Monday, April 28, 2008


I know the horse is about dead with regards to Jeremiah...but apparently not. He is a media maniac. I saw him on FOX, I saw him on CNN he is in all the papers and I think Obama wants to put him in a resort somewhere until his election gig is over. I watched JW speak at some NAACP thingy last night on Fox. He was singing, doing dances and gettin' down and yelling and as a white person it kinda freaked me out. And that was the point of his speech. How its different but not deficient. OK. Then after ripping on several media types, conservatives in particular, he screamed about how we should all treat each other better, but not him he gets a pass because he is "different". He is laughing all the way to the bank. He also gave a linguistics lesson on Arabic and how "Barack Hussein Obama" being arabic doesn't necessarily mean Muslim. UMMM OK. He said on Bill Moyers that the reason Obama denounced his sermon is because he is a "politician". OUCH. He has a book coming out in the fall and Jeremiah could care less about Obama at this point. He has more appearances in the media than Britney Spears' crotch. He should run for President. President of the dopes.
Debate Rebate
Hillary wants to debate Obama like "Lincoln". I hate it when politicians get all intellectual and act like they know history. Obama said no, he wants to "talk" to the voters (with no recorders of course). I agree with Obama. No more debates. They are painstakingly boring and we know where they stand on the issues. If they both become President we will all lose 30 pounds, get a million dollars, no more terrorists will hate us because we have a President with a Muslim name, or they will hate us more because they hate women and the planets will align. If Hillary wants Obama to say something stupid again, she can wait like the rest of us. Memo: To SNL or Mad TV: Host a debate and America will watch. Other than that Hillary go to rehab and detox your debate addiction.


Karen said...

"President of the dopes", and she can wait like the rest of us! Those are my two favorite lines here. Good ones.

namaste said...

wow! what a shocker, wright has a book coming out in the fall. when i saw him all over the news this morning, i wondered what it was he was selling.

ugh! thank god, no more debates. that friggin hilary is just a brawler who loves to duke it out. i can only imagine what goes on in the bedroom with her and bill. *giggle*



Mike said...

I think it's beneficial to Obama for Wright to be all over the TV now. The more he's on, the more people will get tired of him. By the time the general election campaign kicks in, he'll be old news. Maybe the media can focus on issues that matter. Yeah, right.

ba and the boys said...

ha ha! britneys crotch! that is a good one! he should get together with sharpton. they are both whores for the media.
at this point, i dont think anyone is going to actually watch the debates...must see tv is back on nbs thursday nights!

DB said...

I hate it when politicians get all intellectual and act like they know history.

It is a Lincoln-Douglas style debate. It is a style very popular in highschool and college debate classes/teams.

The style references history and Hillary's challenge to Obama references the style, not history. A LD Debate is usually a moral or ideologically focused debate. An LD Debate would be better with two people with different ideologies. Obama and Clinton cannot debate the differences in their values or ideologies when they are relatively on the same page. Makes no sense.

LD Debates are actually a lot more fun to watch, believe it or not.

Nikki said...

Hey Karen, thanks for the compliment and for reading! President of the dopes is from the movie "When Harry met Sally"...I love one liners from movies! :)N

Hey Maria, The Rev is making the rounds and I don't think he gives a rats butt about his buddy Obama...amen to no more debates, unless we need a sedative there really is no point! :)N

Mike, I think Obama's numbers go down every time the rev opens his mouth for real. I think he is not a friend to Obama, he is pretty self-serving at this point and Obama should basically kick his ass...excuse the french. haha :)N

BA...must see TV and the office...let's protest until they make it an hour 30 minutes of the office is not long enough! :)N

DB, thanks for the info...I yawned a little but it was good info lol just kidding. Making fun is more important than being accurate, is my rule of thumb... hehe :)N

DB said...

Touche lol. What I was trying to say was the LD Debates are way better and crazier to watch! You want action, watch an LD debate. (but had to give a boring background otherwise it wouldn't make sense!)

Khaki Elephant said...

Am I strange for enjoying the debates? And am I the only one who thinks Hillary has become a damn formidable debater since this thing started?

Nikki said...

DB...I would love to see a crazy debate! Punches thrown the whole bit...THAT would be awesome! :)N

Khaki, I am ging with yes. Yes you are the only one enjoying the debates and yes you are the only one thinking Hillary is a formidable me she is a snoozer debater. mono o asleepo. But you are entitled to your party for one! haha :)N

Khaki Elephant said...

Looks like another lonely night for me at the Hillary-is-a-great-debater cafe.

DB said...

Nah, I got your back on that Khaki... Hillary is a great debater and she knows it, hence why she keeps pushing these debates. I can see why she prefers debates, because it gets Obama off his speech tour which is his strength.

Although, to be honest, I don't even watch them very often, just at the beginning. lol

Freadom said...

I've been avoiding writing about Wright up to this point because every other person has touched on the topic, but it's almost to the point where I might have no choice.

Rob said...

"And Jesus answering said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead.
And by chance there came down a certain priest that way; and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side."
No doubt the good reverand would have no trouble walking right by someone who is different than him!
This guy is intolerable.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Face it ya'll - we be a nation of pimps playas and hoes.
Cool bit Nikki!

Anthony Palmer said...

Fact check.

Jeremiah Wright said "I have a message for those who are stuck on stupid. Please tell these people that Arabic is NOT a religion. There are Arabic speaking Christians and Arabic speaking Jews." And he used "Barack Hussein Obama" to mock those who invoke his middle name for the sake of scaring the public or planting doubts about his loyalty and/or religion.

You should amend your post.

Anonymous said...

Nikki - no need to amend this post. I guess it's in the perception of the reader.

Nikki said...

Anthony, I have to agree with anonymous. I think Wright's statement was stupid. My post says nothing that I see as inaccurate. Amending my post would be amending my opinion. I know what Wright was saying about stupid people who criticize Obama by using his middle name, what I said was "ummm ok" I don't see that as explosive. Barack's name is muslim, his father was muslim and is he not Barack Obama Senior? The Reverend in my opinion is inaccurate. Hussein is Obama's middle name...he better get over it or change his name to Barry Dunham. I doubt there are many Christians in the middle east being oppressed by Islam that are hanging on to their Hussein names. :)N

Nikki said...

follow-up to Anthony...the only thing in quotations is Obama's name...I wasn't quoting Jeremiah directly I was summarizing my interpretation of it. :)N

Anthony Palmer said...

Barack's name is Arabic. It's not Muslim. There's a difference there. Religion is something taught.

By the way, I was referencing this particular quote from your post:

"He also gave a linguistics lesson on Arabic and how "Barack Hussein Obama" being arabic doesn't necessarily mean Muslim. UMMM OK."

I didn't think language and religion were interchangeable. But it's your blog and you're free to write what you want.

Anthony Palmer said...

One other point:

You already know that I am a teacher and that my students are from North Africa and the Middle East. Almost all of my students have Arabic names, a lot of them happen to be Christian.

Again, language and religion are not interchangeable. That's the point I was getting at when I told you you should edit the post because the way you said what you were trying to say makes it seem like you were misquoting what Wright said. That's all.

Nikki said...

Anthony, when people convert to Islam do they change their names? Yes they do. Kareem Abdul Jabar changed his name when he converted to Islam. Perhaps some of Arab descent are Christian or of no religion, but some are also Muslim such as in the case with Barack's dad. It isn't a stretch to assume that he was named after his Muslim father...there is nothing wrong with it, I am not bashing on the "muslimness" of it. I don't understand the splitting hairs in the origins of Barack's name, I honestly don't think his name is a negative, but the Rev making an issue of it is stupid. Reverend Wright may be right generally speaking but he is not right when it comes to Obama. He was named after his Muslim father and is now Christian. I get it. I don't think saying that his name is of Muslim origin is a negative. It seems to me that those who are defending the name as something other than Muslim are the ones who have a problem with Muslims. It is his name and Jeremiah is doing the Senator no favors with his antics. I understand the point but I don't think it applies to Barack. I suppose if his dad were Christian and Arab it would, but he is from Kenya and a Muslim. No it doesn't mean that Obama is Muslim that wasn't my point. Jeremiah is stating a fact that does not apply to Obama. I appreciate the clarification and the comment and I hope I haven't repeated myself too much haha but your point is well taken. :)N

Khaki Elephant said...

One problem that I have with Obama's middle name is how it is sacredly taboo. It's fine to misrepresent every other presidential candidate that has ever run for the office based on their perceived intellect, southern roots, physical limitations or blood relatives (which they couldn't choose) but heaven forbid somebody mention Barack's middle name above a whisper because it might [gasp] imply something that isn't true.

Freadom said...

At tonight is an article where Obama finally speaks out against Wright. After reading Wrights new quotes, I am convinced he is intentionally trying to get people not to like Obama.

Ironically, as soon as I came to this decision, I read a second article where Newt Gingrich came to that same conclusion. With friends like the Rev. Wright, Obama needs no enemies.