Friday, July 18, 2008

Glass Houses and Other Thoughts

Sticks and Stones
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...or however the saying goes. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the leaders of the most worthless congress in history. They have a 9% approval rating and that is generous since reporting includes those who think the job congress is doing is "good" compared to "fair" and "excellent". 2% think the job they are doing is excellent. 2 PERCENT! That's milk. Nancy Pelosi has the nerve to call the President a "complete failure". I know there are plenty of you out there who feel the same. But you are all wrong and you can have this do nothing congress of Democrats including your worthless jack ass candidate that strolls around Europe like freaking "Kennedy". Who is a "complete failure"? It is every single person sitting on capital hill at the moment. Oh and those acting like becoming President will kick their ass in gear...uhuh. That goes for both so please no tattle telling comments.

Scott Peterson Blog
Convicted murderer Scott Peterson has his own blog. I will not link it. But what outrages me is the anti-death penalty crowd that thinks that "life" in prison is justice. Scott is on death row and his reunion with the grim reaper can't come quick enough. Nice that he is enjoying Internet time via his family getting out his sick and twisted message. Give it up Scott...let's inject him with some potassium already! Gotta love the cushy life of inmates. Let's give him life without parole like they did the Manson chick who is what?...up for parole. Yep that's life without parole, unless you are dying of cancer...then its life with the possiblily of parole. How about we shoot you in the head and you get no chance of parole.

Al Gore the Energy Whore
Yeah that's what I said. Time Magazine reported this special little thing I like to call a nugget, "Speaking in Washington on July 17, Gore called on Americans to completely abandon electricity generated by fossil fuels within 10 years, and replace them with carbon-free renewables like solar, wind and geothermal. It is a bold plan, almost to the point of folly. But at the very least, it's one that certainly matches the scale of his rhetoric. "The survival of the United States of America as we know it is at risk," he said. "The future of human civilization is at stake." Let me just say that again, "The future of human civilization is at stake. I am shaking my head and saying what some might call cuss words. Is he serious? OK left, is this called "fear mongering"? Do I recall people freaking out at President Bush's war on terror being "fear mongering"? But the Survival of the United States and human civilization is at risk is just plain old common talk of conservation? Al deserves an ass hat. That's all I have to say about my favorite sore loser on the planet. You couldn't be a bigger fear mongering 2000 election loserhead.

Boring politics and Dog days
I love the heat and I love summer, but it sure does make for a long and drawn out political season. It is time for some dog fighting between the candidates. It is time to debate. There were so many debates in the primary between tweedle dee and tweedle dum that it got old watching the donkeys go at it. Its time for the old man and the other guy to hit the debate scene. It will give us some material and I can't wait to watch Obama squirm. Rumor has it he has over 300 foreign policy staff members. They are all organized into teams to help the Senator at any moment. McCain in contrast has 75 and they are rarely around. Looks like somebody is a little nervous about appearing "naive" when it comes to foreign relations. Something tells me this is the calm before the storm for some reason...its all so nice. Obama riding high and McCain playing it cool, seems awfully remiss. You know things are good when I have reached a point of nausea upon sight of the democratic candidate. I tolerated Obama for quite a while but didn't really find him distasteful. Now the taste in my mouth is bad and all is right in my world. Once I reach the point of disgust, Its hard to watch him on any news channel and it will undoubtedly get changed. The universe has aligned. He officially sickens me.

Romney for Vice:
I like Romney for Veep and not just because he is Mormon. But because he is hot. He is nice looking and quite frankly the charisma factor is a little low on the side of the phants at the moment. He also has some bucks and some great economic clout. Call him a non-christian and you would be an idiot. Deal evangelicals here comes the Mormon train you may as well hop on! Don't get all butt hurt born-agains, Mormons are Christians too. GO ROMNEY!


namaste said...

nancy, she embarrasses me as a democrat, i must say. al gore, yah! him too! be back tomorrow to say more. cause right now, my head is not totally clear. vodka, ya know. but i wanted to be the first to speak up on this. love ya nik! ;)


Rob said...

where to start with Al Gore?
"The outer boundary of what we currently believe is feasible is still far short of what we actually must do. Moreover, between here and there, across the unknown, falls the shadow...In the words of the Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, 'Pathwalker, there is no path. You must make the path as you walk.' " The fact that this idiot gets any audience amazes me. Yup, this excerpt is from his Nobel Prize acceptance speech last November. What a joke! Talk about putting that poor translator to the test. As a McCain supporter, I'd say this campaign needs MORE GORE! Keep the Al posts coming, Nik...

Nikki said...

Maria you are hilarious! thanks for being the de-virginizer of the post and I will look forward to hearing more from you later...or not...YOU ROCK! :)N

Rob...? what the hell was that? If that whole phrase was in some Al Gore speech then I guess I don't speak Al me environmentally challenged I admit it! woohoo...kill the earth save the humans by shutting up Al...:)N

Freadom said...

I think it would be cool to go with all windmills or something like that, but then environmentalists would be complaining about the eyesore of all the windmills all over the place. You know, they'd have to have something to complain about.

Been blogging a little less in the dog days of summer, but still around.

Nikki said...

Freadom, won't be their ugliness, it will be the birds that get killed by the blades going around and around haha...I think all of us are blogging less, when the sun is out we gotta soak it in! :)N

DB said...

My take: Pelosi is a moron, but she riles the right up which is cool. Reid is a moron, but he riles the right up which is cool. See the theme? ;-)

Peterson is a douche, but shouldn't be executed. If anything, they should make his time harder. Why does he get family visits? Lacy doesn't. Throw away the key! And if you have brain cancer and had you leg amputated, you are rotting away in jail as intended...why parole that? It's working!

Gore is on his save the world tour which truly pisses off the right. I like it. ;-)

As I have told you, I am all about Romney. Nothing will piss the religious right off like a McCain/Romney ticket. I'm actually pulling for this combo!

ba and the boys said...

you had way too much time to think up at webelow camp, didnt you?

Nikki said...

DB, I am glad to hear you are so happy when I am unhappy;)...except for the Romney thing of course. I do think you should start fighting for the babies and stop worrying about the sickening murderers though! HA...:)N guesster chester, WAY TOO MUCH TIME! haha you've been there and done that haven't you...:)N

namaste said...

ok, i'm back! haha! scott p with a
website? that sucks! that guy is pure evil. unbelieveable.

obama has 300 foreign staff members?! omg!! where the hell is all this money coming from. even if he only really has 100, that's still incredible! that's like me hiring 20 tutors to learn math. wtf! i don't get it.

hate to break it to ya, nik, but i seriously doubt romney will be the running mate. why don't you just send him an email and ask him out for a milkshake? get him out of your system. :D

Sandi said...

The whole glass houses and stones thing never made sense to me. I mean, how stupid is a person who throws stones from INSIDE the house! For god's sake, go outside and then you don't have to worry.

As for Scott P, my biggest issue with the dealth penalty (other than the obvious one about perhaps executing an innocent person) is the fact that it automatically leads to one million appeals and I'M paying for that! I say let 'em rot. Put them in the bad part of the prison. No tv, gym, etc. And certainly no computers.

Romney - hmmm, that would be interesting. I love that you, who are so knowledgeable about all things political, like Romney because he's hot!

Righty64 said...

Nikki, I spent most of last year on my blog extolling the virtues of Mitt Romney being our nominee. Even voted for him here in Californa. But, alas, we are stuck with Sen. "F--- You" McCain. But, I will back him and vote for the Arizona Mav because of the War Against Islamofacist Terror. I will actually be enthusiastic if Sen. "F--- You" McCain puts Mr. Romney as #2. And, so will MOST evangelicals. They had their guy, the Rev. Mike, but he turned out to be an embarassement. And the "joke" about Sen. Messiah Barack killed his chance at #2. It should be noted that Mr. Romney DID have some influential evangelical support during the primary season. And, they will certainly come on board if Mr. Romney is #2. Much of the criticism is driven by the DDBMSM crowd, you know, the ones following Sen. Messiah Barack around Europe and planting a nice big one on his rear end! Romney and McCain will get along just fine.

Khaki Elephant said...

Nancy Pelosi sucks.
Al Gore sucks.
Scott Peterson sucks.

Now, I like Mitt, who has some connections here in Michigan, but I find myself pulling for a hot bod on the ticket as well, which is why I support Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the Veep nod. Oh, she's a long shot, but I'd sure tivo those V.P. debates.

DB said...

I would like Palin to get the nod too so I don't have to hear about how Obama has no experience. ;-)

Nikki said...

Maria, I would love to take Mitt for a time he is in town I will see what I can do. Maybe I will email him my blog and he can read all about my crush and look me up...hahaha. But I think you are probably right, I am dreaming! thanks for the reality check!:)N

Sandi, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do...and if that means pushing for the lust vote then so be it! I am not above it...hehe :)N

righty, I appreciate very much all you said about Mitt and evangelicals...I wish more republicans would have gotten on board sooner, I think Mitt would have been a better pick but we got who we got and I support daddy mac! Go Mitt! :)N

Khaki, I see you workin...we are on the same page. If you can't beat them you may as well lust after them right? its what keeps it interesting! :)N

Nikki said...

DB, always looking out for our conservative interests...:)N

Anonymous said...

Hi Nik, (its Mike I cant remember my password)

From what I can tell Peterson's blog is run by his family. i dont believe he would have any access to a computer, especially with any outside access. How ever unless there is a security issue, you cant stop his mail. For the record inmates do not lead a cushy life. He is in his cell at least 23 hours a day. He wont come out with out full restraints. Imagine spending the rest of your life in your bathroom. Also, for the record, appeals are not that expensive. Medical treatment on the other hand is huge. A prisoner with cancer is very expensive and all healht insurance, including medicaid shuts down while incarcerated. We pay. The cancer patient would not get out if she had a chance of survival.

Mike T

Nikki said...

Hey Mike, that is good info on inmates. I thought I had mentioned that the web page was via I stand corrected. I guess Lacy's mother is outraged, as she should be that he can even have that possibility. Hadn't thought about the cost of medical care for inmates...guess we all pay for universal heatlthcare already via prison inmates...paying to keep them alive while some deserve to be put to sleep like dogs. Can't win for losing! But at least it isn't cushy. I guess if your early ticket to hell doesn't check you out early then living in a bathroom the rest of your life is second best! keep up the great police work! and thanks for commenting! :)N