Saturday, April 26, 2008

Madonna: The Material Skank...oops SAINT

Madonna is the mother of Lourdes not the mother of our Lord, like she thinks. I liked Madonna better as a skanky slut. She revolutionized women as sexual aggressors and trained us all to be "boy toys". She was the nympho on the stage that humped everything in sight and then wrote about how she was ridden more than Seattle Slew. She bragged about it and named names. She was the queen of sluts and sent women into the world of bustiers and lingerie as everyday clothes. She made movies about herself and women copied her look and worshipped her. She introduced the perverted promiscuous woman and made her acceptable. She was America's dominatrix and though she has very little musical talent she is a marketing genius and created one of the largest empires in the entertainment industry. She is Americas slut and that is the Madonna I like. I don't know who this skank whore pop star turned Mother Theresa nun is. She scares me. She talks with a British accent and tries to sound so cultured in her new found calling as the African Queen. Who is this person? Can't we go back to "like a virgin touched for the very first time" which we all knew was a lie, and "cuz the boy with the cold hard cash is always Mr. Right" yep gotcha and "when you call my name it's like a little prayer, I'm down on my knees I wanna take you there" ooooh nasty girl. Now she is trying to be some sort of saint. Maybe she is trying to pay some penance for corrupting the youth of America. We already have Bragelina. I need some laced-up chick with a bunch of boy toys dancing all around her...none of this "I'm saving the world" crap. I don't buy it. She is acting like an old has been kissing Brit Brit on the mouth at an MTV skank ball. She doesn't need to be a porn star, just back to pop star slut. This identity schizophrenia is killing me. I know she believes in the "power of love" and that "you can rescue me", but this impostor angel act is so confusing.
She has a new documentary called "I am because we are" WTH. Google it and you can watch the painful video. I seriously have no idea what that means. Can someone explain it to me please? Is this the best she could come up with to help the poor African babies? Oh well, what can I say. I miss the old Madonna. This Madonna freaks me out with all of her do-gooder, married to one guy, adopt poor babies, talk like a Brit, singing stupid songs about the earth, family values, kids can't watch TV crap. She's like a botoxed, hippie, Amish woman on meth. "Come on shine your heavenly body tonight" that I get. The rest is just so icky. She is a publicity whore. I guess she has Justin Timberlake to jog up some urban cougar points. But the plastic old lady porn star sucks too. Maybe she should just retire as a racy 80's icon and be done already. Retro is cool. Right now she is so un-cool.


Karen said...

The fake British accent was bad enough. Then to try to morph into the Mom next door and competing with Angelina by adopting an African baby, well, she's lost her mind.

ba and the boys said...

i have to admit, i dressed like madonna (Or the best i could) in the early 80s. i loved her 'like a virgin' look. you knew what she was and what she thought.
now she is a kabalah-spewing freak. yea, she could beat me up for saying that with that hard body of hers. and she is great a being something that people will buy. but this 'i am because we are' is just kabalah proproganda. or at least, her version on the religion.
i agree, bring back the slut. we have too many good people in this world!
(happy sunday to ya!)


It's called "redemption." She's overstayed her welcome as far as I'm concerned. Her Brit accent is as transparent as the "do gooder" image she is desperately trying to convey. She is so "past tense."


"She's like a botoxed, hippie, Amish woman on meth."

Nikki....I laughed so hard on this statement of yours, I choked on my morning coffee! I just had this visual of an Amish woman on meth!! You're helirious!

namaste said...

hey nik, excellentay! you nailed it on all points about madonna. she could have written a book on the genius of shock-value marketing. i predict her kids will become adults who will do everything in their power to undo all she built. she tries to be so strict with them and tries to insulate them from the regular world. they are screw-ups in training by the queen-nut-job.

later gator.



Mike said...

Not to defend Madonna, even though she was one of my favorite 80s sluts, but she does live in England. Isn't it possible she picked up the accent?

I think she's too old to go back to being a slut, though. Maybe she could be training the next generation of sluts. Obviously Paris/Lindsay/Ashlee don't know what the hell they're doing.

Nikki said...

Hey Karen...she has lost her mind! and it is quite apparant when she seemed more normal in the eighties, thats pretty bad! :)N

BA, I can totally see you dressing like Madonna, I had friends who did too. I was miss preppy and drove a scooter, Madonna wasn't punk enough for me to copy her dress style, but I did purchase records, yes I said it records! :)N

Patti, glad you had a laugh, I think you are right she may be looking for some redemption...but she is a little too sanctimonious for a porned up music video star...!:)N

Thanks for the compliment Maria, she is on my nerves at the moment and I enjoyed venting about her...maybe she or Rosie will google themselves and find my blog. You know its my dream!! :)N

Mike, I don't think she could pick up an accent as an adult...I have some friends from Boston who have lived in Arizona for years and they still speak like Bostonians...and heavily! Britney has a british accent right now too. I know it is shocking. Unfortunately I think Madonna is one of duplicating the first. Amy Winehouse could be your new favorite drug addicted thug...maybe that is the new trend! :)N

Marci said...

I'm curious to know does she keep her sex book next to her childrens books on the book shelf, or does she keeps that one on the coffee table?

Incognito said...

could never stand her... and people do change.. though th4e brit accent... nah.