Tuesday, June 10, 2008


According to Rasmussen Reports, 61% of voters say that their perception of the potential first lady is important and could sway their vote. The report says that Laura Bush, the most popular republican in the country at the moment, has a favorable rating of 75% among Americans. Michelle Obama is sporting a 48% favorable rating and Cindy McCain a 49% favorable rating. What is up? Michelle Obama has proven she needs to be put on a leash because the mouth run amok and Cindy McCain is not well known to many.
It looks as though these women have some PR to do. The American public isn't too thrilled with the wives of the Dalai Obama and the Old Man of the Sea. I have to admit I don't care for Michelle Obama. I don't identify with her at all. LMAO! Just kidding. We are both big mouthed opinionated women with chips on our shoulders! Practically twins! I just so happen to be the other side of the aisle and she and I chip away on the opposite ends of politics. I see her as having a life of privilege and I certainly did not. She has no reason to question the ability of women in America to achieve status and equality. She has the audacity of low expectations in Americans and quite frankly so does hubby. Both see a broken America because it has not fully adopted their idyllic philosophy. Is this not a perceived superior ideological view? Change agents? No. Washington agents. Both of them. America is not broken. Politicians are broken. And yep, so are their wives. What needs to change in America is Politicians who act like the end all, save all to Americans. The audacity of self empowerment.
I will miss Laura Bush. I admire her. Talk about a woman standing tall in adversity, now she is what I call a lady.


DB said...

According to Rasmussen Reports, 61% of voters say that their perception of the potential first lady is important and could sway their vote.

According to DB, 61% of people are complete morons. If this was the case I would vote for Obama soley for the fact that his wife isn't a homewrecking slut. ;-)

(Now where is the $10 you promised for me to comment??)

Nikki said...

LMAO...do you take credit cards?

thedailyelephant said...

amen. laura is tight. as far as the other two, yea, i could take or leave either one. don't hear much about Mrs. McCain, so it is hard to identify... and michelle, come on. hey, sidenote - where the H is paul these days?

ba and the boys said...

cant we just vote for laura for president?

Karen said...

Cindy McCain is in a league of her own. She is terrific, she'll be a fine representative of our country. She has devoted her life to service to others, as I have read in more than one article about her lately. I hope she continues to take the opportunity to get her story out. Michelle Obama is not grateful for much of anything, other than her husband's run for President, evidently. Her mouth will continue to get her into trouble.

Americaneocon said...

Laura Bush has been an outstanding first lady. I'll miss them both.

namaste said...

laura laura laura. hmm... what can i say. i'm sure i judged her unkindly for being married to that dweeb. but i never had anything specific to say against her as a first lady. she is classy and she did make him look very good.

cindy, i don't really know.

now michelle, yah. i'm sure by now everyone knows how i feel about her. if obama loses this election, it'll be because of her. btw, nik, you're nothing like her. there's nothing wrong with being outspoken with opinions. you shout humor, she shouts ACRIMONY. and last time i checked, you and yours weren't making a bid for the whitehouse.

when you aspire to lead a nation, you must demonstrate a love and loyalty for that nation. you must demonstrate inclusive understanding of ALL the ppl of that nation. michelle? umm, no, i don't think so.

nice tribute to laura, nik. you humbled me to give her the props she deserves. hehe.



Nikki said...

Hey Brit, I think Laura is a great lady too...she has handled everything with a lot of class. As for Paul, I don't know and his site seems to be down. I tried to open it with my wordpress account and no go...maybe Karen knows. If I find anythink out I will let you know. :)N

BA...evidently there are a lot of people pushing her to run for public office. She has no interest she said...:)N

Karen, I have learned a lot about Cindy McCain from your blog and she sounds great...I think she will be outstanding as well. I do know she hasn't said anything offensive to americans. :)N

Americanneocon, you and me both. The last two George Bush supporters in america...proud as I can be! :)N

Maria, very well said my friend. Michelle needs to put a sock in it and it looks as though some others have admonished the same thing as she has been silenced...though she is a guest host on the view next week...oi. ought to be interesting, and not going to watch. Thanks for the compliment and glad you can see Laura for the great first lady she is...even though she is married to the dweeb. I love that word and had forgotten about it until you said it... it is soooo retro! gonna have to use it! :)N

Sandi said...

Personally, I liked Barbara Bush much more than Laura. But Laura has had a rough time trying to defend Dubya. I hope her life goes a bit more smoothly in 2009.

kevin said...

The First Lady's job is the same as the Veep's in terms of publicity, to slightly augment the Presidency without overriding or detracting from it. So far, Cindy has done that for McCain's candidacy. Michelle, has failed miserably.

But as far as the 61%, it sounds a lot more like the press propping up their own story with polls rather than facts.

In other words, name one Presidential candidate undone by his spouse.

Butta Skotch said...

Listen up and listen good.

Being The first lady is not a job and she has no official role. We don't vote for the wife of the president, we vote for the egomaniac that she married. As a citizen of this country, Michelle Obama has every right to criticize, as you have the right to criticize her. Who cares that she made the best of her opportunities. Is she now suppose to stifle herself because she became successful, while her cousins are not grated those same opportunities. She has never made a discouraging statement against this beautiful country, as The First Lady. If Barack Obama is elected, I guarantee you that she will rise to the occasion .
Great post. You really know how to get it poppin’

Nikki said...

Sandi, I liked Barbara too...she had a great sense of humor. I guess she'd have to with her kids huh? lol :)N

Kevin great point. I think the first ladies are probably the last things on Americans minds, unless they refuse to report their taxes and say some stupid stuff...then we all take notice! :)N

Butta Skotch! Your point is well taken and if its one thing I like its fire and passion no matter what the political allegiance. I like the egomaniac title and I agree with you wholeheartedly! Some pretty big egos thinking they deserve the biggest job in the world! The only thing I would throw in is the pettiness of women, and if there is anyone who knows the pettiness of women...its women. The poll that was done by Rasmussen, reported that most of those with negative ratings were women. Interestingly enough. Women judge women. My point is we judge and we judge harshly. She needs to appeal to a more moderate modern woman. Women are savvy now days and appeal is what her job is. She is failing to appeal to over half the country. She has some work to do. GREAT COMMENT and thanks for stopping by...:)N

ba and the boys said...

i remember that te 1st time mccain ran, that his wife's addiction to rx pain killers came up. it isnt now, and im glad. she went public about it and got herself taken care of. i do think she needs to gain a few lbs...never trust a skinny person...
i wanted to also commnt that abbigale adams also rocked. she had balls.

Khaki Elephant said...

One could argue that Kerry was seriously damaged by the negatives his wife pulled.

As for the Bush family, regardless of how history treats the two Presidents, they have given us first ladies to be proud of.

Johnny Utah said...

i agree laura bush is a woman to be admired and respected. maintaining your poise despite an unprecedented barrage of personal attacks on the sitting US pres is a tall task. she did it with grace and charm.

Debbie said...

I will miss Laura Bush also. Quiet, lady, smart, loves this country and her hubby. In Michelle Obama I see NOTHING that inspires me. In Cindy McCain, well, I don't know much about her. She dresses nice, but strikes me as the typical political wife. I don't really know for sure.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

McQ said...

Watching Michelle Obama makes me cringe. It doubles every time she opens her mouth. I can't wait to listen to her "whitey" rant if it's really out there.