Monday, May 19, 2008


The left is so sensitive. The are more understanding and loving when it comes to our enemies. They embrace more people and more lifestyles. They are the the politicos with causes and intellectual thought. They would never "label" anyone because that would be "mean" and if they do it is based on "facts" and "accuracy" and not belligerence. They are the people of such learned and enlightened thought that it is virtually impossible for them to offend others, unless it is again out of necessity of pointing out oppressive thought and ignorance. They use words like "attack" when others challenge their ideals, but when they point out policy differences, it is merely defining a "difference". When someone from the oppressive "religious right" (not a label) points out a policy difference such as "appeasement" it is considered an "attack". Barack Obama is really the mean police. Don't say anything about his wife, say what you want about him, but not about his wife. Correction, you can't say anything about him either. Example, if you say the word "some" when addressing the Knesset,(some means Obama because the world revolves around a certain someone), then you are an attacker. Yep, he never "attacks" Bush. I googled statements Obama has said about Bush and there were too many to mention. Oh, I forgot, they were "accurate" statements so what he says is not an "attack" it is just fact. I see. Hypocrite. OOPS, did I say that out loud. Obama needs a binky. And so do most liberals. He needs to quit being like people say he is. He wants to debate George and John. I think he shouldn't debate them. I think they should have a cage fight. For real. I think Obama and his girlie bowling stance should give it up and challenge George Bush to a fist fight. I think George would kick his ass. He may be older but he isn't as "sensitive" as Obama. He has been through the hate-mongering public and media and there has yet to be a whine heard from the White House. George could use a punching bag in the form of an arrogant, inflated egotistical junior senator with no record of actually doing any of what he says he will do.
Contrary to popular belief, I am not having sex with the President. I just prefer a man who can take his stripes rather than one that gets his "self-esteem" hurt every time someone wants to challenge him. I get tired of the "sensitive" crowd policing every one's thoughts as though conservatives are intellectual idiots and deranged religious crazies with nothing better to do than make the left miserable with our ignorant pseudo-legitimate views. What is good for the goose is good for the gender. If you are so objective that you can't take a stand, that is not my problem. This blog is not Switzerland. I am not informing you on the scientific intricacies of politics. There are none. Unlike the administrators of academia would like you to believe, politics is not science. It is a struggle for power based on philosophical ideology. Not some experiment with a bunch of lab rats.
Not all libs are babies. I know some tough cookie liberals who say it like it is without getting all butt hurt. I like principled opinionated people even if I disagree with their opinions. I like backbone. I respect individuals that don't act superior in their views and don't take it personally when they are challenged. They are firm and know where they stand and I respect them far more than I do someone who is constantly objecting to all sides and educating the masses on proper political thought, rather than taking a stand and sticking by it. To the tough cookies, you have my admiration.
Other bloggers are blogging about the "sensitive" Obama and his whining. He has an image problem. He is a hypocrite when he calls out others for challenging him "inaccurately" and yet when he "attacks" it is "accurate" and therefore not an attack. Hm mm. I have heard this song before. It is sung by many who are intellectual superiors and quite frankly it is nauseating. Stick a binky in it and suck yourself better. Its soothing and calming. We don't want anyone feeling "bad" about themselves. This "self-esteem" and "sensitive" driven society is creating monsters of self-indulgent appeasers. Yep, that includes Presidential candidates. Take it like a man or go sit by the girls. "I need a man and he don't wear a dress"(Eurithmics). I mean it would be OK if he did wear a dress, I don't want to offend anyone by saying that men who wear dresses aren't really men. Or that a dress is "gender specific". Scottish men wear skirts and they aren't girly. I just am saying that most people who wear dresses are girls. Not that girls aren't tough and strong cuz women are as strong as men. I don't mean girls negatively cuz that would be sexist and I don't want to hurt any girls feelings. Girls wear pants and they aren't men so they are not manly. They just are more comfortable in pants. Maybe men who wear dresses are just more in touch with their feminine side and like the feel of the wind blowing up their leg. It could be a number of reasons why they wear a dress. They are still men and strong ones too. I don't mean to label wimpy men as dress wearers that could hurt the "sensitive" males self-esteem. I just am trying to say that...aaaahhh! screw it! I think girly men suck.


namaste said...

ouch. i hope obama and/or michelle reads your blog, nik. it appears they could use a lesson in being public figures and taking a punch. you know what paragraph of this post made me smile, dontchya? i love ya girlie!

excellent points stated here, my favorite: stop trying to garner applause from a zillion different audiences. take a STAND for goodness sakes! and stop tearing up with the crocodile stuff and lashing out every time somebody disagrees with your position.


Nikki said...

Maria, you know it girl! state your opinion and stick to it. You are an OAK my friend and you know your stand and are not swayed by the perception of pleasing all parties. That is what I LOVE about you! Obama could take some lessons and stop trying to satisfy the world...I would respect him more that is for sure! thanks for always keepin it real and chewing my butt when it calls for it! woohoo! :)N

Karen said...

"This blog is not Switzerland". Too funny. You're bringing it today, Nikki.

Sandi said...

Well, I'M just relived that you're not having sex with the President!

Nikki said...

Karen, sometimes I just have to vent! therapy via blog...haha :)N

Sandi, you crack me up that is the best comment of the day! :)N

Mike said...

Nikki, you're right about people being too easily offended. Obama should have just said, "call me when someone relevant questions my positions."

As for girly men, you must be talking about how supposed tough guys like Toby Keith went all hissy over the Dixie Chix talking trash about Bush, right? If that wasn't an overreaction, then I don't know what is. Or how about the right going ballistic when Edwards mentioned Cheney's gay daughter during a debate in '04? Bunch of pansies, to be sure.

Nikki said...

Mike, Obama was the one who interpreted "some" to mean him. ego baby. Then it was so bothersome that he quickly had to change his position to "appease" the Jewish voters. His position is exactly the same as Bush's he just switched it up to appear to some to have a differing approach than the unpopular President...he also believes he is a better talker and he probably is, but the fact that he will "negotiate" is the freaky part. Obama knee jerks his reactions IMO, he is an attorney and speaks carefully and tries to satisfy all sides. I say pick a side and go with it. Picking on the retarded kid President is not an opinion. There are definately baby righties but candidates should be tougher. You will always have media types and movie stars on both sides that whine...but the President should not. You can't call Bush a whiner. Call him retarded moronic and stupid but he is not a whiner. :)N