Wednesday, April 16, 2008

John Kerry was Thurston Howell III and Barack Obama is the Professor

I remember John effin' Kerry and his "Harvard" mouth(I know he went to Yale and Boston College please no emails). I couldn't stand to listen to him talk because he sounded like Thurston Howell the 3rd from Gilligan's Island. Obama is not Thurston, he is undoubtedly the Professor. Now that Obama has been called an elitist he is doing some damage control by trying to poor himself down and marketing himself as Steve Martins little brother(if you don't understand the reference watch the movie The Jerk). Why is it the left always has to be poor before they became rich. Its almost a prerequisite. I suppose it gives them moral authority and portrays empathy when speaking on matters of the downtrodden. Or is it because they demonize wealthy republicans so much that it makes them hypocritical? Yes and yes. I find this nauseating.

Elitism is "a group of persons who by virtue of position or education exercise much power or influence" according to Miriam-Webster. When describing an elitist, I think it has very little to do with wealth and much more to do with intellectualism and academia. Obama and those who spin his statement, are doing so on the grounds of a higher intellectual understanding. If we were more educated and enlightened then we would "get" the nature of the statement. His statement wreaks of a snobbery in that the lower middle class has no other choice but to feel the way they do. It alludes that because the government has failed them, they must turn towards things that have no valid response to their suffering. This leads them to support a party that cares little for the poor, but supports guns and religious values and this is what they cling to in their ignorance. Perhaps if they were more education they would not be "religious" they would simply "go to church" and rely on an intellectual approach to life rather than a spiritual one.

Revered Wright is often touted as one of the greatest intellectuals of theology. His credentials and resume are often used to give him plausible intellectual clout rather that a spiritual discipleship. Intellectuals have no need for guns and have a "civil" lifestyle and not one based upon barbaric old fashioned practices. These "communities" and their held beliefs are not validated by the candidate. Their stringently held beliefs are demeaned because Obama dismisses their ideals and needs an argument for their support. Leave your 2nd amendment ideology and religious theology behind and follow me instead. OUTSTANDING. Republicans would be democrats if we were just more educated! Stupefying.


namaste said...

let me start by saying i LOVE the word "stupefying." one of my fav words, yes yes!

in one of his commercials obama likes to say that he "worked his way through college." LOL!! haaaa! talk about a spin. that's like my daughter, who happened to have a job during her time at college, while i pay her tuition... that's like her saying SHE worked her way through college. even SHE would laugh at this notion of spinning such a situation to appeal to an audience during some campaign.

nik, you make a good point. it's not about how big your bank account is. that does not make one elitist. it's this academic ARROGANCE of people that spent a number of years with their nose in the books and emerged thinking they can talk sentences around ordinary peons. and anyone who they don't consider as well-read or well informed at they are, they look down their nose and tsk-tsk our sad lack of understanding. stupefying.

Nikki said...

Thanks Maria, And FYI I had to look up the spelling of stupefying hahahaha...LOL, You'll get a kick out of that one. I worked my way through college and I gaurantee Obama did NOT!! :)N