Wednesday, May 7, 2008


A 21 year old Tibetan woman carried the Olympic torch to the top of Mt. Everest on Thursday. I don't understand people who get up one morning and say "Hey let's climb that mountain that is so cold people pee ice and die when they climb it" and then climber number 2 says "OK maybe our eyes will explode because we are at such a high altitude and our feet will fall off, but we can do it!". Thrill seekers unite and do it on a regular basis. Seriously if I see one more movie about some moron with a death wish climbing that ridiculous mountain, I am going to blow the thing up. It is too cold, too high and there are too many skeletons saying "turn around! turn around!" for it to be considered as an amazing feat. Go ahead and chalk one up for the Tibetans for taking the torch to the top. Who ever said they weren't allowed to do anything fun in China. Next highest place...THE MOON!


Freadom said...

I'd rather go to the moon. And while some people will say that is equally stupid, at least we can learn something from a trip to the moon.

namaste said...

hey to each his own. thrill-seeker i'm not, that's for sure. i have no desire to climb anybody's mountain. or have someone snap a pic of me with frozen snot on my lip, holding an olympic torch. i'm just saying.



Karen said...

You are cracking me up this morning, Nikki! Frankly, I'm an indoor kind of gal so the whole outdoor adventure thing escapes me. My husband, an outdoors kind of guy, likes to say my idea of roughing it is a hotel without room service. Yeah, he's a funny guy, that one.

Nikki said...

Freadom, I think the protective gear and the years of training keep that out of the equally stupid camp...I am with you I'd rather go to the moon...:)N

Maria DANG! LOVE the frozen snot pic, would have been an awesome add to the frozen pee and exploding each is own LOL!...:)N

Karen I am an inside girl too. I tried to be the camping mom with my son Jake and it turns out no go...I need the luxuries a warm bed offers or I am the bear in the wilderness in the morning! :)N

Paul is a Hermit said...

What bothers me is when they climb and something goes wrong and we pay big bucks to rescue them.
Hey, get yourself down, no one told you to climb up there. Anyway, you wanted adventure, you got it. Good luck.

ba and the boys said...

it was the only place to get away from protesters!

Sandi said...

About the only climbing I enjoy is climbing into my bed at night with the electric blanket on.

Maria - you're right. Frozen snot is just not a good fashion statement.

Nikki said...

Paul you are so right! I remember the year a bunch of climbers got lost in Oregon and some rescuers died trying to rescue them. Climb at your own risk! :)N

BA...for real, they could get shot protesting in China so take to the highest point on earth...:)N

Sandi you and me both...I hate the cold. I am looking for some global warming! :)N