Thursday, June 19, 2008

Obama: Win At Any Cost

Ambition over integrity. Typical politician. Obama is no different. Read this: Analysis: Obama chose winning over his word By LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writer. It appears that Barack is in bed with and his favorite number is 527.


Marbles said...

Well, he's true to his word. He promised change, and in over 30 years no candidate has opted out of the public campaign finance system. He's changed that.

namaste said...

hey nik, i actually have to give barack credit for acting like a politician here. hey he's trying to win an election. honesty and integrity are for the ordinary joe. he's not gonna get votes for that. he's got to come out scrapping. john's a demonstrated scrapper. though i still think barack's arrogant and inexperienced, i give him a brownie point for passing on this money in lieu of funds that give him wiggle room to win his campaign.



Nikki said...

Marbles, thanks for your well stated comment and for stopping by! :)N

Maria, I see your point and I think it is a valid one. What scares me about Obama is that because his policy is in line with the liberal media he can be as untruthful as he wants and will come out smelling like a a candidate and as a President. Its a dog eat dog race and he is eating some dog!! great comment...:)N

RealityCheck said...

As you politically savvy cons must know, 527's are independant of the candidate by law but can do the dirty work of the candidate ala the Swift Boat group of 2004.

Obama has condemned such groups and now has decided to stop and they will.


MoveOn, the advocacy group supporting Barack Obama, has decided to permanently shutter its 527 operation, partly in response to the Illinois Senator's insistence that such groups should not spend on his behalf during the general election, I've learned from the group's spokesperson.

end of snip>

Won't have that dog to kick around anymore will ya this election cycle?

You defenders of "w" and yes you are if you voted for him, now can't stand the fact that the last 8 years have ruined the GOP, not to mention the reputation and treasury of the US and all but guarunteed the election of Obama.

Thanks, we appreciate it. As bad as you think he may be, it certainly won't/can't be worse than your dear GWB.

Prattle on Cons...

Nikki said...

Thats really great reality check...I think you may need a reality check if you think Obama and aren't in bed. I am sure George and the boys will stop...I thought they weren't controlled by Obama, why should they stop just because he told them to? I think americans understand the "I am Barack Obama and I approve this message" commercials compared to the moveon ads. But thanks for clarifying the "smear" have fun!

RealityCheck said...

Please provide proof of your assertions that Obama and moveon are "in bed with each other" and no, I don't mean literally and that Obama asked them to stop.

If you really want to get into a coversation about flip-flopping of the candidates you should read your own original link on this topic.

Of course, the article doesn't include the fact McCain likely also would have opted out of public financing if he hadn't taken a loan for his campaign using the public financing as collateral and pledged to do so to avoid potential bank fraud charges. He promised to stay in the race long enough to qualify for the funds even he had lost long ago.

This is just another weak attempt by the cons to try and smear Obama. Can you honestly say if the shoe were on the other foot you would call out McBush for doing what Barack is doing? I think you would cheer him on for being smart.

It must suck to have your opponent raising tens of millions of dollars $100 bucks at a time from average Americans while you have to have fundraisers with the current pResident behind closed doors so as not to be seen with him.

Reality indeed.

Karen said...

Yeah, San Francisco was public with the billionares, right? Not to mention the ones he just had here in my city two weeks ago - a double play at two private homes with the big money folks. Yeah. I tend to discount opinions when people calling for honest debates use derrogatory terms - like McBush and that sort of thing.

I was surprised it was an AP article in the first place, though, Nikki. It's interesting some in the media are starting to turn on him a bit.

Nikki said...

reality's a reality check for you. Let's say Obama is not in bed with moveon...I don't give a damn. I don't care for his policies. The point is that he is a typical politician. I don't bash on McCain because I am voting for him and this is my blog. The same reason you don't bash on Obama. I admit to being biased, can you? Please feel free to bash on McCain on your blog. I am sure you never "smear" the current President or McCain...hypocritical assertions are just as bad as untrue "smears". I am smearing...its an election and I don't want Obama to win...why don't you be as honest and call your truthisms against McCain the same...if you don't like my smearing then don't read. :)N

Nikki said...

Karen, great point about the AP even going there. thanks for having my back...and I like the term McBush its a positive for me!! :)N

DB said...

Yeah, this is a non-issue. It is brilliant on Obama's part and McCain would have too given the chance. Obama and are on the same side, so it makes sense one can claim they are in bed. The same can be said of the 527's on the right that McCain is "in bed" with. I realize you don't want to bash McCain which makes sense and is honorable, but bashing Obama for something McCain does or would do also doesn't make sense.

Nikki said...

Hey DB, trust me I am not NOT bashing on McCain to be honorable, I am not doing it because I want him to win. I am not one of those fair and balanced people in case you haven't noticed...especially in an election year, you let some things just slide for the guy on your side. I admit to bashing Obama and forgiving McCain for like behavior...I just expect the same from Obama supporters. I am NOT gonna get any such honesty because they don't see any wrong doing when it comes to Obama. I don't think bashing on your own candidate gives you moral authority or more credibility. I don't have time to worry about all the needling of McCain. Let the Ann Coulters of the world bitch about it. I can only give so much time to bashing and Obama is my man in the bash world. thanks for calling me out... :)N

RealityCheck said...


Of course I admit to being biased for Obama. I thought it was clear from my posts and yes, I do bash McSame and the current pResident on my blog. I guess I really don't understand your statement:

"I admit to bashing Obama and forgiving McCain for like behavior...I just expect the same from Obama supporters. I am NOT gonna get any such honesty because they don't see any wrong doing when it comes to Obama."

So you are asking me to admit to forgiving Obama and bashing McCain for hypocrisy? Let's count up the flip flops and start there. And then you say something about honesty? WTF?

McSame will be thrilled with all the 527 groups he can get, likely while denouncing their ads at the same time. His now limited campaign funds aren't going to go very far when he's defending formally hard core red states.

Check out some of the electoral college projection sites like who also has several other projection sites on the right side of his page. He is a proud republican but is honest about the current trend.

It appears you don't want discussion on your posts or pointed questions that you have to answer or follow up on but would rather have dittos and mega-dittos from your devoted followers and fellow 29% approval rating folks. Or maybe you just don't give a damn...

Nikki said...

Reality check...I don't care about what McCain's 527's are saying...I like his policies better than Obama's so he gets a pass...get it? I don't like Obama's stand on Iraq, foreign policy, health care, taxes, abortion, gay-marriage, etc etc etc. Let's not split hairs into who is and is not more credible. You rip on McCain cuz you are voting for Obama. I rip on Obama cuz I am voting for McCain. It isn't rocket science. I don't troll other blogs to insult liberals. I am not trying to convince you or anyone to vote for McCain, it will never happen and you will never convince me to vote for Obama. I like dialog but if I read your first comment it was derogatory towards cons. Explain to me why I should engage with you? Candidates are fair game rip all you want. But when you start the personal insults then my manners leave. Where is your "pointed" question? And don't act like you came here to "discuss" politics. I have plenty of liberals who read my blog regularly and we have a dialog and I treat them fairly and they treat me fairly. But it seems as though you think that this is a haven for "savvy cons" to gather so you can throw your isn't. If you want a discussion then perhaps you should work on your approach. I don't see anywhere in your comments that you are offering another point of view without being insulting. I post links to other blogs with opposing views regularly I would be happy to link don't come in here with your assumptive attitude thinking that this is a blog of a bunch of "29% rating folks" and think you are being a nice guy and we all suck...besides last I checked congress is sporting a mere 13% and is Obama part of our do nothing congress? he sure is, as far as I can see he is a do nothing senator. Like I said let's be honest. Don't get all sanctimonious like you are a fair minded middle of the road supporter. I much prefer the type that speaks the truth about what they think. You hate my opinion I hate yours. its never gonna be any different. So vote for Obama and don't get all butt hurt because we cons throw around "smears", you all are doing the same thing. You just think your insults are true and ours are false. Live in that dream world reality. I prefer not to. McCain isn't prefect but he is a hell of a lot closer to my main concerns about this country than he gets my vote and a pass on the smears. :)N

RealityCheck said...

Your assertion/accusation from the original post on this thread:

"It appears that Barack is in bed with and his favorite number is 527".

I provided proof that this claim is not true. You ignored such proof and said it didn't matter blah blah blah I like my guy blah.

I asked:"Please provide proof of your assertions that Obama and moveon are "in bed with each other" and no, I don't mean literally and that Obama asked them to stop".

You again stated blah blah blah I like my guy blah blah I don't have to answer becuase it doesn't matter. That was a pointed question and you failed to answer it.

This is your forum and that is great but don't ignore the issues, assume to know my intentions, be self rightous about truth and then lecture me on why I am here and commenting.

Sad really, you appeared more intelligent and interesting than that but all you want really want to do is be a cheerleader for McCain and spew generic talking points I guess.

I will no longer post in your comments, it's no fun debating someone whose feelings get hurt and tries to project that onto others.

Good luck, you have a nice looking blog. Can't wait to see it after the election.

Ciao RC

Nikki said...

Reality Check, I don't have any proof that Obama is in bed with moveon other than he wouldn't denounce them when they took out an ad demonizing general Petraeus. He was a no show on a vote in the Senate to denounce the ad...speaks pretty loud. Call it a hunch. Don't act like many of your opinions aren't based on hunches and conclusions drawn. Its too bad you don't see the flow of how it works here. Plus I don't know you. You can act that way when I have a repore, but not out of the gate. I have liberal readers that call me out regularly but I know them and we have an understanding. Feel free to come back and debate issues...and call McCain all sorts of nice names, I will be doing the same to Obama. I will link you to my blogroll and even headline one of your articles if you ask me to...I am not afraid of your opinion I just don't know you and you don't know me and assumptions get way to heated...I will check out your blog and would be happy to add you to my I already have. :)N