Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Terry McAuliffe the former head of the DNC and current campaign biggie for Hillary Clinton is dissing on the media. He claims “every independent study has said that this is the most biased coverage they’ve ever seen in a presidential campaign.”
WOW! A lib is complaining about the media being biased, and it doesn't stop there. Get this, he praises Fox News and says they are “one of the most responsible in this presidential campaign.” What up libs? One of your own trashing the media peeps and givin' luvins to the big bad Fox News? I can hardly contain myself. I think I may like Terry...nope I don't, but the dude is packing some yarbles and givin' Obama the tongue wag. I have to admit, and this is going to be shocking, I agree with the McCauliflower. His girl has been trashed and bashed by the Obamanation, which is the media, and Fox dares to let the blond bimbos rip on the Dalai Obama contrary to the other butt kissers. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS are all riding the Obama Utopian wave and screaming like little girls. This should be fun to watch them all claim journalistic integrity and unbiased coverage while slinging geriatric insults at John McCain while making love to Obama at the same time. But of course in the minds of the intellectually superior liberals it will all be based on logic and truth. Can't wait for the cavities and sugar diabetes to come from all the sweetness towards the Senator, Obama that is. Look out John McCain, your age and your republicanism will now be on the intolerant bus driven by the media. They should at least try to hide the climaxing behind the desks. Did you say something was dribbling up your leg Chris Matthews? I am going to hurl. Yep, I just threw up a little in my mouth.


namaste said...

i, too, wonder about why the media sucks up so much to obama. i have my guesses, but that's for a down-the-line-post maybe.

it'll certainly be interesting to see who obama chooses for a running mate. it will determine the margin by which he loses. *wink* well let's wait and watch as the plot thickens.



Paul is a Hermit said...

McAuliffe is such a worm but correct on media bias; we've been trying to tell him that since Bill Clinton, but then he had a different opinion.
Once Obama is crowned, none of us will be surprised to see him change his spots and embrace our new King and Queen.
Both must be must be amused to watch people like Matthews grovel and fawn over them.

Sandi said...

You sound like my daughter with your "I threw up a little bit in my mouth" comments. Made me laugh out loud. As for the media, I'm already saturated with political talk and articles. I dread the Fall months.

ba and the boys said...

i think that is hysterical! there was a time when hil could do no wrong (per the media, they oboviously didnt ask me) and now that she is a loser, all of the sudden the media is bias.
hhhmmmmm...i remember a certain
1st lady making the remarks to matt lauer (*sigh*) that there was a right wing consipracy taking down her husband who never lied about getting a certain sex act. are we going to hear the same song from her husband when she FINALLY quits her bid?
and i am going to say this out loud and get blasted, but the reason why some people are pro-obama is because he is black and they dont want other people to think that they are a rasist. i seriously believe that. im not a rasist, but i wont be voting for him because i dont like him. simple as that.

Nikki said...

Maria, looking forward to a post on the infatuation of the media with Obama...Running mate is the next chapter and I think he is just trying to play it courteous to Hill and not telling her to get lost already...I think O has a good shot at the big job...not happy about it. :)N

Hey Paul, Terry is a worm and has always been a whiney one too. He is so far up the crack of the Clintons I am almost embarassed for him...these clinton utopians are reaching for the glory days of the 90's...when taxes were high and corporations were cooking the books. aaaahhhh the good old days. King and Queen reference made me laugh...thanks for reading. :)N

Sandi, saturation is an understatement, I am so glad just to have people checking in on the blog at this point. Thank Saturday Night Live for the "I just threw up a little bit in my mouth" phrase...it's a keeper...:)N

BA...you go girl! get it out of your mind and on to my blog! The girations aren't being felt by myself by Obama, though I admit to once being captured by the man. Now I just think he is an empty suit...and an elitist lib. :)N

namaste said...

well shit ba. you said it. no sense in me writing a post about it anymore. ;)


Mike said...

Maybe the reason that the media is drooling over Obama is that he is the most awesome politician ever!

Ha ha, just kidding.

And, Nikki, "Terry is a worm and has always been a whiney one too." There's something we agree on! I've disliked that guy since the first time I saw him on TV back in the 90s.

Nikki said...

YYYAAAYYY Mike...group hug. there is something slimey about old Terry McCauliflower! :)N