Friday, June 6, 2008


Its only fair. Why can one candidate "distance" himself from a crazy freak of a pastor(not to mention other criminally racist and deranged people)and the other one can't distance himself from a crazy freak of a President(not my opinion, but the rest of the planets). Obama has divorced just about everyone that makes him look like fly paper for the freak club. Not to mention leaving his Church for political reasons. puss. Hey who said that? He has "associated" then "disassociated" himself with every village idiot in the union and yet McCain and Bush are married and making babies according to Obama and most democrats. This is the angle dems are running with. If Bush and McCain are a couple in love then so be it. Let's re-marry Trinity Christian, Rezko who was found guilty, Farrakhan, Pflegler, Hamas, Wright and Obama. Oh, and good golly Oprah whose numbers are in the toilet. Yep, 55% postive rating for the giver of the big gifts and supplier of all information to the peasants. Let's get real about who IS and IS NOT guilty by association. Can't wait to see who else Obama hangs out with, typical, bitter liberals are my guess.


namaste said...

i love that pic of jw. it's perfect! it suits him. yeah, i read that rezko was found guilty. i'd say the real village idiot is obama for his choices.



Paul is a Hermit said...

It drives me to distraction to hear the liberals favorite line:
"Oh, that's old news."

As if talking about it for a day or two cleansed the man; changed one tiny bit of truth, made it go away.

It's like Wright is baptizing him every week, cleansing him of his past. Well, maybe not Wright, poor choice.

Sandi said...

Okay, that photo looks like something out of the old Twin Peaks tv show! Very disturbing.

Personally, I wish the candidates would just start talking about issues that actually impact my life and less about who is on their bff lists.

Nikki said...

Maria, well said. Obama is the village idiot LOL...The pic should be him!! :)N

Paul, I agree. It will be touted as a "personal" attack and yep it is. They will have plenty of personal shots for McCain I am sure. Our nerves are going to be pounced upon plenty in this election. :)N

Sandi, excellent point. And for me saying what you believe and sticking to it would be nice. Obama changes with every audience. Pandering politicians, strange concept. LOL :)N

Karen said...

But, but, but, Wright's not the man Obama thought he was... Like Rezko now and the rest that will emerge.


It's lonely at the top, huh??

Nikki said...

Karen, I agree. Wright even said that the only reason Obama was doing the denounce dance was because he was running for Prez. to me that says that birds of a feather really do flock together...:)N

Hey Patti, at least until you've been elected, keep the idiots at a distance...yep lonely. :)N

Thinking Sage said...

amen sista.
its gonna be a tough sale though with all the media blasting it to the simpletons.

Johnny Utah said...

simmer down. no one cares about McCain's zealots, euro-centric views don't turn too many off in the WASP nation.

You can have your cake and eat it too. The Obama skeletons are going to keep coming. The RNC is going to be able to paint his community organizer days with McCarthy red.

A Rezko is nothing. Don't make me start typing in caps lock, CHARLES KEATING.

seriously though, associations are an a tenuous look at a candidate. it's the big picture we are voting for, everything else just happens.

Nikki said...

Hey Johnny, but when our associates are the church of the whitey haters it is probably a good idea to find out if the historical President feels the same as his main God man....just sayin'. You are definately right about McCain. No one cares...that I will stipulate! thanks for the comment :)N