Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hot Topic Headlines

Just a word about the Hot Topic Headlines...I think they have been very successful and I appreciate the other bloggers for letting me link to their great articles. From time to time I find a post that I think deems some discussion or some kudos. I post it for about a week and hopefully the link generates some traffic to some much deserved blogs. If anyone ever runs across an especially well written or courageously written article please email me and let me know. I headline all subjects on all sides of the political aisle. Thanks again everyone for reading and keep the great articles coming and I will get to you and give you a headline on my tryin' to be happenin' blog! Writers and commenter's beware I will link your great work!


DB said...

Rock on! Your hot links are really awesome to get everyone centered onto an issue and debating. Keep 'em coming!

Nikki said...

thanks db and thanks for writing some hot topics for the link up!:)N

namaste said...

hey nik, you have to be the coolest celebrity on the blogs! love ya girlie! thanks for the links!