Sunday, June 15, 2008

The real answer to the world once again respecting America...ELECT MORE CONSERVATIVES WORLDWIDE! What the French...Toast!?


namaste said...

nope, we need balance. what would you blog about if there were conservatives in all the high positions? hehe.



Nikki said...

VERY good point Maria! it would be boring if everyone agreed. I suppose the rest of the world becoming conservative now that we may elect a liberal President may be poetic justice...haha :)N


who's the idiot on the left side of the picture? hee hee

Karen said...

That is irony, isn't it? The Europeans, for whom liberal America holds in the highest esteem - they're so sophisticated- are going back to electing moderate to conservative leaders now that socialism has utterly failed. Yeah. Who didn't see that coming?

DB said...

He is "conservative" by French standards...not ours. And he was a way better choice than Royale. Short of calling himself a conservative, why do you like him? He is against the Iraq War, is pro-choice, is a huge advocate of global warming, and wants stricter standards of gun-control. Perhaps I should start calling myself conservative you will like me more too ;-)! If anything, I would say the world is electing more "moderate" leaders that are more in line with the majority fo the populations.

Nikki said...

DB, Like I have always said it doesn't have to be perfect, baby steps are fine. He is friendlier to US foriegn policy than the previous Saddam LOVER and opposes gay marriage and is tough on crime. Most libs hate him. its enough. I don't need a fully cowboy'd up conservative to get giddy about some french love. Little glimpses here and there keep the home fires happy! and hopefully some american celebrities messing their pants in the south of france! It's all good. :)N

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Nikki Sazkozy is actually VERY hot for Great Satan. French press calls him 'the American' or the 'neocon'.

He's also started a robust military rebuilding programme and has commited troops to Persian Gulf and built a Navy base there.

He startedd his military Defense meeetings

"... with the assumption that the US is not involved, either as a problem or as a solution.

Imagine, there is no US. Are the European nations threatened by radical Islamism or not?

Imagine there is no US, does the European Union depend on oil and gas imports from the Greater Middle East?

Imagine there is no US, is the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the Khomeinist regime in Tehran good or bad for France and the European Union?

Imagine there is no US, isn't Europe safer if Afghanistan and Iraq are transformed into friendly democracies rather than a safe haven for terrorists?

France responds to its friends. This is a sign to all that France is
participating in the stability of this region of the world."


Plus his speech at Congress last year will tear you up. It was so cool.

And some backing stuff here

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

sorry! The speech at congress is here!

Nikki said...

Thanks Lucifers woman...great info! So take that DB...jk. :)N