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I was always taught to be my own person and to not follow the popular kids. The popular kids weren't always doing the right thing and trying to fit in with them could lead one down a path of destruction for the sake of popularity. Obama appeared on CNN last night with Wolfy. He claimed "The world wants to see the United States lead. They've been disappointed and disillusioned over the last seven, eight years,". He goes on to say "I think there is still a sense everywhere I go that if the United States regains its sense of who it is and our values and our ideals, that we will continue to set the tone for a more peaceful and prosperous world." he also thinks that the war in Iraq and the way it has been handled has kept the United States from focusing on key issues like energy policy, global warming and the economy.
Now, I am no rocket scientist, but how can focusing on our needs first make us more attractive to the rest of the world? How can ignoring genocide and disease around the world to worry about our own economy make us the popular kid? I know he doesn't mean that, he means the exact opposite. He has an anti-poverty initiative that means the United States would commit to end world poverty. Sounds noble enough but it sounds like a misnomer to include strengthening our own economy while shipping billions of dollars overseas of American money to impoverished nations at the expense of higher taxes. And then there is health care for all. Who is paying for that again? And how is this all going to help our economy?
Why should I care about Americas standing in the world? I am not going to lie. I don't care. Those who are going to hate us are going to hate us no matter how much money we give them to like us. There are those who believe that just by putting a dough headed democrat in the oval office will magically change the worlds perception and poof, they like us, they really like us. I hope France continues to hate us. I refuse to accept liberalism as though it is the saving grace for America to regain her standing of superiority. This is in essence what the Senator is saying. Why am I responsible for a prosperous world? Which is it? Are we nationalists or are we globalists? Aren't we fighting against a perception of superiority? Obama is marketing himself as the leader who can once again make us superior. Is that not nauseating to people around the world? It is to me. The world dislikes the superiority complex of the US and his comments are the epitome of such perception. So if he talks slowly to terrorists they will change? If he throws money at the poor they will love us? I don't think kissing the asses of terrorists and dictators gets us anywhere, even if it comes from the magically delicious Barack Obama. Liberals want to be liked, conservatives want to be respected and yes, feared. Peace comes to a world that is accountable and terrorist are for once being held accountable for their murderous actions. If the world doesn't like it too bad.

As far as I am concerned his even bringing up global warming shut it down for me. If he really thinks the US is in charge of changing the climate, he is a lint licking tool and up the crack of Al Gore.
This is harsh and it is meant to be. I am not sugar coating what I think about this guy. He is a super liberal begging for unity from a party he despises. He really thinks he can abstractly get through this election without exposing his true nature. I think he is an arrogant fool and I find it insulting that policies that I and many Americans support have been portrayed as impish to him and the world. His dreams of being the most popular guy on the planet tell me he isn't cut out for the most important job in the country. Maybe he can run for ruler of the world at a later date. Right now he is campaigning to be the President of The United States of America, oh and to lead the world, once again, like we used to? Isn't that the reason for the hatred of the US? I'm just sayin'.


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yo-happy 38th birthday! we will be stopping by with something yummy!

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go nikki go nikki! it's your birthday, it's your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIK!! (((HUGS))) love you girlie! WOO-HOO! go nikki, go nikki! it's your birthday, it's your birthday!! MMWWWAAAHHH!!



namaste said...

nik, excellent points. the highest officer of our government cannot cowtow to all entities. select your issues issues and stand on it! i think that a lot of democrats are standing by obama, knowing that his romantic notions frighten them. i'm not frightened cause i've said from the start, he can't win. i've also said from the start that i was disappointed to learn that obama and hil threw their hat in the ring cause i knew that meant 4 more years of republican leadership for our country.

obama is an awesome orator and i believe he means what he says about his desire to bring about change and take our country to the next level. but his ideas are lofty and unrealistic. and whenever that is suggested to him, his response is wrapped in disdain. people keep saying this makes him elitist. maybe a little. but i say it makes him childish and underscores his inexperience.

november is coming. we're all just going through the motions. mckain has this thing hands down. to all you pundits that lurk and think you're too smart and/or too politically experienced to deign to respond to me, i say *wink* you remind me of obama.

Nikki said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everybody! I appreciate it...especially the ones that put me under the 41 mark...haha and the singing and the early risers!! Thanks all...I feel blessed! :)N

Nikki said...

Maria you make some excellent points. Your point about Obama being childish is a good one. I agree that he is sincere. But I don't understand the grand illusion he pushes when a lot of Americans disagree with so many of his policies. An excellent comment and one that I hope will generate some conversation from scaredy cats..haha thanks again. :)N

Mike said...

Nikki, happy birthday!

The reason that America is hated around the world is because we are not trying to lead, we are trying to bully. That is the main difference between Clinton and Bush. There were people who hated the US while Clinton was in office, but wherever he went around the world, throngs of adoring fans would turn out to greet him. For Bush, it's protest signs and boo's. A lot of Bush's advisers and cabinet officials believed that it was their job to push American superiority on the world and whoever didn't like it could go blow.

That's what a President Obama would change, and to a lesser extent, a President Clinton, as well. That is why this country needs to elect a Democrat. If McCain were to be elected, we would be at war in Iran in less than 6 months and the likelihood of a major attack on the US (by an enemy nation, perhaps) would be almost 100%.

Maria, you are absolutely right about Obama, except for the part where you're wrong. If he gets the nomination, he can win. There is about a snowball's chance in Phoenix that McCain could win this fall. (Unless, of course, the GOP steals their 3rd election in a row, but surely they wouldn't be so bold as to try that.) :-{

namaste said...

mike, LOL! okey doke. if you say so. ;)

Nikki said...

Hey Mike thanks for the birthday wishes!!... I do not dispute that the world is much more comfortable with liberalism than conservatism and this is a big reason Clinton was loved. he had his share of protests and the fact that he was a stud in the oval office helped too. Europe gets off on that stuff. I fail to see how the US fighting back against tyrants and terrorists is being a bully. Clinton was famous for his poll taking and basing his actions on popular opinion. Some may argue that it is what the "people" wanted but the "people" don't always know what is best. I suspect the philosphical differences you have with conservatism is what is driving your opinion. Democrats are loved and adorned and Republicans are hated and boo'd. Look no further than Jimmy Carter to see whose foreign policy gets the nod of the national community. It isn't the accolades I would be looking for...Yes the international community loses all credibility when they give these jokers peace prizes and the UN puts Libya in charge of human rights. impressive. I would rather be boo'd by the world than to adhere to a philosophy of pascifists, fascists and tyrants. Capitalism is what the world hates...socialism and communism is what the world loves especially when the government takes the capital from hard working americans and distributes it among the world...doesn't sound like freedom to me. Sounds like communism. Bush has given more than any other President in foriegn aid. I don't see any love being thrown our way. So if President Obama by his very existence gives the US credibility I want no part of it.
And FYI in snowed in Phoenix last lie I have the pictures to prove it. And it wasn't just a sciff it was a good six inches. Snowball fights the works...good luck Obama! :)N

Anthony Palmer said...

There are two ways of looking at the United States as it relates to the world:

1. The United States is the world's superpower. We reserve the right to do whatever it takes to defend ourselves and our national interests.

2. The United States is the world's superpower, but should remember that this is a shared world in which we should be more mindful of how our actions and policies affect other nations.

The first worldview may make Americans feel strong, but it is more likely to foster resentment among other nations. Sure, they'll listen to the United States (we have money, bombs, and a large military), but that's out of compliance and not acceptance.

The second worldview is more likely to foster resentment among actual Americans while pleasing other nations. It makes it seem like the United States is placing other nations' well-being before our own. But then again, like in physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So taking other nations' considerations into our own actions may help improve our relations with them.

A fair assessment of the current administration would suggest that the United States has pursued too much of the first worldview and not enough of the second. It seems that Obama is more of an advocate of the second worldview, but people on the right are uncomfortable because he doesn't advocate more of the first. I think Obama has a chance because people may have soured on the first worldview or are at least a bit more willing to try the second.

Nikki said...

Anthony, I think what you are saying makes a lot of sense. I don't like the way Obama portrays the first point of view. It does make me uncomfortable to say the least. I think to Monday morning quarterback about the positions that Bush has taken is unfair and it gives off an arrogance that Midas can handle things better because more people agree with him or he can articulate better what is needed. Perhaps this is true, but for all the lack of articulation our current President has failed to do, we have not had another attack and that should at least be acknowledged. Something was done right. You are right perhaps the answer is found in the middle as always. Thanks for the comment. :)N

Anthony Palmer said...


It goes beyond Bush.

Would you like it if Germany or South Korea had military bases in Kansas or Georgia?

Would you like it if the foreign soldiers on these bases were committing crimes against Americans?

Would you like it if Muslims came to America for the sole purpose of teaching you about Islam? Or would you like it if Buddhists came to America for the sole purpose of teaching you about Buddhism?

Would you like it if another country told you to give up your weapons, otherwise you would bomb them?

Would you like it if another country told you that you could not develop nuclear weapons even though the country telling you this has actually used them...twice?

Would you like it if another country told you that you did not have the right to enter outer space?

Would you like it if a person from another country came here, committed a crime, and could not be tried under US laws in a US court?

Would you like it if you could be arrested in another country and locked up there without being tried in court?

Would you like it if another country viewed you as a threat because you're using too much oil? (I'm referencing China and India here--countries that have a population that is 4 times larger than ours.)

Would you like it if Canada and Mexico decided to build missile defense systems along their borders?

Would you like it if another country dropped a bomb on your house or killed your family because of an errant missile only to have their deaths be considered "collateral damage" in the name of fighting the real bad guys?

The United States is a benevolent nation for sure. But it is also a nation with a lot of double standards that don't sit well with people outside our borders. What's okay for us is often not okay for others, even our allies.

That's where the resentment comes from.

Nikki said...

Anthony, I'm confused, what is you are you proposing? A blanket question to the world as to how they "feel" about our policies? Have Korea and Germany asked us to leave? I think Muslims do teach their religion freely in this country. Are we to be the nation of appeasers and givers with no say as to the failed human rights policies of many in the international community? Namely Iraq...turn a blind eye to Sadam and demand human rights in Darfur? You see where the chit chat has gotten those people. I appreciate the lesson of "through the eyes of a foreigner" but I think my position is stated in my post. And to state that the military is dropping missiles on homes for the sake of killing bad guys is inaccurate. We both know the US has enough military power to have ended this war long ago. The fact that we try to fight a humane war is what is dragging this out in my opinion. If the US didn't care about civilian casualties the war would be over. Our support of Israel is why we are hated in the middle east and our being there is resented by many. Do you think it is wise to let Iran have nukes? In case they resent us maybe we should let them. :)N

Anthony Palmer said...

I think you just proved my point.

Nikki said...

Glad to be of help...:)N


Happy BD, Nikki!!

Anthony and Mike, thank you for speaking for lurkers like me!!! Thank you...gracias, grazie!!

Karen said...

Well done, Nikki. I so agree with you. ANd, the irony is that western Europe is becoming more conservative, not liberal, with current elections. So, if Obama is elected, he'll be way farther left than the leaders of Europe! So much for Europe hating our values and ideas!

Karen said...


ba and the boys said...

heres a birthday present for sharpton has been/is introuble for tax nonpayment. aaahhh...

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Happy BDay Wild Woman! MwAh!

Ok the Lead the World thing. If the senator is referring to intolerant, corrupt, illegitimate murderous regimes with pitiful literacy rates, an amazing penchant for tormenting their own people and their neighbors, that practice gender apartheid,honor killings and tend to sprout rocket rich rejects who cannot seem to help but to act out against any democracy in weapons range while hanging in innocent civilian top heavy areas then good luck with that.

If such gangs, groups and little rats nests are dissed with Great Satan in the last few years - America should be way proud of that!

Anthony Palmer said...


Your use of hyperbole does not address my questions. Honestly, how would you feel if another country had military bases in America? How would you feel if Mexico and Canada were creating missile defense systems on our borders? How would you feel if Americans were locked up by a foreign government indefinitely and not tried? How would you feel if foreign military personnel committed crimes against Americans in America and could not be tried in American courts?

As for the military, nobody said that the US military is dropping bombs on civilian houses on purpose. Obviously, if that happens, those fighter pilots should be tried because they have disgraced their uniforms and the United States is better than that. But even the best intentions will not change the fact that people who are adversely impacted by our actions are going to harbor a bit of resentment and may even turn against us as a result. If someone close to you got killed in the crossfire by police officers, would you write it off as the policemen just doing their jobs and that friend or family member being in the wrong place at the wrong time? I'm sure most people would be upset about it and would call for an investigation.

Regarding religion, I'm talking about Christian missionaries, not professors of religion or other religions' equivalents of Sunday school teachers. When was the last time a Hindu or a Taoist knocked on your door or handed you a flyer to tell you about Shiva and Vishnu? Americans are good at going abroad to tell people how to be like us. But we don't like it nearly as much when they do the same. We tell them to stop forcing their views on us because "this is America."

Regarding nukes, it's not just Iran. It's every country, friend or foe. Japan was considering nukes last year, but the US intervened and told them not to. Japan wanted the nukes to defend them against possible aggression from North Korea. If Israel, Pakistan, Russia, and China can have nukes, why not Japan? That's one of our allies, right? Are they not allowed to have nukes just because we said so? Or do we know more about what's good for that country than the Japanese do?

Your dismissive comment about "thanks for the eyes through a foreigner lesson" is the reason why I said you just proved my point. Other countries think that the US is similarly dismissive of them because as far as you (the US) is concerned, they don't factor into the equation when we set policy. This might not be what our policies actually are, but that is how a lot of them are received.

We commonly mock the Europeans, especially the French, and then wonder why they are so reluctant to work with us. How can we say we're trying to win over the hearts and minds of Arabs and Muslims in one breath and then brand them as enemies of Israel in the next breath?

Having all the money, bombs, and military troops in the world is not going to make people respect us. Sure, they might think twice about pissing us off, but nobody wants to be friends with someone who they find arrogant. Obama does not come across this way, which is one reason why he is so appealing to so many people.

You are not going to vote for Obama. Several of the people who comment on this blog are probably not going to vote for him either. Fine. But now you understand why some people simply don't like Bush and why he is having such difficulties garnering and sustaining international cooperation.

DB said...

Wow, Happy Birthday Nikki. I haven't had a chance to read the comments so I won't address those quite yet. I will say, though, that the more Conservatives hate Obama, the more I am starting to like him. <---That's your B-Day present ;-) lol.

Mike said...

Anthony, well said, as always.

Nikki, you said, "As far as I am concerned his even bringing up global warming shut it down for me."

Just FYI: "I will clean up the planet," McCain said. "I will make global warming a priority."

Looks like Obama's not the only lint licking tool up Al Gore's crack. :)

Nikki said...

Karen thanks so much for the great comment and the birthday wishes! France has elected a conservative this time around haven't they...great point! :)N

BA...I am sure it was his accountants fault. It always is. Thanks for the present hehe :)N

Great Satans girl...thanks for the wild woman bday wishes...and of course the colorful way you sum up the US of A making it great! :)N

DB, thanks and waiting with baited

Anthony, what would the purpose be for these military bases in our country. I don't understand the question. If it is a hypothetical then I can only assume that the bases are here for our protection. I appreciate you giving the readers the other point of view but I disagree and we will have to agree to disagree.
As far as missionaries in other countries, they are doing alot of humanitarian work and many of them are not just proselyting. There are humanitarian missions in my church that are stricly for vaccination and education. The church pays for these welfare missions and christians from many churches are doing alot of good abroad. I am sure if the Muslims wanted to knock doors in any state in america they would be welcomed by some and not others. Just like the kirby vacuum guy the mormons and the magazine dude. they can do it. I think Obama is arrogant and that is my perception. :)N

Mike, touche. I never said McCain was perfect, but he's all I got and I will plug my nose and vote for the Senator! :)N

Republican abroad said...

anthony -
how does that go again? "nobody wants to be friends with someone they find arrogant". then you follow it up with..."But NOW you understand why some people simply don't like Bush" Let's see is that NOW referring to YOUR first lengthy list of typical liberal, anti-american hypothetical questions? OR because 'us dumb republicans' still don't agree, you have to speak slower and re-tell it again with another mind-numbing exercise in listening to yourself talk? I'm afraid Republicans don't have the market cornered on condescending arrogance. Head back to the think tank with Rosie, John Kerry, and the Baldwin boys. YOU do understand that YOUR foreign policy and view of the world is the same as theirs, don't you? Nice company! you deserve each other.

Anthony Palmer said...

Republican abroad,

Best wishes. And if you're abroad, I hope you make it back to the US safely.

Loza said...
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DB said...

Wow, Republican Abroad...a little intolerant are we? Having trouble following the conversation and further responding with an attack rather than an intelligent rebuttal? ;-) Relax...

Anyways, I agree with Anthony's first points on the two approaches to foreign policy. I believe there needs to be a balance as we see what has/can happen when you dominate one approach and neglect another. Not much of a comment, but my two cents. (Sorry, busy weekend)

(Sorry, responded initially with wife's account not mine so I deleted)

Nikki said...

I appreciate the great comments on this topic. I have been sick for the passed few days and as you can tell I was responding to comments yesterday rather than gaining 5 pounds eating birthday cake. I think I have stated my position regarding this topic. I do not agree with the Senators position and while I see Anthony's position as it reflects a middle of the road approach, which I stated, I think my post speaks for itself. I do not think pussy footing around the world is going to do us any good and let me make myself more clear than I have been...I do not care what the world thinks about the US and our policies. I said it. :)N

Khaki Elephant said...

Happy [belated] Birthday, Nikki.

Like others here I'm in a very busy time that includes travel and not much time to blog. But I will say that this post reminded me of something that Anne Coulter once said. "If you want to make a liberal mad, defend America."