Tuesday, April 22, 2008


78% of Americans want less dependence on foreign oil. The United States has all the oil we need and yet we continue to purchase foreign oil at outrageous prices. Why not drill in Alaska and Utah and several other states that are rich with oil? Environmentalists strike again. In 2002 Tom Daschle put up some roadblocks that would make it almost impossible for Bush to explore any options for possible crude in Alaska. Why not explore options that would be environmentally friendly and produce jobs, not to mention cheaper oil, while we all conserve. This sounds like a great plan to me. Senator Daschle killed the deal in 2002 and now Americans belly-ache about gas prices while we sit on more oil in our own country than we could possibly use. I am scratching my watch and winding my butt at this one. It pained me greatly to have to say the name Tom Daschle. Defeated democrats should stay off my tongue and typepad. Read more about our oil rich land


Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. Estimates are that ANWR holds between 7 and 16 billion barrels of oil. Best case, that's 4 years worth of US imports. We can make a much more effective dent in our imports by raising fuel standards, reclassifying SUVs as cars instead of trucks, and reducing/reusing/recycling plastic.

Nikki said...

hey Mike, the US doesn't just have oil in Alaska, according to the heritage foundation we have more of it than any other country. Utah, Colorado, Wyoming,Florida and California all have oil rich land. It seems silly to purchase foreign oil and then complain about prices. I also find it hypocritical that the left calls the war in Iraq about oil when Bush is the one that wants to drill here in america and is met with much opposistion from environmental supporters. Conservation and technological advances in energy can all help the current situation and let's add some good american natural resourses to the mix.:)N

Karen said...

My husband is an engineer in the oil drilling biz, so I have a dog in this fight, so to speak. That said, Pres Bush has been trying to push thru energy legislation since 2001, always blocked by the Dems who are very unserious. More gov regulations - like the auto legislation doesn't seem to do the trick. It would be good to raise mileage standards but it's not a quick fix. Nothing is. Recycling? Good but an energy hog, especially out west where it is less populated. Hybrid cars? Also proving to be energy hogs in the long run - electric motors have to be charged. Hydrogen? Impractical.

We have to drill for ourselves. Canada is a good source, too. If this war was for oil, why don't we have any from there and why is our cost still high? Oh yeah. Supply and demand. The world market sets the price. Plus we still haven't built a refinery in over 30 years.

You think it's high now, wait until a Dem gets into the White House, with a Dem COngress and they begin to take profits from oil companies. You haven't seen anything yet. Where was all their concern over profits when oil was plummeting to $8 a barrel in the late 1980's? We could all just go to hell then and find other jobs.

namaste said...

"i am scratching my watch and winding my butt at this one."

LOL! nik, you're a nut!

hey i got a shovel! you think we'd get arrested if we simply showed up and started digging? come on! who's with me?!



Freadom said...

Karen seems to be right on top of things here. Also ignored by Democrats is that the Alaskan people and Alaskan Senators WANT drilling in ANWAR. This is another example of Democrats thinking they know what's better for the American people than the American people.

Nikki said...

Karen, Great comment! It is definately something dems should be ashamed of in my opinion! Thanks :)N

Maria...my favorite comment of the day! Get a shovel and meet me in Alaska, it's go time! LOL I am totally with you! :)N

Freadom, The majority doesn't seem to rule in this democracy...er republic. :)N