that is controlled by rich white people and knows what it is like to be raised in a single parent home. Holy COW! this guy should be President! Am I missing something here? Wasn't Obama raised by a WHITE WOMAN? And wasn't the man that left her a BLACK MAN? I think the sob story is a big fat fantasy. He was also raised by an Indonesian stepfather. Doesn't sound so single. Very dramatic effect I suppose. He attended Columbia University and Harvard law School. Hope he's OK with that lowly poor boy education. I worry about him and his run down body from all this suffering. While he lived in Hawaii he was enrolled in the fifth grade at Punahou School, a private college-preparatory school. Poor baby, a private school. I am so choked up I have to take a moment. I am back. This guy sucks. He is such an over-blown, over-rated moron and I really have no problem with Barack going to church with him. For real. I think he would be better off sticking with this guy and saying you know what, there are some Catholics that don't like the church's stand on birth control and gay marriage and they stay Catholic, this is no different. I would buy that argument and leave it at that. But NO. He has denounced, fired and said bye-bye to this Reverend who molded his spiritual self and why? Because he wants to be President and that trumps his loyalty to his friend, mentor and spiritual guide. Abandoning his thought feeder because the road to the White House is also paved by white people and we can't have the Reverend trashing on needed voters. Fascinating. It's a crock of crap and I love it!!! Can't wait to hear his speech tomorrow and I will have plenty to say about it. Memo: to Barack Obama: Please try to not sound like you are preaching a sermon like all of your other speeches, it will make you sound like "you know who" and that is a bad thing. I think it is interesting how Obama is hidden from the media and is forbidden to talk or address the media at all. The media has no access to Obama other than to listen to him give a pre-written, pre-practiced speech. Because that Obama sure can give a speech. Who gives a damn.


Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. I agree with you that Obama should stand by the guy. Of course, if you only want a candidate who hasn't abandoned his or her long-held beliefs in order to further their political career, then you may be forced to vote for Nader this fall. The big three don't seem to fit that criteria.

Good post. Can't wait to read your response to Obama's speech.

namaste said...

nik, very good post! yep, obama's is in a pickle alright. ditto again what i said in my previous comment (on your march 15 post). i think it's naive of people not to have seen this coming. i am giddily looking forward to obama's speech on race today. everybody is still dancing around the race issue in our country. and i'm beginning to feel like rev. jerry wright is being used as a scapegoat. how can you talk about his rants in a vacuum? it was catalyzed by things in our history. but like you said, the issue is a racial pandora's box. now that it's open, come on voters, let's talk! geez!

namaste said...

btw, what's up with doofus george having that girl in a headlock, at the left top of your sidebar?! eewww! stinky armpit!

hehehe ... ;)



Everybody wants a "piece" of the pie! This pastor, while trying to muster up some more support, went a little too far. I honestly do not believe it's a negative turning point. Politicians cannot control what everyone associated with them say. They can only pray that people don't come out with things that will cause even more controversy. Such is the case.

Read deeply into what this pastor's point really is. I believe what he is trying to say is that Obama can relate more to the middle class person than any other candidate.

Being raised by a step-parent is NOT by any means the same as being raised in a two parent home. Unless you have experience it yourself, you would better understand that the children involved still feel like they have been raised by a single parent. Don't step into a world I know all about firsthand.

I have also worked in an enviornment where African American children are extremely harassed for the color of their skin. I see it daily. I hear the name calling and bashing of innocent children who can't understand why they get treated this way for no apparent reason other than their skin color. Call it bs, call it what you want. Call it whiney babies...call it "poor little me." You have NO idea what it's like to walk in their shoes and you NEVER will. You will never understand because your skin color is not black...nor do you have a different grade of hair...nor are you ever outnumbered 100 to 1 because of the color of your skin.

This pastor is NOT a whiney baby. Nor is he a crock of crap. He bears the color of skin and the experience to preach to his congregation on topics they can relate to.

Don't give me this bs about "rising above" and being the solution and not the problem. Unless you've been there and done that, you will NEVER EVER understand and your words fall on empty ears to those who do understand.

I know you might come back and say that your religion is often persecuted. Your religion is NOT tattooed on your forehead for the whole world to see and judge. If it were, you might be a totally different person today.

This pastor is preaching to his flock. You are not a part of his flock just as he is not a part of your flock. Priest preach about the saints and they all agree and understand. Baptist ministers preach about fire and damnation and they all understand it. Buddhist preach about karma and they all understand it. Mormons preach about not drinking tea or soda and they all understand it.

When one person at a time will begin to tolerate and respect other's nationalities and religions is when we might have peace on earth. Sadly to say, it will never happen until this earth is gone forever.

The preacher preached his sermon. It is "out there" for the whole world to react...but only few will understand what he really meant. He was preaching to "his flock," and only they and those will understand. They've "been there, done that."

As far as preaching sermons about Lewinsky....well, Lewinsky is part of history. Where better to learn it than at church? You say Obama is white...well, his skin color is not white, my friend...ant that is ALL that people see. That's the reality. You honestly believe that the KKK looks at him and says, "Well, his mother is white, therefore, he's white." To America, he's a black man running for president...not a "black man, but oh wait, not so black because his mother is white."

If Obama chose to stand by this man and his words (which I believe were not meant to harm his reputation as a presidential candidate) then he might as well drop out of the campaign right now. In all religions, there are things said and done that the "flock" would not necessarily agree with...oh well...life moves on.

Obama cannot, would not, and should not be DEFINED by something said by his pastor. Just like your life is NOT defined by every word and philosophy of the bishops in your church. Just like I'm NOT defined by the words of the priest in my church.


Kipp and Ashlee said...

Favorite quotation of this post: "NC-17 church ain't the place the kiddies should be learning about Jesus." I love reading your rants because you crack me up, and at the same time you bring up some good points. I never leave comments because I'm just not educated enough in the world o' politics to read your posts with a critical eye and come back with reasons why I agree or disagree. Your posts, however, give me a little insight into what's going on with our present candidates. I hope your readers are not going to spit upon me for not getting involved in this presidential race.

Kipp and Ashlee said...

A less mature sidenote- I looked on your Feedjit and saw someone got onto your post that's named "Fake Boobs" because they put "older woman with fake boobs" in google search. Haha... dirties.

Nikki said...

Mike....actually Nader has been on my mind for blog material, the title will be NC-17 as well, thanks for the comment and the pressure is on Obama tonight! Can't wait.....:)N

Namaste..OK the girl in armpit made me laugh out loud. for real I couldn't just put lol.....I think rev. wright is a scapegoat for Obama and the rest of the us are scratching our heads wondering if he does transcend race being that his entire campaign has spoken of unity this speaks pretty loud about where he may really stand...I agree with you on the should have seen it coming sentiment. great comment as usual...looking forward to more of them!! :)N

Chatti Patti...WOW girl long comment..the only thing I can say is I don't feel sorry for these candidates, you'd have to have pretty high self esteem to run for the highest office in the world and think you would be the greatest ever!! thanks for the comment and btw I was raised in a single parent home myself and I never attended a private school nor ivy league colleges.....I think some people expect a black person to play a particular part and it just isn't true for obama. thanks for the comment....:)N

Ashlee....I know it is only you cuz Kip would never leave 2 great comments on my blog!!! You are extremely intelligent and you can say whatever you want on my blog politics or no politics and my readers are all very nice, if they aren't I can always delete their comments haahaha!!! we will be home on the 25th and you guys have to come over for some guitar hero and food before you take off to Maryland....and yes my post about fake boobs gets a lot of hits!! freaking pervs...great to hear from you!!! AZ RULES!!! :)N