Monday, May 26, 2008


Now if one of us religious crazies were to say something so messed-up as this Hollywood bonehead, libs all over the planet would be banging their heads against brick walls and crying their eyes out while looking for their bongs. China is not nice to people. They are not treating the Tibetans and Richard Gere nicely, so the karma quake tried to kill them off. Is this the same energy that is causing global warming? Maybe the rocket scientist, lap grinding actress could explain it. I think Obama should consider changing his "change" theme to a "nice" theme. Nice we can believe in. There is nothing false about Nice. Nice we can, Nice we can. Cookie monster could be his spokes person and Elmo could be his Veep. This is the crowd that supports the liberal candidate. This is just so choice. The blond has-been actress should stick with crotch flashing and being naked in bad movies. Sharon Stone is as dumb as a ROCK.


Karen said...

Sometimes it is almost too easy. What a complete, babbling idiot. It's all about HER and HER feelings. SHE doesn't like it when people aren't kind.

Remember when the stupid quotes from Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell came out about God's wrath being the reason for 9/11 and then for Hurricane Katrina? The crazies on the left still toss that into arguments.

Sandi said...

Didn't she used to be a movie star or something?!?!? My husband was listening to this from his desk and he said, "Who was that?" I said, "Sharon Stone." He said, "Who gives a shit what she thinks?!?" Amen

DB said...

Why do we still let ignorant people have a microphone? Oh, that's right, we might have an opportunity to see her spread her...uh, thoughts.

For the record, karma doesn't cause earthquakes, nor do communists, nor gays, nor god, nor global warming or Al Gore, nor President Bush. Yes, not even President Bush causes earthquakes.

Nikki said...

Karen, it is just soooo easy to make fun of stupid movie stars!! Jerry Falwell would have been a topic for months, and apologies demanded by many. I LOVE IT! :)N

Sandi, amen to that! Tell your husband I couldn't have said it better myself! :)N

DB, LMAO! Speading her thoughts is one I wish I would have thought of. Nice job...and of course Bush did it. you are in rare form. You must of had a break from blogging to be so fresh...haha :)N

ba and the boys said...

useing karma as an excuse only works on the show my name is earl. this is yet another reason why actors should just act, smile and wave. no talky talky. and no thinking for the love of pete! and seriously, ive never liked sharon stone and her crotch showing, gap shirt wearing self!

Paul is a Hermit said...

I can't believe she's not blaming Bush for this; she's gone off-script.
What an Air Head.

Nikki said...

BA, Nicely said. I am just glad I have a blog to rip on hollywood types who think they are so awesome and then they open their mouths and out comes stupidity. no talky is right! :)N

Paul, It was Bush! He did this he is the mastermind idiot behind all bad things in the world. She seemed a little strung out too...shocker. :)N