Sunday, May 11, 2008



ba and the boys said...

perfection! i love this clip!

Rob said...

Nikki -
As I cleaned out the garage yesterday I found a box of your old college work. There was one paper of mine right on the top that I had written for COMM 101R-1 class on October 29, 2002 (4 wks after we were married)here's a few parts.

Analysis of a Ferris Wheel Ride-
"I couldn't remember, even back as a child, being so excited for a trip to the amusement park. The rides and the games were the same, but the feelings and enthusiasm were unique...Nikki and I got in our chair and the ride began. We went around once and then once again. As we approached the top of the wheel for the third time, the wheel stopped to change passengers at the bottom. Our chair rocked slowly as I reached into my pocket for the ring. As we sat alone, I turned to Nikki and said, 'I love you! will you marry me?'...Throughout our relationship, I have enjoyed looking into her wonderful blue eyes to see feeling and emotion. This ride was no exception. As I turned to her and took her hand, her sweet smile and twinkle in her eye were already giving me my answer...Marriage is not a high school dance where if the girl says no then you can get another date. Rather, it is choosing the same girl for every dance for the rest of your life..."
What a wonderful ride this has been for me! Jake couldn't ask for a better Mom and I couldn't get a better friend and wife! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, sweetheart. Rob.

namaste said...

rob that was soooo SWEET!! no wonder i love your girl so much. you and my hubby would really hit it off as friends.



Sandi said...

Very funny clip. And the note from your husband was wonderful. Have a terrific Mother's Day.

Nikki said...

WOW...thanks everyone! I am blushing. Hope you all have a great day and for the men kiss the women in your life! :)N


I loovvvee that video! I had seen it before, but everytime I see it, I laugh more. How sweet of your hubby to write his "comment of love" for you on this special Mothers' Day!! <3 <3 <3