Sunday, May 4, 2008

The United States of Belly-Achers

I have been thinking a lot about the state of affairs in America. I have decided that a lot of freaking complainers live in this country. Some people make it their life's work to bitch and moan. Sometimes I think our freedom of speech is more of a freedom to complain. I am not saying there aren't legitimate complaints about the struggles we endure, and I am not saying those things don't at times, need governmental intervention. I hope I don't have to repeat myself, I am not saying don't criticize the government. By all means do. Cry and complain about gas prices and what ever else ails you.
Every day I get up, brush my teeth, take a shower, put on some make-up, try to find a comfortable outfit that doesn't make me look fat and think about what I need to do that day. I don't start by saying that "My life sucks and that damn George Bush is to blame". I really think there are people who blame the president for the dog next door pooping on their lawn and cursing his name after they stepped in it. Some people think Republicans sit in their castles and pee on the lives of the poor and middle class. It really is our favorite activity. We count our money all day and laugh at the suffering children who have nothing to eat and scream for them to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. I personally like to kick homeless people and wave dollar bills in their faces mockingly in my spare time.

The Presidents approval rating is at 30% and Congress's is at a whopping 17%. I saw a news headline that stated that Bush is the most unpopular President in modern history. OUCH. With rising gas prices and the mortgage crisis causing an economic scare, his numbers were bad and are now falling even more. Big friggin' deal. What is up with the neener neener neener of the media and stupid left pundits acting like Congress is so loved. You would think the Dem's with all their smokin' hot ideas would be so far ahead of McCain there wouldn't be a contest. But they aren't. Could it be that America sees that the dems are just as incompetent as the village idiot?
I know there are other reasons to hate Bush. Seriously, do not comment on all the other aspects of his Presidential resume, for real, I will have a complete and total melt down on your comment. I am not going to start detailing every aspect of every argument I throw out there. What I am saying is that people who complain about gas prices, food prices and the housing crisis, shut it already. Wrap it all up in an economic gift for the election. The mortgage crisis is not the Presidents fault nor are gas prices. People who base their approval of the President on their own personal situations are doorknobs. You know who you are. You sit and complain about pretty much everything and everyone. You expect too much from your government and you are the ones creating a dependant ridden country. We have politicians giving stump speeches about the number of homeless people they saw under the viaduct riding in their limo, and just by mentioning it, you think they actually give a damn. We have people clinging to the government and THEY are bitter. Bitter that their government isn't taking better care of them. Bitter that the rich are the "haves" and they are the "have nots". Those who cling to their religion or their God are the ones who are content and have hope. Who is it that is feeding not only the racial divide, but the class divide? I will give you a hint...they are jack-ass's.
I am a complainer myself. I complain about democrats, Hillary, Obama, the REV, movie stars and anything that falls out of my complaining fingers. This is how I know we are a nation of whiny belly-achers.
We get to borrow too much money for a house we can't afford, hoping we can afford it in 2 years. Then when we can't, we try to sell the house and cash out the equity thinking we can get an even more expensive house. Then when we can't sell it and we can't pay the payment, we foreclose. The bank in turn doesn't have the funds to loan money and more people can't get loans. Stated income loans were crappy, greedy loans for the borrower and the lender. And boom we have a crisis.
We get to whine about gas being too high and how we need to find different sources of energy and fuel. Fine, technologically figure it out. Its all good. Corn for gas. SURPRISE! We now have a shortage of food! Prices at the grocery store are skyrocketing! NICE. Environmentalist are keeping our forests beautiful by blocking any new drilling in our own country so we can all get raped by foreign oil. Why don't they care about the beauty in the countries we get oil from? Ethnocentric environmentalists, how quaint.
I know where the buck stops. I just refuse to relinquish that much power to one person. Hate the Prez all you want, but not for the stupid messes we created ourselves. We the people in order to form a more perfect union are sometimes wrong. I give an approval rating to my fellow Americans of about 30%. 7 out of 10 Americans whine too much and suck. I disapprove of the job you are doing.


namaste said...

hey nik! happy monday! nice rant. here's my favorite line: "i hope i don't have to repeat myself, i am not saying don't criticize the government."

i guess it's still too early for me to know where i want to jump in here. so i'm going to have to come back. hugs!! ;)


ba and the boys said...

awesome! i ear you all the way in georgia.
i do have to say the last few days we have been here with just family, friends, a little internet, food and a trampoline to keep us entertained and it has been so NICE! we are away from the whining of the media and troubles of the world. my brother and his family live like this and it is nice.
***dont get me wrong, i cant wait to see what i have missed on nbc thursday night (no tv...just dvds and video!) but it is a nice break from the loud belly achers.
ps-happy birthday week!

Nikki said... know sometimes I have to very CLEAR. I just wish everyone could read my mind like you can. It would make blogging so much easier and of course shorter haha! :)N nice to not hear the whiny panic inducing media for a few days!! Can't wait to hear more about the trip. WHO YOU CALLING A TRAMP? Just kidding. :)N

namaste said...

wait!! what's this about a birthday week?! OMG!! i'm sure we've discussed this nik. email me the date pleeeaasse! i'm such a doofus! ugh!

Sandi said...

Even though I disagree with some of your politics, I totally agree about the whining issue. And the people who seem to whine the loudest are usually the ones who don't even vote! There are a lot of things that aren't perfect in this country. But it still beats pretty much anywhere else in the world to live. If people would spend their whining time and energy in positive activites, we'd all benefit! But for some people it's much easier to whine and blame everyone else than grab ahold of their lives.

There - I got through that whole thing without saying anything about Dubya!

namaste said...

ya know, i don't understand why we can just proceed with a coup d'etat of the environmentalist. i mean how many of them would there be versus us and the government? put them in prison camps and drill drill drill! i'm just saying. seriously. doesn't that make sense? or would that start a civil war?

Nikki said...

Sandi, I know the whining has got to stop. You couldn't be more right about everyone pulling their weight. You did so great not ripping on Dubya I appreciate it, I know it is difficult haha :)N

Maria, prison camps I say yes!!! shut up the tree huggers! love it! :)N


It is what it is. Whining and complaing are FREE methods of relieveing stress. Your average working class citizen does not sit around whining and complaining unless someone brings up the issues. Normally, the people who bring up political issues are the ones who enjoy debating, otherwise they'd just keep their piehole shut! Politics and religion are synonomous with whining and complaining. It is what it is....
and on this blog, it IS FUN!

Nikki said...

Patti you are right whining can be fun...sometimes there is too much of a good thing and it is time to get to work...thanks for all the great comments! :)N

Freadom said...

I think what people want is more power to the people and less power to the government. Until one leader can do this, people will continue to complain, regardless of party affiliation.

I actually like to listen to some people complain, especially if it is done in a humorous way, but I've had enough of the Rev. to last me a lifetime.

Mike said...

Wow, only 30% approval? Are you saying that people should whine less, or just do a better job of it?

Nikki said...

Freadom, I agree. A lot less government and a lot more actively involved citizens is what we need. The REV needs to shut it. We already have Jesse and Al Sharpton. :)N

Mike, Maybe less whining or complain about their own damn selves...haha jk. Hey maybe a psycho-therapist for President! oops forgot. Obama is one of those. LOL...:)N