Thursday, May 15, 2008

Barack OBABY needs his OMAMA...He attacks President Bush regularly and he belly-aches when the Pres. calls him on his statements... be a man Obama

The pundits are going nuts from Pat Buchanan to Joe Biden on Bush's statement in Israel. Chalk one up for President Bush who has the guts to call a spade a spade, unlike Obama who calls hope a policy.


Incognito said...

Love this! So very true!

namaste said...

nik, for the record, this democrat, yours truly, is sooo NOT a cry-baby. hmphff! so there!



Nikki said...

Hey Incognito, thanks for the comment...I loved the pic too, so I out it up nice and HUGE! haha :)N

Maria, I know you are not a baby, I vote for you for DNC Chairperson and you can set these dems that not the funniest pic though, I have been saving it for a special moment and I found one...this is a no whine zone! sometimes people forget that...Nope you are a tough cookie and a non-whiner. :)N