Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I listened to Rush Limbaugh during the Bill Clinton Presidency in the 90's. He was the first of his kind to make it big and he even had a television show for a while. I remember thinking after the 2000 election that Rush was really not happy about Bush becoming President because much of his show was based on Clinton bashing. I stopped listening to him several years ago before Clinton was out of office. I think that people who find absolutely nothing right with the "other side" can't be trusted and have no credibility. I realize this is how his show operates and his listeners expect this sensationalism, I do it myself quite often. However, the Rush "voice of conservatism" has turned into an elitist dog and pony show. He lost all credibility with me long ago and not just because of drug addiction and other meandering. Call it a gut feeling. His arrogance is so transparent and I can't stand arrogant people. They get too bold and soon the power they have is used for their own benefit, strictly because they can. This little attempt to interfere with the democratic primary is a perfect example. I don't like it when people use their power to persuade others and this goes for Oprah and other celebrities. I have heard several other radio talk show hosts pushing for republicans to vote for Hillary in Texas and Ohio looking for an "easier" race in the general. This is moronic for several reasons. First of all, would it be easier?? No. And are these the same people who were vehemently criticizing McCain not that long ago? Now they want him to win?? How about NOT bashing on him on a regular basis like you do the President, that might be a starter! And does anyone know what happens when you kick a hornets nest? It ticks off the hornets! Yep, this isn't going to rile up any democrats at all. This will not cause drama in the Democratic party, it will cause unity and develop a "cause" ridden people. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Nice going elitist elephants. Stirring up the opposition while tearing down your own candidate. Brilliant. Rush and the other Conservative boneheads who are pushing for republicans to vote for Hillary are doing absolutely NO GOOD. Interfering with the democratic process is ugly and it shows the true self-indulgent Rush Limbaugh. I think Rush needs more ratings and he needs another democrat in office to give him a boost. More material equals more downtrodden conservatives listening to his show for bitching and moaning guidance. Haven't we had enough of whining democrats for 7 years?? Let's not turn the tables and ensure an Obama or Hillary Presidency by rallying the dems to victory. This is indeed what is going to happen, and you heard it here FIRST!!!


icanseeclearlynow said...

hey nik, if he thinks he can manipulate like that he either has a low opinion of voter intelligence or an over-inflated opinion of his own. HA! he's not worth a second glance or an ear. BUT i will say this, for all you sneaky, lurking republicans AND dems: regardless of my opinion about mr. rush, i also RESPECT him for his honesty and openness about his position. he lets us know in no uncertain terms where he stands.

hmmm... i sseeeee yoouuu! lol!



ba and the boys said...

i hate rush! i used to love oreilley but then he became (or maybe he always was but i didnt notice) a person who thrives on conflict. he took the absolute crazy side of a situation just to be able to have a fight. and ratings.
that is why i LOVE cobert and stewart...they may take the crazy wrong side, but they do it for humor. and they do it for ratings too, but at least you dont feel dirty after watching their show.
off topic..
i guess you either made it to az ok or you are at a starbucks w/wireless! we will miss you at the scouts feild trip today! tell the boys we said hi!

Mike said...

I'm surprised that Limbaugh has any credibility left, even with his hardcore faithful. He's been discredited so many times, I would have thought that his listeners would have written him off by now. I remember his TV show. Holy cow did it suck. I never liked his radio show, but on TV he was ludicrously awful.


ba and the boys...you couldn't have said it better! nikki, you're 100% on target and yes, I will give you the credit that I heard it first on your blog! :-)

Well said. Well written. Kudos!!

Nikki said...

Maria....yes girl, we hate the lurkers, no guts!!! Maybe your "tresspassers click here" post is next to be featured!! yyeeeessssireeee!! thanks for reading!! :)N

BA.....I think Stewart and Colbert are hilarious. No one gets a pass with those two!! Bill O for me it is the opposite. I used to hate him now I don't mind him because he is somewhat entertaining. Hannity and Colmes.......like sticking needles in my eyes!! :)N

Mike, his tv show sucked sooooo bad!! I think his tv show actually went off the air when he went on Letterman and made fun of Hillary Clintons looks.....Letterman ate him for lunch and he looked soo stupid. just another example of his arrogance!! thanks for the comment!! :)N

Thanks for the kudos Chatti Patti and for the comment and of course for reading!! :)N

Sandi said...

Although I'm a registered Democrat, I vote for whoever I feel is the best candidate. Haven't made up my mind yet for this election, but at least I'm not terrified of who might win - like I was in the last two.

Nikki said...

Sandi......it's funny how perspectives are. I am extremely terrified of how this one will end up, probably for the opposite reasons!! thanks for the comment....:)N

Freadom said...

Wow, Nikki, finally a chance to disagree with you. What people forget is that Rush is a conservative before he is a republican, and when any politician is in support of something that is not true to traditional, conservatitism, or bad for America, he has never been afraid to speak out against that person. On many occasions he has spoken out about something Bush supported, i.e. amnesty & the prescription drug program, yet he continued to support Bush for president because he was far more "conservative" than either Gore or Kerry. He is now doing the same for McCain.

Not that I need to defend Rush.

Nikki said...

Hey there Freadom!! I know a lot of conservatives like Rush and I did at one time, too. I just get tired of blowhards on the radio and TV who have no accountability only spout-ability and to me that gives them a free pass to bash the president or candidates in what they deem to be "traditional" values. And it does the party no good to push their agenda like it is gospel conservatism. Don't get me wrong conservative commentaries have a right to push their agenda, but when it damages the President, or a Presidential candidate, I think it crosses the line. Bush has little political power because of the elite talking mouths and therefore NO conservative agenda gets passed. It is counter productive. And they don't sit in the hot seat. their words have so much power without the approval rating. It bugs me. But he does have a following and does keep the dems in check and THAT is a good thing!! Thanks for your great comment, imagine that disagreement among conservatives!! whodathunkit!!.....it is a point well taken!! :)N