Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I am going to give everyone a peek into my psyche today. I have been a John Denver fan since I could remember. I have been singing "Country Roads" this whole morning to the point where I think my dog may have puked. There is no doubt John would have been a Hillary supporter and he may have written this song for her. Good Luck Hill with the Hill Billies(no pun intended). This may be it for you mountain mama..."Almost Heaven, West Virginia, blue ridge mountains, shenandoah river...life is old there older than the trees...country roads take me home to the place, I belong, West Virginia, mountain mama...misty taste of moonshine, tear drops in her eyes...I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me, radio reminds me of my home far away...driving down the road I get a feelin' that I should have been home yesterday...YESTERDAY"! At least that is what Obama is saying.


ba and the boys said...

why oh why did i hit play?
now my kids are going to be singing this by the end of the day!

Sandi said...

Now I'll have that dang song stuck in my head even without hitting the play button! thanks a heap!

Paul is a Hermit said...

I didn't hit play, because I know what will happen too. I've always liked the song and West Virginia. I got my first of two citations ever there. I'm getting misty-eyed.

President Obama will deal with these Mountaineers audacity later. Or Michelle will.

Nikki said...

BA...poor kids poor Rob, all morning long and when we are vacationing in the car John Denver is my favorite road trip music...and I know every word without exception. its fun. for me hehe. :)N

Sorry Sandi, maybe try a littl row row row your boat...that will be in your head for 5 years! haha :)N

Paul, LOL getting misty eyed...I thought hermits didn't get out much? How did you get a citation? The audacity of hillbillies bitter religious gun clinging fools...YEP and they all voted for the other Hill/Bill! :)N

namaste said...

i LOVE this song nikki! there is a remake in reggae version. and i like john denver too!



Khaki Elephant said...

When John Denver and Kermit the Frog sang that duet I actually thought Kermit had the better voice. Does that make me an Obama supporter?

Nikki said...

Maria hey there chickie! I could tell we were on the same John Denver page...I am going to look for the reggae version I bet its a goodie! :)N

Khaki saying what you said...YES you are an Obama supporter, you spit in the face of west virginia and you spit in the face of me...Just kidding but I am a huge fan. and now my feelings are hurt. OK I am over it. But I think the duet may have been the rainbow connection wasn't it?? either way you crushed me. LOL haha. ;) :)N

Karen said...

OK, I admit it, back in the day I had an album or three of his, too. I've had the tune in my head all day with the news chat shows talking about the primary today. Hillary did herself proud there, too.