Saturday, June 14, 2008

OOPS...Somebody stepped away from the teleprompter again...

Obama at a fundraiser in Philadelphia says "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun," He was referring to the GOP. Please read the following with a really whining high pitched valley girl voice: Oh my GOSH! I am going to start crying. How rude. To act like you even own a gun and support the 2nd amendment. AS IF. I think this is smear politics. I think it pushes gang activity. I think Obama should "denounce" this murderous talk. Oh yea it was him that said it and not John McCain. I hear the sounds of the media packing up and leaving this story in the wind. Excuse me I am going to my happy place. The Smear: Republicans knife people to death. The Truth: Republicans shoot people to death not democrats. Let me refer you to the "fight the smear" website once again that hugs all of us and promises to be a beacon of love and change and to NOT practice smear politics. Picture birds singing and the sun shining and flower petals lining the sidewalks of America, if you will. OUCH...I feel a knife in my back. Cough cough cough liar cough cough hypocrite.


Sandi said...

Have we ever had a presidential campaign that wasn't based more on smear than issues? I can't remember any in my lifetime. And that, my dear, is quite a lot!! It would be a nice change, though.

namaste said...

nik, i visited the site. i actually think that obama was right to counter the smears with this site. it makes sense. as for mrs. o being accused of saying "whitey." i don't think that's a stretch at all.

"if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun."

he really said this? amazing. come OOOOONNN november! let's get this spectacle over with.

btw, i LOVE the mr. smith pic! LOL! genius, girlie. you are pure genius! :D


ba and the boys said...

i love election eyars. and people who dont just dont know what they are missing.
ps-will smith is hotter. (and from philadelphia)

Coby said...

Hey Nik. Being a professional movie quoter I can assure you that I heard this comment. It was in jest and it was taken directly from the movie "Casino" It's part of a narrative by Robert Deniro in reference to Joe Pesci's character Nicky Santoro. Most men out there will relate as we tend to use these quirps from movies like "go to the matresses". the whole quote goes like this "If they bring a knife to the fight,Nicky brought a gun," and if you bring a gun you better use it cuz nicky will keep comming back until he kills ya. Just wanted to clarify a rather common quote and its usage by Mr. Obama. I thought it was pretty clever.

Nikki said... are so right, and I prefer it that way. I plan on showing no love to the dems...haha :)N is going to be a long fought election especially with us republican types hopping all over the smallest of gaffes...hyper active politicos! :)N

BA...Will Smith is hotter and I would vote for him...oops no I wouldn't he is voting for the Obamanator! :)N

Coby...your point is well taken. I can see where perhaps the context was misrepresented...however we must hop on this! Especially when I have had a cool pic of him holding a gun. It was just too perfect! :)N

Coby said...

This is probably true as the pic was pretty cool I admit! lol U made me smile the Ms. Nik! Happy Fathers Day All!!!!