Monday, May 5, 2008


With the big political waiting game going on, I am going to give a short movie review. I am not big on movies. I am rarely entertained and have been known to sleep through some blockbusters. When I see a movie that kept me awake I like to share the joy. I saw Iron Man with my family this week-end and honestly it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I would see it again and pay money and not sneak in. I have never been a fan of Robert Downey Jr., but he surprised me and I have to say I am a born-again fan. He was funny and charismatic and did a great job. He seemed to be miscast at first but he grew on me very quickly and I see this as a role he will play for a very long time. Some other big names were Gwenyth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges. Both were excellent. So if you are bored this week go see this great movie and be dazzled! It even had some evil terrorists like the good old days of the cold war to help the Rambo's of the world kick some enemy booty! Take a lighter for a little Black Sabbath at the end. LOVED IT!


Sandi said...

I actually like Robert Downey Jr and am looking forward to seeing this movie. Thanks for the positive review!

namaste said...

me too. i've always liked robert downey jr., even when he was going through his problems with drugs and alcohol, which he obviously rose above (i saw him last night on leno- he looks well). he's always been engaging and charasmatic on the screen. i will put this on my list of rentals for when it comes to the small screen. i'm not big on superhero movies, but i'll check it out. thanks for the review, nik!



Anonymous said...

Yes, the movie was great! Good to see you again - my friend from the Middle East! You have a great family. Ciao

Paul Petersen

Nikki said...

Sandi, take the gkids it is fairly kid friendly. My son shut his eyes twice for some skantily clad women but that is it. :)N

Maria, you have got to see this on the big screen won't be the same. I am not big on super hero flicks myself but you will like this one alot!

PEEPS!! You big tall handsome lug! it was so great to run into you! I am going to put you on my email list! Please check in once in a while for some Middle Eastern commentary..."I WANT YOUR MIND NOT YOUR BODY"! OOOOOHHH the good old days of Ramat Rachel, clear your throat when you say it...keep in touch! A fellow Skyliner and BYU Israel friend thanks for stoppin by!:)N

Kipp and Ashlee said...

Good to know... I wasn't very interested in seeing this movie because Robert Downey Jr just doesn't strike me as the action hero type character. We will have to go now!

ba and the boys said...

i have loved rdj since i saw him in (gasp) weird science! and even in less than zero, he was awesome (of course, he played a drug addict, so that couldnt have been too hard.)
what i cant wait for is my man will smith to be in his movie this summer. he is from philly, so i like to support the hood.

Karen said...

My son mentioned he's looking forward to seeing it. I'll pass along your good review.

Nikki said...

YYYAYYY BA you are home!! I am sure Chris is sooooo glad to have you back! go see this...I don't know the boys may really like it. You may have to cover their eyes for one or two parts but its a maybe...I will be hob knobbing to the blog for some more photos! :)N

Karen you will love it and so will your son. My son is 10 and he loved it. I covered his eyes in 2 spots other than that it was kid friendly if they aren't scared easily...thanks for dropping by :)N

Khaki Elephant said...

Good flick. I thought RDJ did a great job, and good casting since the Iron Man of the comic books stuggled with addiction as well.

And I will stay away from the overt politics of the movie :-)