Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here Come the ANTICS

Here they come. Movie stars and their trendy support for the Obamanator. Seriously this is reason #1 why I don't support Obama. Because screwed up Hollywood types do. Nuff said. Nothing like a nice big "Barack" on your boobs. They are and he is fake. Obama and the boobs. And both boobs, Obama and the fakes. Its just so easy to mock. There's just something in most peep's DNA that says a name with the word "rack" in it shouldn't be placed on a shirt right on your rack. I'm just sayin'.


ba and the boys said...

with the rock star the barack is, we are lucky she has her shirt on!

namaste said...

umm... which movie star might she be? never seen the young lady before. she ruined a perfectly good blouse. i like the purple.



Sandi said...

I also have no clue who this is! Wish I had her "rack" though - without the campaign slogan, of course.

Johnny Utah said...

i thought she was on sister sister, actress name Jackée Harry. but when i googled her, prob not.

i agree on all criticisms of the shirt, tacky.

the boobs? not sure about them being fake. she looks like a busty girl, her arms look proportional to her boobs in size. i call reach.

Nikki said...

BA, hilarious! :)N

Maria, I have no idea who she is I guess I should have said celebrity. oh well she is an unknown bummer for her...hehe :)N

Sandi, her rack is actually for sale on ebay...jk. Ed loves you just the way you are! :)N

Johnny you are the boob expert and I think you may be right, they could be real...I stand corrected but the post is much funnier with the fake stuff in :)N

Johnny Utah said...

true dat sista

I bet slang that drives you nuts