Friday, March 7, 2008

YES I AM STILL ALIVE!!! I am in sunny Arizona and LOVING IT!!!

I am having a hard time finding something to rant about in this fabulous weather!! It is sooooo great to be in McCain country. I am watching the Dem's hash it out and am going to find something clever to say about it very soon I am sure!! Until then here is a funny picture for my liberal readers, mostly Mike at the Pluribus Driver. This picture is for you to have a good laugh and you could post it on your blogs for further enjoyment!!! Happy liberal day on the Nikki blog!! A gift from me to you!!! Because I LOVE you all!! And FUNNY is FUNNY!


Mike said...

Nikki, that picture is hilarious! I hope McCain doesn't see it. He might pop a blood vessel or something.

Sounds like you're having fun in AZ. I haven't been posting much lately, either. I've been focusing on my book and the political rant has taken a back seat. Hopefully we'll both be back in action soon.

Enjoy the sun!

Nikki said...

Hi Mike, I am glad you enjoyed the picture, I thought of you when I saw it. Keep on pluggin away on the book and let's heat up the must be spring, the blogosphere is a GHOST TOWN!!! :)N

namaste said...

nikki, LMAO!! i LOVE this picture!! you crack me! that is the classic doofus bush grin. thanks for giving us liberals a giggle!

hey send us some sun, will ya?!

Nikki said...

Hello namaste.... I aim to please!!! and yes I am sun drunk and happy as a clam!!! I am going to write a real blog soon. I hope. I have 2 started. thanks for laughing and commenting........hugs :)N

JoJosho said...
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