Sunday, May 11, 2008


Before the President is even out of office and before history has a chance to truly evaluate the 2 term President, Oliver Stone is creating a film that is sure to be a flop. We all just lived the history of the "worst" President in the history of the modern world and he expects us to watch it ad nauseam on the big screen. The standard of the film will undoubtedly be fair as Stone is an admitted leftist who basically thinks Bush is Satan. He has tapped baby boy Barbra Streisand's step-son, wife beater, party boy Josh Brolin to play the doofus President. Seems like a match made in heaven. Hot bod Elizabeth Banks is going to attempt half the grace of Laura Bush, but will fail. Where is the Clinton movie? Now that would be an NC-17 story the country would like to see on the big screen. This will be an attempt at not only shaping history but molding it to fit liberal propaganda. I like to call it political pornography. Porn is fake. The women are fake and enhanced. The men are fake and enhanced. Everyone is "acting" like they are having a good time and all the while the perverts watching it are putting fake trash into their brains that they can't get rid of and eventually they buy into the garbage that is being fed to them. We see it everyday. Fake promises, fake news warped by a biased media and twisted ever so slightly to manipulate the audience into thinking we are informed. This movie will give liberals wet dreams in the political porn world of conservative hatred. It will validate some in their deranged hatred for the President, and will coddle the ignorant few in their own sheepish opinions. Hollywood has done it again. Outlandishly branded themselves the reporters of history and mind reading. Not only does Oliver know what was going on in the mind of George, he also knows what was said in private meetings in the oval office. He admits that the script is taken from books from disgruntled staff members and MAY be inaccurate but, is in essence "rooted" in truth. In other words we will have to dig through the sh** to find the truth. I am yawning already.
I don't think I would ever see a movie about George while history is still in the making, nor one produced by anyone in Hollywood. I am sure the Hollywood circuit will have their fun patting each other on the back and stroking each others egos about this film. Truth is Oliver is out of a job at the moment and Hollywood will consider him a hero if he can properly slander the most hated President in US history even further. Consider it a going away gift. The film is set to come out in October right before the election in November. This is no accident. Oliver will become the most popular guy in tinsel town. I will have to miss the flick. It will be a circle jerk for plenty of libs and they can get off on the hyperbolic fun making even though Oliver claims it will be fair and balanced. Hollywood is a dictatorship there is no way it will reflect even a portion of partiality or accuracy. The propaganda has been too difficult for Bush to overcome as it stands. We can only trust that the future will tell the true story of a President who, in my opinion, is the most underrated in history. Time will tell. I may be alone in that belief, but in case you can't tell, I don't give a damn what other people believe. I can make up my own mind.


Sandi said...

I must admit I don't agree that history will be kind to Dubya, but I think I'll go see Iron Man a second time rather than this movie. Sounds a bit dull.

Nikki said...

Sandi, I agree it sounds soooooo stinking dull, even if it is a fair portrayal...snore. Iron Man and some nachos I am there, save me a seat! :)N

namaste said...

hey nikki, fresh off the light mother's day post with an in-your-face rant, huh? i LOVE it! josh brolin and elizabeth banks?! OMG!! even I think they are poor picks to play bush and laura in this premature story. and you KNOW how much i love this guy. NOT! anywayz hollywood has been sucking lately with their movie dole outs. seems this one will be no different.


Karen said...

One last shot at Bush. Stone makes me sick. He's a has-been and I don't think this movie will be any big comeback for him. Just like the anti-war film of the past few months, this one will bore Americans, too.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Premature, immature and manure.
Synonyms for Stone and his work. Doesn't matter if it's not successful, the movie will be out there to influence coming generations, along with other vast amounts of leftist propanganda.
It's payback too, the only concern of Hollywood since the 2000 Election has been to belittle Bush and those who voted for him. You know, The Guns and Religion crowd.

Probably, Scalia is next.

Nikki said...

Maria, I knew you would find this one exciting! NOT! it looks pretty low budget and some D actors playing the Prez and his wife. Now if Oliver would have tagged Will ferrell for the lead...maybe. hehe. :)N

Karen, seriously bored stiff. Hollywood is a joke. I take every chance I get to make fun of the town...thanks for reading. :)N

Paul, I have theorized for quite some time that the 2000 election is some serious grudge holding for the baby dems...Al was clearly trying to steal that one. Bush just out smarted him and he can't believe it and neither can the rest of the left...the religious crowd and the gun crowd are BITTER. We just suck on lemons all day..hhaha thanks for stoppin by..:)N

Anonymous said...

When will Hollywood learn? Releasing this in October will only do one thing: piss off conservatives who may not otherwise be interested in going to the polls.

Anonymous said...

I think there already is a Clinton White House movie. It's called "The Blue-Stained Dress". You can catch it on the Playboy Channel.

A movie about W is way too early. I agree it's a stupid idea. Given Oliver Stone's success with JFK and Nixon (and how long after they left office b4 he did them), a 2018 release date would be advised. It will be a flop and on DVD or Podcast release 6 weeks after it opens. GO OBAMA!!!


LOL on the "Blue Stained Dress!!" How about this one: "Size 18 Blue Stained Dress!" I'd rather buy a pack of smokes than go watch some lame movie on Bush! What in the heck would be fun about watching Laura slam her vehicle into her boyfriend's car? Not a movie for me.

Nikki said...

Anonymous 1...a point I clearly had not thought of the "piss off" conservative angle...that would only be about 30% of the nation that is in support of the President right now and most of those won't see the piece of crap. Oliver thinks that is why he can get away with this ornery little ditty, he thinks he is in the majority...along with the rest of the dems. Thanks for the comment. :)N

Anonymous 2...LOL on the playboy channel movie. It will be a flop because as you stated he has no credibility...GO McCain! thanks for the comment! :)N

Chatti Patti...not my idea of fun either...thx :)N