Thursday, April 17, 2008


Poor baby. Barack Obama had to answer tough questions in the debate on Wednesday. Hold on my eyes are welling up with tears...ok I'm back I was just feeling so overwhelmed with sorrow over how he was treated by those mean and nasty moderators, Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos. They really should be shot and water-boarded. How dare they focus on non-issue type questions...OK so I am mocking. But let's get real. Over 16 thousand Obama supporters emailed ABC to complain about the treatment of the Dalai Obama. Let's boycott Desperate Housewives if they are going to treat him this way. Did they not see the CNN debate where the women moderators were climaxing and the men were having wet dreams(I got that one from Mike) just being in the same room as Barack you Rock. That is how the debate should go! Seriously, what a bunch of whining babies and Obama is the worst one! Here is what he said at a rally in North Carolina:

"Last night I think we set a new record because it took us 45 minutes before we even started talking about a single issue that matters to the American people, Forty-five minutes before we heard about health care, 45 minutes before we heard about Iraq, 45 minutes before we heard about jobs, 45 minutes before we heard about gas prices."

I am sobbing uncontrollably. Hold on I am playing the violin...I mean take a freaking prozac already. Whiners are so not Presidential material. Frankly I don't give a damn what he has to say on those issues unless he has changed his position since the last 487 other boring debates. WHO CARES! Besides my cold dead fingers need to be pried from my rifle long enough to change the channel from American Idol, my other form of worship.
I have always had a theory that he was in bed with The last time General Petreaus was in town took out an ad in the NY Times with "General Betray us" in the title. Congress got together to denounce the add and to vote on the measure and who was a no show? Think hard. Yep Barack oh baby Obama. It is no surprise who is heading the don't be mean to Barack O campaign. You guessed it According to Yahoo, the liberal advocacy group said it would run an ad protesting ABC if 100,000 people signed their petition. Yep protesting free speech. Nice going total communist MoveOn. This is just precious. Obama couldn't be more precious if he tried. Give the man a pacifier already. He sucks.


namaste said...

agreed, obama and the people in his camp are all a bunch of whiners.

sooo... a.i. is still going huh? who do you predict will win? it's too boring at this stage, i can't watch it anymore.



Karen said...

It is amazing that the Democrat press has come out so openly in their support of Obama. Gibson and Georgie finally ask a few questions and follow-ups and all hell breaks loose. The Obama swooners still don't understand what the statements and company Obama keeps have to do with his measure of judgement.

Your post was fun to read. Love the snark.

Nikki said...

Maria, I predict the rocker David Cook or David Archuleta our local is getting a little redundant but it is interesting to see what the contestants are going to sing and who the guest is. There is nothing esle to do or watch and yes politics are a little yawn filled at the moment...:)N

Karen thanks for the comment and reading...You have a great article on your page that the folks should check out on Pondering Penguin! It is funny how the press has been in bed with Obama and now that they are finally tough with him he and his peeps get all butt hurt. babies. :)N

Khaki Elephant said...

I love that they've had 20 some debates and Obama is crying because it took so long to get to get to "issues" on this one. Didn't he have enough time in all of those previous debates to illuminate us on his brilliant policies? Is it too much to ask a few questions about his troubling comments and associations? And could he sound less presidential?

Khaki Elephant said...

Oh, and no comment on American Idol :-)

Nikki said...

Khaki, you hit the nail on the head. I think these are legitimate questions contrary to what many pundits are saying. We know where he stands we want to know about his patriotism and integrity...thats what rednecks are interested in. hehe :)N