Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HILLARY: The Energizer BUNNY

I have to give it to the old girl. Hillary is looking like the much stronger candidate right now, and unfortunately for the Dem's, its too little too late. Mathematically it is impossible for Hillary to win enough delegates to clinch the nomination. The Dem's are in a rock and a soft place. Soft because the country pretty much feels like they are living through night of the living dead and a nightmare on elm street. Americans are trudging through crap up to their ankles while picking lice out of their children's hair like monkeys in a zoo. Times are tough. Seriously it is prime democrat time right now in America. A rock because Hillary will not give up and Obama keeps slipping in the polls. Hillary is pushing for a count of Florida and Michigan and Obama is begging for more focus on the issues so we can get passed you know who. Hillary could beat McCain. Obama I think is in real trouble against the old man. The young vote that is behind Obama has already moved on to their next idol David Archuleta. They may not even show up on voting day. They will stay up all night partying for Obama and crash for about 2 days missing the big chad punching party. It has been speculated by others that Hillary is posturing for 2012. If McCain wins now, she can run again in 2012 against McCain or if he is feeling too old then someone else. Who knows what will happen. All I can say is Obama is not the same Obama of 5 months ago. Obama mania has turned into Wrightgate, bittergate and Ayersgate. Bummer for Obama. Maybe he should hang with some boy scouts for a while. They can teach him to love his country, how to properly fold a flag, help old ladies across the street and to pledge allegiance with his hand over his heart. I know to some it doesn't matter, but for those to whom it does, it matters big time and those votes are not coming back.


Sandi said...

But you gotta admit, it's the most interesting campaign we've seen in some time! At least it's not dull!

Karen said...

This is a great election cycle for us political junkies! I am thankful that Hillary is such a tenacious candidate, too. She has made the media report on Obama like they never intended to do - they were happy to just give him a free pass right on into the White House. He's their guy.

My son, an Eagle Scout, is voting for the first time in November. He's voting for Obama.

namaste said...

hey nik, thanks for the link. yes, you gotta give it to hil. she doesn't go down easy at all! what a tuffy!

umm... david archuleta? i seriously doubt it. ;)

"they can teach him to love his country, how to properly fold a flag, help old ladies across the street and to pledge allegiance with his hand over his heart."

LOL!! LOVE that line! i also think his handlers should get him a supply of red bull for these remaining months.



Nikki said...

Sandi, you are absolutely right! It has been interesting for sure. I am sure the general wil be just as fun haha...The seasoned politician will be apparant, just as it is now. Thanks for the comment. :)N

Karen, I can't believe Hllary is still hanging in there either. She is out of money and still comes up with it somehow...good for your son for voting! :)N

Maria...ok so not david archuleta, but maybe someone else. You know how their attention spans are...glad you liked the line and I hope people are heading to your awesome article on Michelle Obama. I have a sore throat today and it sucks sooooo bad. thanks for the comment as ususal! :)N


"They will stay up all night partying for Obama and crash for about 2 days missing the big chad punching party/"

Ahhhhhhh...why did you have to bring up the ole chad party???

ba and the boys said...

i think that hillary thought that she was just going to have to go thru the motions about being on the ticket to the white house. in the beginning, the media was IN LOVE with her. then, all of the sudden, this black, articulate man (im quoting every media outlet out there. because black men really cant talk intelligentlly) came from ill. and bam! a real race started.
i would have quit a long time ago. bill kept pushing her...thinking of all the interns that he could have fun with with him being a kept man. he could party all day long while hil was bringing home the bacon.
darn. bill willjust have to meet inters the old fashion way. hire them himself.

Nikki said...

Chatti Patti, sorry to have brought up bad memories...it's what I do haha :)N

BA...Obama is a media darling and he will get all the positive coverage and McCain will be shown as "negative" and an "attacker" and Obama will be taking the high road because he is loved by the media...whatever. Hillary has no chance and she is in it to sabotage obama...good girl. hehe :)N

Freadom said...

The ironic (and hillarious) thing is that the dems wanted Obama to win, and that (IMO) is why they decided not to include Fla and Mi as part of the Union. For this, the GNP might want to thank the infamous Howard Dean.