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So, here we are. The general election. While Nikki has pointed out that she will continue the current course and tear into Obama at every given opportunity, I must say it would be harder for me to do so with McCain. I am, quite honestly, thankful for McCain. Fred Thompson could have actually tried to run and he could be the nominee. Had not Romney and Huck split the vote, McCain wouldn't even be in the picture. Those two simple concepts have delivered a very moderate "conservative" to the doorsteps of the Presidency pushing the nation's zeitgeist further left giving us Obama. Obama takes the envelope of the left into the position of socialism, much to the fear of conservatives. Is this Obama's fault? Is the nation really going that far left? Who really is to blame?

Take your fingers and point at those "true conservatives". Like Rush Limbaugh said on the radio Tuesday, "you can call it Republican but that doesn't make it Conservative." Many of you think McCain is great and still call yourselves Conservatives. Had the "Conservative" candidate pulled his head out sooner and ran a real campaign rather than expecting the votes (Thompson), this race would be much different and the zeitgeist closer to the middle. Had the "true conservatives" got over their historical ignorance and ignored the fact that Romney is not a "true Christian" like they want rather than splitting the vote with the super-Christian/less conservative alternative, this race would be a lot different right now. It is going to take a lot more than being anti-abortion, anti-gay, and pro-war to stop the socialism-leaning freight train called Obama. These blunders have been the sole reason that are two candidates are further left on both sides than ever before. While you all may hate how far left Obama is, you put him there by not fighting for the zeitgeist and putting forth a moderate, whether you admit it or not. The only people in McCain's camp before he was nominated were the moderates and not a single true conservative like those who support him today because they have no choice.

Many of you will passionately disagree and say McCain is "sufficiently socially conservative" to be the nominee. That is fine with me. Again, I don't dislike McCain because you could have given us worse. You have given us a candidate who called your Christian leaders "agents of intolerance." He was against your amendment banning gay-marriage. He even was against the overturning of the ultimate litmus test, Roe V. Wade. Of course, to pander to your constituency and indeed sell himself as the conservative you guys will force him to play, he back-stepped on these ideas, much to my dismay. While I can see him making promises to get into office now, I know his deep rooted views will come out when it is time to play the maverick role once again. Oh, ya, you guys forgot about that. I didn't even mention how he sold your party out on immigration and campaign finance reform! What happens when he does it when it really matter? Like a Supreme Court nominee? But he is sufficient to say the least.

I will not appeal to conservatives to vote for Obama because I would have never voted for Thompson, had he been nominated. I can understand the fundamental differences you have with Obama and this is why it has become okay to settle on McCain. You have decided to settle on the lesser of the two evils and this is understandable. It is how I felt in 2004. Disagree, but see through your denial. McCain might be your candidate, but he is definitely not who you wanted. Unless you are indeed a moderate, then McCain actually makes sense. But call it as it is.

Identifying myself as moderate and worried more about the far right than the far left, I am easily able to accept McCain and Obama. Perhaps McCain's VP decision will put me firmly in the "against" category, but until then McCain is a sufficient loss.

So, here we are again. The general election. We will get to see news clips of your candidate again. I have almost forgot what the ol' man looks like. How exciting! While I cannot say I care too much, I will say this: good luck. We know elections are less about the people and more about the money being raised and spent. Not much of a good commentary on our Democracy, but at least we are able to put on a good show. Obama will continue to show us how well he can convince people to give him money and for a couple days every month until November we will hear about how much more Obama raised than McCain. We will continue to see televangelist sized crowds and teenage girls passing out from the excitement of seeing his holiness Obama contrasted with a "close get-together" from the McCain side. Doesn't really sound fair, but it is politics. Oh, and also at fault is the "liberal" media, as the "not-fair" card will most undoubtedly be played.

Many of you say that the Democrats are out of touch with the people in the United States. Perhaps. But the economy has had better days, as have the oil prices. Too many morons were allowed to purchase houses they couldn't afford from the morons running the banks that wanted more money so now we all get the privilege to bail them all out. We are also in a very poorly led war, which I can easily admit even though I support the war. Not to mention the planet is somehow going to vaporize or whatever Al Gore says is going to happen if a Republican is elected. I don't think constitutional amendments banning gay marriage will suffice when it comes to our economy, but I guess it will make you all feel better. Security is the strongest, if not the only argument you guys have going in November, and even that is not the popular opinion of the people.

So, pull out your "unfair liberal media" cards and get ready to have the terror threat level raised every time the wind blows. Perhaps we will hear of a successful terror plot thwarted, yet unable to know the details. I expect these to happen late October as fear sells. I suppose the right has a chance to win if they make this election a referendum on gays and abortion like always rather than the ongoing war and failing know, things that actually affect people. But either way, we all know that Republicans, Conservatives, and McCain are going to need their entire bag of tricks to win this November.
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Nikki said...

Let me be the first to say thank you to DB for the well written memo to us republican peeps...I do think it is going to be a tough campaign for the 'ol man. However I suspect the scandals are going to be coming out and McCain and his scandals have cob webs...we shall sit back and watch no doubt. I think America will in the end be more comfortable with JM than BO, but the kiddies may actually show up this go around. Great job! :)N

Ted said...

After watching both McCain’s and Obama’s speeches on TV Tuesday night, McCain no less than NEEDS to run Alaska Gov Sarah Palin as his VP mate.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Rather have W's 3rd than Carter's 2nd. Conservativism/liberalism aside.

Karen said...

As a moderate myself, I am far more concerned about the far left than the far right. The far right now has a diminished voice in national politics - due to Republican control that turned into them enjoying power more than the agenda. The far left, led by Obama, mimics Marxist thoughts and policy. Controlling private industry profits; controlling the personal habits of citizens - transportation, food, temps in homes; 'remaking' America, not reforming America. Not to forget the laziness of many Americans to flesh out issues and be swept away by a finely written speech. And the young adults wearing the Che chic apparel with Obama's face replacing Che's. So sad.

Craig said...

I am not thrilled about McCain, but I can't stand Obama. I blame Jack Ryan for this whole mess.

thedailyelephant said...

ok, i don't know if any of you have ever lived in a socialist environment, with universal health care and all that good stuff. but i have. and i fear that people are blindly wandering towards the "change" sign, without fully understanding what is meant by it. american's are used to alot of comforts and privileges in life. they wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they were told they had to get on a six month waiting list to see a doctor about what might possibly be cancer. so many of these people who think this is a great idea have no freakin clue what universal health care means for everyone. the government taking more and more of your freedoms to the point where you barely have any say whatsoever. i tell you, its a scary thing. but there is no time to get on that rabbit trail.

ba and the boys said...

i will admit that obamas first cries of 'change' made me think about voting (gasp) democratic. i also knew at that time that this guy was going to ruin hillarys day.
but change for the sake of change isn't always the best thing (think of the hair cut you got after a really bad breakup with a boyfriend). i'm not saying that mccain is my dream canidate, but i don't think that he will just blindly go into the oval office and go crazy with some left winged ideas.
and yes, i can say left wingers are crazy...the 2 that are in my family (my mom and my nrother in law) are both crazy and out there. i will group you all together. how do you like that?!
i do look forward to the general election mess coming...that is real reality tv!

Coby said...

Ok I am going to try this one more time. Before I do I would like to appologize up front if I make a grammatical error or two. I will try to keep it simple. Hi Nikki! Thank you for providing this post. I was very intrigued reading it and the comments that followed. There is a well known, and well documented fact that has been ignored here. George W. Bush was a Moderate Republican when He ran for his first term. His entire montra was that he was able to bring both sides of the Texas house together through compromise politics. He touted his unique abillity to cross both sides of the isle. Not only did he say this he promised it. Now either he was lieing or he became a doormat for the Cheneys' and Roves' of the world. I think the latter is what ended up happening.

With that said. I have seen McCains'plan before. I do think you are 100% correct Nikki. I think the youth will make a huge difference in November. I am not exactly an "Old Fart", but I am no spring chicken either. I am voting my conscience. I am voting for a change. I do think that the term "marxist" is complete rhetoric. Show me one true "Marxist" ideal that Obama stands behind. Just one. Wow! I actually got through this comment without getting mad. I might be getting used to this "aquired taste" after all! Thanks all and looking forward to some great posts in the future! Keep up the great writing Nikki.

McQ said...

Obama as president is the scariest thing I can think of since the movie "Jaws".

There are good reasons to vote for Obama, IF you want:

-The government involved in every aspect of your life. This is good for you liberals who love to shun personal responsibility. You won't have to anymore, you'll have big brother taking on everything we used to do for ourselves.

-To sit down with leaders of countries who vow to destroy our allies, pacifying them with false talks of peace.

-You hate Jews (see previous bullet point)

-Whether or not you agree with the reason we went to Iraq, you want to throw up a white flag....hey, it's the popular thing to do nowadays, quit when things are difficult. Let's all learn French while we're at it. And while we're trying to appease Iran, they will see our withdrawal as a sign of strength, and we will gain their respect just like we want.

-You want to live in Sweden.

-People want your income to be redistributed to people who didn't work for it.

-You don't think we pay enough in taxes yet.

-I'll finish the list on my own blog, maybe. Obama = Scary is what I'm trying to say.

Paul is a Hermit said...

The Republicans leave me be far more than Obama and the Democratic leadership. They mean to enslave me. Whether it be through law or outright trying to smother me with their wisdom.
I want freedom, not an elite group taking it in exchange for supposed parity, taking care of me

Obama's walk on stage, clapping his hands, reminds me of past communist leaders clapping when their name is called. It's sickening.


So, pull out your "unfair liberal media" cards and get ready to have the terror threat level raised every time the wind blows.

I remember when Russia was a huge threat to us. Grew up being afraid they would nuke us. Bush established awesome homeland security and hopefully it will be continued and carried out, whether it be with McCain or Obama.

DB said...

Don't get me wrong, this post was not an appeal for Obama, rather an observation of how we got to where we are today because of the mishandling of the primaries by conservative voters. In a quick recap:

-Everyone bashed Clinton neglecting Obama allowing him to build speed.

-The conservatives couldn't decide if they could trust a Mormon who was more closely aligned with them over the Christian who was not, thus having them split the vote giving us the number 3 moderate choice, supported by the few moderates who voted in the primary for a republican candidate.

-Then the right refused to rally around their boy as Obama built up speed and was able to weather normal campaign ending flaws like his church and other gaffes.

-Now we have a leftist Obama (barely, and due to him not being properly vetted by Clinton and the right), and we have the moderate McCain who is being rejected by the party that put him in power.

Here we are today entering the general election and we have messed it up already. Sure, this could sound like an appeal for conservatives to pull their heads out and support McCain, but think of it as more of a wake-up call to the next 8 years of your lives. Sure, McCain isn't who you wanted, but he is who you have. You can either support him or let Obama win.

I agree with Coby how McCain can play the moderate card but will do as Bush did and push right, especially in the next couple years to get re-elected. His VP choice will tell me if he is serious about being moderate and speaking out for people like me, or if he is serious about appeasing the far-right.

I agree with McQ as well. Anyone who reads our blog knows I hate the government taking my money and giving it away and exactly what you fear in Obama is what I fear in him as well, except for point three, I am not so sure anyone hates the jews rather maybe thinks that they should be able pee on their own and not need our helping hand. Now that the general election has started, we will begin to hear the real arguments on why we should vote for either of these clowns.

--Side note-whoever promises with their lives to get rid of capital gains taxes (for the middle class at least) wins my vote ;-) Seriously though, I actually think getting rid of this tax will allow smart people to start investing in the housing market again instead of allowing the morons to mess it up. I may be wrong though.

Thanks for the comments everyone, and those of you who migrated from my blog!

Khaki Elephant said...

Coby is right on about Bush's inititial run as a moderate. In fact, I would argue that, in many ways, McCain is more conservative than Bush. Just look at the way W expanded the cost and federal role in national education.

And while many conservatives continue to attack McCain I keep looking at the fact that he is conservative on virtually every "critical" conservative issue. He has a record of fiscal conservatism, he was for the surge in Iraq before Bush was, he is pro-life, he is against gay marriage, he supports the 2nd ammendment, he supports the death penalty, he only votes against tax cuts when they are coupled with increased spending, he supported Clinton's impeachment while then Gov. Bush refused to take a stance . . . I mean, how is this guy such a liberal?? Because he is an Arizona senator who took a weak stance on immigration? Is that so shocking? Bush was weak on the same subject as a Gov in Texas? Because he wanted to reduce the influence of the rich in elections? It may have been misguided, but that's not ideologically liberal.

So McCain is one of those rare poloticians that has actually had success reaching across the aisle. Is that so bad?

Nikki said...

I have to say I agree with Khaki. I don't see how Bush is a stringent conservative and didn't reach across the aisle. He did and it was for not because most dems HATE the man. He has only recently vetoed anything. Republicans hate him for his stand on immigration and mishandling the war and dems hate him for pretty much everything that is shitty in their lives and oh yea and for stealing the election. Contrary to popular belief it was Tom Dascle who blocked ever drilling for our own oil from the get go, blame him for high gas prices. Thank John Edwards for the high cost of health care. Sue happy lawyers are the reason for the inflated cost to doctors and patience. The economy is on an up swing and could have gotten much worse after 9/11 and Bush has kept us all safe for 7 years, let's not forget that.
DB you are right on with your assesments of both candidates...its what we got so let's work with it. :)N

Freadom said...

Actually, McCain seems to have more support from republicans as compared to Obama, where 20-30% of Hillary supporters say they will not vote for Obama, and 10% republicans that happen to be hard core conservative don't like McCain. Still, Bush 41, Clinton & Bush 43 were all close to the middle and all were willing to endorse ideas of the other side. Obama will not do that. He is WAAAAAYYYYYYY to the left. I think when it's all said and done, McCain will be far more appealing to the people than Obama. But we'll just have to wait and see, because Obama is a pretty good speaker if nothing else. And while many people seem to heed his WORDS, they seem to be blind to the true Obama. IMO Great post however, and great discussion.