Saturday, April 5, 2008

Political Bloggers

Here I am dabbling in the political blog arena. I am fairly new to the blogging world and I have made some observations about the blogging culture in general. More specifically the circle of political bloggers. Most political bloggers want readers to their blogs. They don't want to support or read other blogs, they only want a readership to their personal rants and self appointed expertise. Few are the politicos that will read another persons blog for another point of view or for the sake of conversing about a topic. The lurking political bloggers are really only checking out and commenting on other blogs so they can leave a crumb trail to their own stupid blogs. The self-absorbed political bloggers out there lurk around and have no interest in what other people have to say. I have a few blogs I like to read and will almost always make a thought out comment. On my own blog I make an effort to comment back to every person who is kind enough to read my blog and comment. For those of you who are reader poachers, and by that I mean you lurk around my blog with no link on my page, probably because you are more interested in my readership coming to your blog than in actually reading my blog (sorry run on sentence so shoot me), I say BLOG YOU! That is where I link people who are legitimate bloggers with something interesting to say. You however SUCK! Stop being so blog egocentric and maybe you wouldn't have to troll around begging for readers. Until then STAY OFF MY BLOG! disclaimer: this post is not for my friends(you know who you are) and anyone with a link. Thank you.


Anthony Palmer said...


I think what you wrote about holds true for bloggers in general, not just political bloggers. We like people to read our stuff, but we don't have the time or interest in reading what other people have to say. It has to be a two-way street though. And then not all comments are even legit, as some people are just trolling for linkage or are using your blog's comment section as their personal advertising space. Good rant--I find myself agreeing with a lot of what you said.

Anthony Palmer said...

One other thing:

Regarding responding to comments, I try to respond to every comment I receive in a single post so that it doesn't clutter up my "recent comments" feed. But there will come a point when your blog becomes so popular that it will be impossible to respond to everyone. Then you either have to make shorter responses to people or simply let them discuss amongst themselves. I actually kinda like it when people get into it with each other on my blog instead of just addressing me directly. It's supposed to be a comment section for everyone, not just for readers to communicate with the blog author.

Keep up the good work! Looks like you've been doing a bit of housekeeping here!

namaste said...

hey nikki! good grief i LOVE you girl!! what an EXCELLENT post! and i agree with anthony, it's on blogs in general. it's simply a matter of being courteous. there are some really interesting blogs out there, but the authors are either too selfish or too over-rated with their self-perspectives to reciprocate reading blogs and leaving comments. i think this post deserves a long discussion and occasional revists! GREAT job, my friend.

btw, i too, noticed you've been cleaning house. i've been doing that myself. all bloggers have to spring clean every now and then. :D


Mike said...

Hey, Nikki. My problem is that I hardly even care what I have to say. Ha ha, JK of course; I know how important I am. :)

I have noticed that no matter what sort of blog I read, there will be some people who comment for apparently no reason other than to mention their own blog or web site. I guess that's just human nature.

ba and the boys said...

i dont know what you are talking about. i always leave a nice, thoughtful comment.
hey-come check out my blog

ps-that was a joke. my blog isnt all that exciting.

Nikki said...

hey Anthony I agree I like it when people engage eachother and not always me...hopefully in the future those who come here a lot will get to know eachother and talk among themselves. I do think that bloggers in general are self promoting but inparticular I do think political bloggers get possesive to their own horns tooting...thanks for the comment! :)N

Maria, this blog thing is so new and getting a grip on it can be taxing!! I appreciate you and all of my readers that I would never treat anyone like they are privlaged to read my blog...I feel privilaged that anyone reads it at all..haha! yes let's chat about it again! :)N

Mike, it probably is human nature and doesn't it just SUCK...I care about what you have to say even if you are a raging liberal!! thanks for the comment. :)N

BA, your blog is very exciting that is why I try to leave the "wierdest" comments on your page! hehe. I especially like it when you rip on Hillary and Obama. It gives me the warmest of fuzzies. :)N

Granny Annie said...

Huh? It sounds like a catch 22. I'm damned if I do comment and damned if I don't. What is wrong with lurking anyway?

Nikki said...

granny annie, I really don't mind lurkers and I like it that they read my blog and only occasionally comment or not at point is about political bloggers who want a readership and only frequent other blogs to leave a stupid comment so that a link to their page leads readers to their blog. I really was speaking to some specific people. sorry if you felt I was complaining about legitimate readers who don't comment, I wasn't. thanks for the comment and feel free to lurk anytime I have no problem with it. :)N

DB said...

Good post. Hey, everyone, come to my blog!!! Kidding ;-)

See, we don't mind readership, and would like more. But the lifespan of our readers is quite low as we most certainly offend anyone who stays long enough to see McQ and I both post. Sure, we could take the easy route and be less offensive, the "high road if you will, but that just sounds so boring!

Nikki said...

Hey DB actually people should go to your blog it is very good and very funny...I have been on the other end of the offended and the offender, but I prefer to stick to issues and not personal topics. I am sure people find plenty of my views offensive in themselves but like you said it is stifling to ones own thoughts and not worth it. I hope the people who have links on my page and comment regularly do get some of my readers! :)N

Thinking Sage said...

Well I gazillion % (yes its a word Look it up in Bubba's dikshonary)
on the comment and reply in the comment box!
If someone reads all my babble and then takes the time to comment I surely can at least say thanks!
I kno my other place was ummmm well you know for you but I rant at least once a week there on how there could be 400 page loads in a day and 9 comments!
Thanks for the comment!! ;)~

Nikki said...

Sage, thank you for the comment and I hope my readers, lurkers and poachers do check out the links and read them. I have been cleaning house and I really only have the finest of blogs on my blogroll...I don't mind sharing readers I just don't like people thinking they can leave lame comments every 3 months and bugs. thanks for popping over and I am sure you will hear from me again at your place...:)N

Freadom said...

I think this was well put. Perhaps you could write a rule book for blogging.

At the same time I think most of us blog for fun, and our families and work come first. That's why it's good people like Nikki keep track of who the quality bloggers are, and when we have a free hour or two, those are the bloggers we spend most of our valueable time with.

Nikki said...

Hey Freadom...quality is so important and I am learning that lesson now. It was a slow one. I don't expect comments from my readers I really don't. I think I have a great group of bloggers that I like to read and they don't have to always comment...especially if they think what I wrote sucks. hehe. and believe me I know I do sometimes! People have lives and sharing even a moment on my blog means the world to me. thanks for the comment! :)N