Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Geraldine Ferraro former Vice Presidential nominee and Clinton supporter has joined the club of pissed-off Hill backers. Geraldine stated yesterday that Barack Obama is "terribly sexist" and will probably not be getting her vote in the fall. Obama is a lot of things, but I don't see him being sexist. Maybe it was his defending his wife that she deemed uncalled for. It was a bit of chivalry over the top, but sexist? No. I don't see it.
I like talking about sexism. Not just because you get to say sex over and over and over again, but because a bunch of dudes will appear and prove themselves LOVERS of women in the form of equality! We all know men are all in reality sexist. No offense guys, but do you prefer a HOT woman or a SMART woman? Be honest. Most guys will undoubtedly say that they want both, but hotness before smartness for sure. What you are essentially saying is "I want a hot woman with 2 big brains!" I wasn't born on pancake day. If Hillary were Angelina Jolie she'd be gettin' the dude vote.
To me our society is far more sexist than it has ever been. Naked women are everywhere. I know it isn't the fault of men, but women do have to compete with some pretty perfect women in the media and so the surgery and eating disorders begin. Women are still sex objects and this persona does nothing to further the plight of feminists who insist that women deserve equality. Most women I see now days are walking around half naked looking for some cat calls to make their boob jobs worth it. Guys love it and act like they support women in the gender war, especially when those women are hot. While feminism still needs a page in the "things to improve in America book" women are responsible for the rest of the world taking us seriously. Skanky Hollywood actress's who make millions showing off their "talents" are what most women perceive as "making it". The achievement of equality in the year 2008 is not what Gloria Steinham had in mind when she took to the streets for the "ERA" back in the day. Too much focus on our hotness makes for a shallow and uninteresting female. I am not saying you have to be unattractive to get some gender equality, but a push-up bra, cleavage, outfits that leave nothing to the imagination and stilettos ain't screamin' "I'm qualified" to the peeps. Sex appeal is great. If you've got it flaunt it. Go on the Jerry Springer show and flash it. I am not saying ugly down sisters, I am saying quit looking like walking porn. Then the gender e-qualification can emerge for the sex that is indeed smarter than its opposite! Sorry, that was so reversed sexist.


ba and the boys said...

im so glad you and i are both smart and HOT! rob and chris are so lucky. they dont even know!

namaste said...

one more HOT and smart girl reporting for duty! woo-hoo! ;)

nothing turned out the way our grassroots predecessors intended it. just as you feel women went in a different direction than the one intended by gloria steinem, is the same frustrated way i feel about the turn black ppl took despite all of martin luther king's efforts and sacrifices. hey, what can you do except teach your kids better.

later gator.


Sandi said...

I have a stepdaughter who started "fixing" herself at the age of 18 with a boob job. That was followed by a nose job, botos, collagen in the lips (ouch!), liposuction on her chin and various other places, hair extensions, and numerous other enhancements. And she was a really pretty girl to begin with! But, sadly, too much is about appearance. Being a size 0.

I have noticed that some tv shoes this year seem to be covering up their female stars a bit more. I mean, in real life how many gorgeous, buxom women with low cut tops really work in police departments?!?!?

Nikki said...

BA...you have to say that I'd have to punch you at this point in my suffering! GIVE ME SOME CARBS OR SOMEONE IS GOING TO LOSE THEIR LIFE...Chris is definately lucky...smart hot and funny he got a goody in you Beth! :)N

Maria, woohoo is right! you are definately a hot and smart and funny chickie! Too bad most not all men only see the shallow end of the women species...hubby did good. great analogy use with race relations, sometimes we just have to correct the errors of americas ways! :)N

Sandi, I feel bad that your stepdaughter feels the need to improve her looks. It sounds like she may have changed her looks all together. I think you are right about TV shows, I have seen some buxom women on TV, like the Medium. Patricia Arquette is valumptuous and beautiful...its a much healthier look for women and oh so empowering! :)N

ba and the boys said...

hey nikki-we are having pasta tonight...wit BREAD! send jake down! then he can brag about it!
ps-sandi, i am so sorry that someone that young and pretty (i wont talk about skinny) feels that insecure. im insecure but i dont have the $ and i cant handle the pain. i hope she finds out that she is beautiful woman before it is too late.

Incognito said...

ha... that pic.. she only wishes!

Southern Sage said...


Now Nikki, I prefer smart, large breasted, long legged size 6 rich women.
did I say smart?
ok whew
yeah smart!

DB said...

Some of the onus is on woman too, though. As long as woman keep buying, and thus supporting, magazines that depict starved models, watching television programs that put negative female stereotypes into the foreground like Sex and the City, and subscribing to all the popular diets, the market will continue to push the paper-thin "ideal" of women. This is a market driven problem more so than a societal problem and the female market is driving this crazy bandwagon more-so than the the males. The males might want a smokin' hot model, but they know they will always go for inner beauty anyways.

I think the modern feminist movement has successfully positioned themselves as equals (or quickly reaching that goal), but now has to concentrate on setting the ideal of women closer to the reality of women. We have started to see this new trend in the last couple years where the term "plus-size models" has taken hold and the market is slowing trying to appeal to the normal women rather than the ditz barbie-dolls.

Karen said...

OMG. Now I have to wash out my eyes to do away with that photo image!

Khaki Elephant said...

And I love what the modern feminist movement has accomplished. First for equality between the genders and second, just in case I get caught in some Titanic style disaster I won't have to feel guilty after shoving Sheila out of the way to grab that last seat on the lifeboat. Ooh, that sounded selfish.

Nikki said...

Incognito...photoshop is amazing! :)N

Sage, why am I not surprised at your humor?! very funny and at least you are honest...I will give you that...:)N

DB, I think most of the problem is on women. Some women get their self-esteem from their looks and how many man gawk at them. I agree with everything you say. Isn't it unfortunate that models who are normal sized are "plus size" why aren't super models skeleton sized? I think you hit the nail on the head. :)N

Karen go to your happy place! maybe some meditating will erase it LOL :)N

Khaki, at least you don't shove a baby out of the way... now that would be so wussy...:)N

Freadom said...

Another great perspective on American politics. I imagine there are other reason's for democrats not voting for Obama than the fact he's a sexist. Great post. Brilliant post.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

I like sexism. of course being young and am reliably informed that I'm semi hot - I like the attention. Now, when I'm elderly with a PHD running a corporation or working in gov I may reacess that view. But right now? I love guys doing everything for 'darling', 'baby doll' and of course the yowza! "Sweetie".

Paul is a Hermit said...

Now, wait a minute. Women don't look at men like that and want a hot guy to run with?

Fake is a big turn off; for instance, Pam Anderson, before whatever was done to her, was pretty. Now, just to me, maybe, she is grotesque. My apologies to any P.A. look-alikes here. Natural trumps fake all the time. It was feminists who took off their bra and burned it, I think it took a different turn than they intended.

Nikki said...

Paul, great point. Not only do I think some women are the same in that area, I also will take it one step further and say that some women are looking for men with money...a superficial state of mind are some women and men. I know it isn't all, but there is definately a lot of shallowness happening by both genders. Feminism has taken on an extreme meaning, where you are either so feministic that you are a man or you are using your sex to further yourself...both suck. And men the poor visual creatures that they are, buy in to women who exert their assets. Pam Anderson does look grotesque. Movie stars need to learn how to age gracefully. Diane Keaton is so gorgeous and
she is just being her age and getting roles, unlike the tweeners in Hollywood who try to mask the aging process. thanks for the comment and an important point that I missed! :)N

Courtney, you go girl...but I suspect with time the attention will get old and you will want a man who sees the brilliant woman with depth. :)N

thanks Freadom.