Friday, March 28, 2008


Democrats are always calling George W. stupid. I think this is hilarious because they always get beaten by him. Republicans are in good shape right now and kudos to the phants for picking a candidate in a very efficient and short amount of time. Stating the obvious I have to mention that the Dem's of course have not. Howard Dean the leader of the Democratic National Committee is a far bigger idiot than Bush will ever be. This super delegate, Dem infighting and disenfranchised voter fiasco is his baby. Remember how the Democrats in '04 were so Howie crazy, and then he screamed like a freaking girl during a stump speech, and then all the donkeys went, "OK so he's a freak, let's not present him as a possible Bush replacement, let's put him in charge of our party". Brilliant. Democrats aren't appearing like the sharpest tools in the shed at the moment, and yet they still harp on the intelligence of the President. Intellectual superiority runs deep among liberals, because they can out "think" and out "care" about the peeps of America. Even Barack Obama will be able to read and make more precise decisions than Bush and why? He's a democrat, and Dem's dominate brains, compassion, leadership and hope. They can't run a freaking primary but they are smarter than the average Texan. Let's let them run the country and they can't even run themselves? They are so much smarter and so much more caring. Taking away the rights of voters in Michigan and Florida was a loving gesture of donkey hugs. The Dem's are so busy promoting 2 historically faced candidates that they can't decide on one. The wronged little girl voters that they are feel the need to defect to John McCain in the general because of the pain. Keep it up Dem's, from where I sit you all look like a bunch of derelicts. From this view George W. Bush is a rocket scientist compared to you morons. It's funny I can't think of enough derogatory terms to define such an imbecilic party and the people who call themselves democrats. They strut around like they could kick out a poodle and America would vote for a dog over a Republican because Bush is so unpopular. Truth is their arrogance is proving to us all that democrats are not the party of the smarter, more gifted Americans they are the party of shallow minded campaigns and whiny voters. And how about the United States Congress. What is it they have accomplished this last year and a half in domination? Nothing. Poor Dem's I am sure it is Bush's fault. Well you are smarter than him, out brain the brain damaged. The Obama drama will continue to unfold and democrats will continue to be outsmarted by republicans. If more STUPID (stupid=democrat) people show up to vote in November, then so be it. After a while we will all look back on the glory days of Bush and wish we would have been a little more supportive to the stupid, idiotic, moron, retarded imbecile who kept us safe for 8 long years, with little gratitude and credit from anyone. I am afraid the brainiac Dem's will have an even more moronic "stategery" in the general. GOOD LUCK! I AM OUT!


namaste said...

umm... are you talking to me? LOL! you got me here, nik! i've waiting with a wince on my face. i've been expecting a blow on your blog re: the hostility among dems caused by the split of these two stupid idiots running for oval office. but seriously, umm... you talking to me? maybe you and i should take this outside with a little tennis, basketball/horse, or mini-golf or whatever you think you can beat me in! YEAH! BRING IT you LINT-LICKER!! BWAHAHAHAHA!! love ya girlie. ;) ~m

Nikki said...

LOL! You are on, but it will have to be raquetball I am afraid that is the only sport that doesn't give me black eyes haha...the post was inspired by a couple of other blogs actually, not that you haven't so affectionately referred to his highness in like manner, I happen to know you dish it to all stupid Politicians so I give you a pass. As long as all stupidity on all fronts is recognized I can deal...but these retard dems right now really should keep their mouths shut about who is and who is not know I love ya. :)N

Nikki said...

oops forgot...You stinky mcstink face!!!! :)N

ba and the boys said...

i LOVE that photo of dean! jon stewart loves the clip of him screatching and shows it when ever possible.
let me tell you about the 2 democrats i know...1st my mom. 'nuf said. she was PISSED when regan got into office(that was the 1st time i remember an election). brother in law justin. i almost wish you(nikki) could have been there for the conversation at the sunday dinner table. he said (to make it short) that democrats should be elected into office because they are obviously smarter and people NEED them to govern our nation because they are smarter. the dinner table went silent and his wife (chris's sister) just sort of slunk down in her seat waiting for the s*** to go flying. and it did. i could blog about this but since it happen 4 years or so ago, it is old news in our family.
and surprisingly enough, we still talk politics at the dinner table and we still disagree, but nothing was better than that moment. (i cant believe i havent told that story before)


wow! i've never been called stupid, shallow, arrogant, et al. for being a democrat...but...uhh...ok! i guess my entire family fits into that category also...morons, inbeciles, poor, not the sharpest tools in the shed, and to boot, TEXANS! I guess when we all get together tonight for my mom's birthday, I will have to try to convince them to be SMART, INTELLIGENT, HUMBLE, etc...and vote for McCain. Afterall, no one wants to be a dumb. I hope they go for it so we can all call ourselves Christian Convservative Rebuplicans.

From a dumb, moronic, imbecile...oh, and I forgot...whiney!

PS. I love George W. and I think he is the most intelligent President that ever lived. He's from Texas, so I hope you can pardon his average intelligence.

Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. Great post! One of the Democrats' problems is that they out think themselves. They are too clever by half, as the saying goes. This whole thing with the super delegates irritates me. Why is it that the party that is supposed to be the more democratic one has a system in place where the party elite decide the nominee, rather than the voters? Every day that passes, I am a little bit gladder that I left the Democratic party. They truly do suck. Unfortunately, the other major option sucks about 100 times as much.

Just for the record, Bush is the stupidest president ever. Just yesterday he said that Iraq is returning to normalcy. That while fresh battles broke out in Baghdad, Basra, and a few other cities. Do they even tell Bush what's going on anymore?

And just one small nit to pick, Bush hasn't kept us safe for 8 years. It was only 6.5 years ago that the worst attack ever on American soil occurred (Bush was President at the time).

One last thing: "we will all look back on the glory days of Bush..." Now that's funny!

Nikki said...

Mike, OK 6.5 years is stipulated and Iraq is back to normal...fighting amongst themselves is normal! They blew themselves up before we ever got there!!...thanks for reading the rant.. LOL!:)N

BA...I thinkyou should do a detailed blog about that conversation!! I will be waiting!! :)N

Patti...just being honest. didn't mean anything personal. thanks for reading. :)N

DB said...

a Bush apologetic. /sigh

Nikki said...

No apologizing, just educating the ignorant dems...someones gotta do it. :)N