Friday, March 14, 2008

Who would the Iraqi people want to win the Presidency of the U.S.? by Jacob Richards 10 yr.old extraordinaire

Who would the Iraqi`s want as a president or who as a president?I think they would choose McCain because Hillary Clinton says that the U.S. army should come back from Iraq and if people fight here then there bombing and shooting our own people,HILLARY IS STUPID THAT A TEN YEAR OLD FIGURED THAT OUT and shes what like fifty years old.Barack Obama thinks the same so... LOSER TO YOU OBAMA.We need the U.S. army just like we need a BRAIN!


ba and the boys said...

jake-you are smart for a 10 year old-you must have a gpa over .4!

Nikki said...

Thanks Bear Leader but we don`t have GPAs in Elementary school but I do get all 4`s which =s A's Jake

Nikki said...

thanks for writing a post for me did a great job and I know you had a hard day yesterday so triple thanks indeed!!! love mom