Sunday, July 6, 2008


Whether you are a proponent or an opponent, abortion has changed in the 21st century. Late term abortions are increasingly becoming a huge problem as the fetus's are born alive. This post is NOT to argue for or against abortion, but to debate the increasing problem of abortion survival and the ethics surrounding the live fetus or baby.
The Induced Birth Infant Liability Act was offered by the Illinois State Legislature in 2002. It protected the live fetus and required medical treatment, the same as if it were a pre-mature birth or an intended pregnancy. The same bill was brought to the U.S. Senate and not one Senator voted against it on either side of the aisle. When the bill was previously offered in Illinois, Barack Obama voted against it. Obama voted to deny medical treatment to babies after an unexpected survival of a legal abortion attempt. The abortion went bad, or good, and the NOT dead fetus should be left to die? I don't get it. Peter Kirsanow of American Thinker puts it this way, "Admittedly, I'm a bit of a curmudgeon. It's difficult for me to like someone who's eager to extend a panoply of constitutional rights to terrorists but who refuses to provide the most fundamental rights to a living, breathing infant." I have to say I agree with Kirsanow. Even the most stringent of pro-choice Senators voted yes to this Act. Is this far enough left for America? Is the "change" we are offered really what America wants? The change we want is for politicians to stop being politicians and get something done. But little do Americans know what they are getting. A pretty speech giver and a whole lotta liberalism. I think that is a very bad thing. But then again I am a religious right-winged nut job that gives a damn. Sue me. America is heading in the wrong direction and that direction is Barack Obama. He may be nice enough, intelligent enough, black enough, charismatic enough, able to leap large words in a single bound, but he is an empty suit with nothing to offer America. And that's the way I see it. Go ahead get cheeky. Obama supporters unite and defend your man. He voted to let abortion survivors die...that is what was intended in the first place, right? Pregnancy is after all a punishment. Obama the civil rights advocate for whom? Grown-ups only. Such "nuance" and "hope". What am I hoping for again? A BIG FAT UPSET in November.


DB said...

Short of this being a non-issue for me, I will say my take is that late-term and partial birth abortions are absolutely ridiculous. To me, there is no reason to take a birth into the third term and have an abortion, short of saving the mothers life. Rape and incest victims should have made those decision long ago.

Second term are border line to me and I would be willing to find banning second term as the happy medium if I were to budge on pro-choice issues in exchange for never having to hear a far-right person bring the issue up again. I think most liberals would be able to meet at this point, but the right will never compromise on this issue. It somehow defines them.

Though I do love hearing 'state-rights' right wingers talk about Constitutional Amendments in such an ironic fashion. Good thing I don't vote for someone based on their stance on abortion. (Is this enough of a liberal response for you? I could just say 'send 'em all to Heaven and start a blog riot!) ;-)

Nikki said...

DB, In America abortion is legal...when and where do you want the compromise to begin? The compromise you are referring to is moot because anyone can get a legal abortion. You and pro-choicers have already won. The constitutionality has already been argued. There has been a right-winger in the WH for 8 years, who has been denied a legal abortion under this Presidency? I agree voting strictly on this issue is ridiculous, but both sides do it. And I think you are the only lib willing to compromise...I also think you could get more liberal, and I would love to see a blog riot! :)N

namaste said...

oooo a blog riot...wouldn't that be fun! yeah, what db said. third term abortion? that makes absolutely no sense to me. even 2nd term is suspect, no matter the circumstance.

as for obama's vote to deny medical treatment? bleh. this election is like nails on a chalk board already. oiy. sorry nik, i can't think of anything to say. ;)


Sandi said...

Tough subject. I don't think abortion is right, but a woman should have the right to decide for herself. Up to a point. 3rd trimester is a definite NO in my book. I think the only clout a President would have is in Supreme Court appointees. That's where I get nervous. About abortion and a whole lot of other things.

Mike said...

I thought that so-called partial-birth abortions were outlawed by the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003.

I don't know if I agree with Obama on this, since the law in question doesn't make any mention of providing any protections or rights to a fetus still inside the woman. Perhaps if there were a law passed stating that equal protection under the law and constitutional rights only apply to people who have actually been born, there would be less confusion.

Righty64 said...

Great post! This is something that Sen. "F--- You" McCain needs to hit Sen. Messiah Barack on. More and more Americans realize that when we get to the third trimester, babies can survive out of the womb. And, proof positive that Sen. Messiah Barack is a pro-abortion absolutionist. Even if Sen. "F--- You" McCain is not keen on discussing the social issues, this is a no-brainer. I hope that he hits Sen. Messiah Barack. For some, social issues are hard to talk about, but some just need to be exposed, and this is one of them.

DB said...

You are right, it is legal. In fact, even when conservatives controlled both houses, the White House and the Supreme Court (I think Bush's whole term up until last November though I may be a little off), nothing changed. McCain claimed at one time that Roe v Wade shouldn't be overturned and Obama is probably performing abortions himself, so I can't imagine this being an issue anytime soon.

Nikki said... crack me up. You said you didn't have anything to say and you said something about saying nothing! Which sounds like a Seinfeld episode! hurry up election we are in hell! lol...:)N

Sandi, this is a tough subject and I appreciate the comment on it. I don't think the Supreme Court is going to get much more conservative than it already is so abortion will indeed remain legal...3rd term is pretty dispicable! I agree. :)N

Mike I agree. The difference is being dead in the womb and alive outside the womb unintentionally. When the dead part doesn't happen then the questionable action is what to do with the my mind the baby has rights and it would seem that a doctors oath would demand medical care. It seems pretty clear. Great to hear from you. :)N

righty, sometimes I wonder where John McCain is...he seems to be invisible. He needs to get in the spotlight and start attacking. No more pussy footing around! :)N

DB, I LOL at the Obama is probably performing abortions himself. :)N