Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Game Show Skanks

Bare with me while I shift from politics for the moment to get a little something off my chest. There is a game show on Fox called "The Moment of Truth". Maybe you heard about the woman who confessed to wanting her old boyfriend back and admitted she would leave her husband if he wanted her back too. This is the great American pass time of entertainment, watching people destroy their families for a lousy buck. So I admit to being a voyeuristic fool and watching this show tonight. In my defense it was on before American Idol and I am an admitted addict. So tonight there is this woman on that has admitted that she thinks that other women are jealous of her beauty. She admitted to having sex with a married man. She admitted to having sexual fantasies about her best friend who is a girl and this is the clincher...when asked what religion she was her husband replied "Mormon". The next question was "If your husband left the Mormon Church would you leave him?" She said yes, she would leave him. So now I am a little curious about where this chick gets off. She is clearly a stuffed turkey with boobs only a doctor can create. Her botoxed face could barely move as she answered embarrassing and gut wrenching questions for some cash. Not even a lot of cash. So the question that gets her is this one, "Would you pose nude for a magazine for 100 hundred thousand dollars?" She said no and the lie detector said that the answer was false. Then she stated "Well I would for 200 hundred thousand dollars". This skank said she would leave her husband if he ever left the Mormon Church and to me it sounds as though she already left the Church! She just showed America and fellow members of her church how shallow and greedy she is, as if the people around her already didn't know. I was disgusted. And yes I am judging her, you're damn right I am. If you are going on television and shouting your thoughts to the world you are asking for some judgement. Call me a hypocrite, call me a prude, I don't care. I will never watch this show again. What is wrong with our culture that we call destroying families for money entertainment? When people say that America is heading in the wrong direction, what is meant by that statement? The down slide of America is our complacent or no outrage against moral decay. People in this country are more concerned about the economy than they are about the dramatic decline of high school graduates. High School drop-outs are a 1 in 3 statistic at the moment. Prescription drug abuse is at record highs among middle class women. Teens are sending pornographic pictures of themselves from one cell phone to another. Myspace is a breeding ground for pedophiles who troll the Internet looking for lonely girls who need attention. Abortion is spoken of as a necessity for stupidity, and a baby is a punishment. College campuses are under siege by psychotic gunmen who kill for no reason. Oh yes I could list more atrocities that are common place in this nation, we all could. It doesn't take much to see where this country is headed and we talk about health care and government bail outs for irresponsible greedy people who bought more house than they can afford. No, the problems in this country do not start with uninsured people. The problems are not as Ted Turner suggests that we will be 8 degrees warmer in 10 years and we will all turn to cannibalism to survive. He obviously goes to the Church of Al Gore, where Al is the supreme being. The problem is the redefining of good being bad, and bad being good. We have redefined our moral code and it is contrary to our traditions of God, Family and country. This Mormon woman who was defaming herself for money, who eventually got none, defined the problems in our country. Anything for money. Welcome to America where we have reality TV for the fame hungry skanks and dorks. Yep, Bush is destroying America, Americans have nothing to do with it. I really do love America and believe that it is basically good. I have faith in people from all walks of life. I do however get frustrated with those who know better than to join the scum suckers of our society. I know Mormons are extremely fallible, but hello, Donny and Marie are embarrassing enough. I'm just sayin'.


ba and the boys said...

i have never watched that show before, but i could tell by the previews that it was only going to bring problems for the people involved. i blame (because as americans we have to blame someone other than ourselves!) the writers strike! if they would have stayed on the job, i would already know what is happening on my name is earl and the office. but no, we now have this crap on just to fill time.

namaste said...

nik, i agree with both of ba's points. *giggle* yeah, this show was definitely a train wreck from the start. our culture is voyeuristic. who knew! i suppose that's why we have so many lurkers on our blogs.

hmmm... about posing nake for 100 grand smackaroos... i'm not mad at her for that (even though she greedily asks for 200). LOL!

btw, i think the recent findings about the high school drop rate deserves its own post. i'm just saying. love ya! hugs! :D


Kipp and Ashlee said...

We've only watched that show once, and it was enough. I don't call watching people ruin their marriages and lives entertainment. I'd hate to be that girl at the next Enrichment night! Haha.