Tuesday, April 1, 2008



namaste said...

hey, you're up late!

Nikki said...

working on the blog...my eyes are getting crusty...does someone need some green tea? :)N

namaste said...

yeah, i drank the last of it 3 hours ago. i'm gonna turn in now though. good luck with the blog. hugs!! :)


Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. Is the Obama camp using the Republican tactic of turning your greatest liability into an asset? It probably won't work, but is worth a shot.

Also, the Hillary pictures are Hill-arious!

namaste said...

"bullets were flying and we were running!"

bwahahahaha!! AND i LOVE these pics you of her! poor dumb loser girl!


Nikki said...

Hi Mike...I think if the Obama camp would read my blog they could get some good ideas from it, maybe they are trolling and we will see some changes from the crappy bowler senator!!! hehe glad you liked the Hill funnies! :)N

Maria, poor Hill/Bill she is a loser girl and she is looking a little desperate, but who knows what will transpire in the neverending primary!! It's like a political days of our lives. Maybe I will blog about soap operas...I have no material at the moment...blog blocked. hope you got some sleep...:)N