Monday, July 28, 2008


The Democrats are experiencing nothing short of an Obasm. They are acting like those stupid idiot men in those annoying Viagra commercials we have to suffer through incessantly when watching the crap box. "If you experience an erection lasting longer than 4 hours call your physician". OK, its time to call the doc folks, cuz you Obama people are experiencing just that. Wipe the smile off your stupid faces and snap out of it. This election erection has got to come down soon or I am going to implode. This climax can't last forever. Did I say climax? OOPS, I meant climate. A climate of Obamacrats being high on Ecstasy. Seriously. I can't get away from the guy or his freaking supporters. He's like the cat that came back the very next day. An incurable disease that keeps me up at night tossing and turning in constant pain. A stalker that is constantly in my rear view mirror. An old boyfriend or girlfriend that can't let go. He is the burrito you ate for lunch that you taste over and over again, because it keeps coming back up. A bad reoccurring dream that gives you the night sweats. Turn on the TV. I dare ya. There he will be standing there with his big ears and stupid smile saying something completely rehearsed and his adoring fans screaming like little girls at a Miley Cyrus concert. I think I saw Barack Obama in my Cheerios this morning. His image may have been formed in the stucco on my house by some cosmic force. Maybe I will start a shrine and charge money for the masses to come and pray to it. I saw an Obama '08 sign in a yard today. In Utah. Ok, so it was only one, but it was enough to make me spontaneously pull out my symbolic finger and point it at my neighbor. I thought they looked overly happy when I saw them in their front yard the other day. Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama. He is everywhere like a freaking quintuplet. A clone that is mass produced. Its like walking down the toy aisle at wal-mart and the shelves are stacked with Obama dolls. A sci-fi thriller that has pods snatching bodies and they are being replaced with Obama look alikes. Its overload folks. Please I am begging the media and the Obama addicts...check into rehab and detox yourselves from this insane co-dependency. Obama is your cocaine. A tingle up the nose and down the leg of the Obamajuana addict. Get help now. Take the posters off your wall, the picture off your cell phone and the background off your computer screen. Erase "yes we can" and O-Bah-ma" from your ring tone. Its time to join a 12 step program and come down from the Obama high you are experiencing. Your dopamine is at extremely high levels and must be replenished by several hits a day. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and yes FOXNEWS, are all dealers, dealing to the Obama junkies. They can't get enough. You can't get enough and I have had enough. Seriously...I AM IN OBAMA HELL!
Now watch this and tell me this isn't the entire Obamacratic party...just replace Viva Viagra with Viva Obama and you will get the picture...


Marbles said...

I must disagree with one thing. Disparaging the recurring burrito in your metaphor. There is nothing better than a burrito you taste the rest of the day!

Chuck said...

Thanks for posting and adding my site. I had already visited yours and enjoyed it and added you.

This is funny. It's almost like a mental illness. You wonder if we should start intervening like we used to have to with the cult followers. Kidnap these people and deprogram them.

The thing that is a little scary though is what will happen in the fall if he loses (someting I believe is a real possibility). These people are so invested in this in their lives that the letdown actually could be explosive. I truely believe we could see rioting, mass hysteria, and general social breakdown. The lucky ones though may actually be able to pick up the pieces and get a life afterwards.

WomanHonorThyself said...

It is a mental illness girl! How do we stop the insanity though!!! :)

elouai said...

Thought you would like this caricature of Obama that I drew, if you can take any more obama dolls, but this one is funny.

I added a bit of parody with a Borat depiction as well

Let me know what you think :)

Righty64 said...

Oh, that is sooo good! I just think that all of this is going to backfire. I think that the majority of Americans, while wanting to elect a black president, do not want to elect this one. I think that Johnny Mac is going to win this thing because the people want a certain normalcy. And, that will be the case with a McCain presidency. We had eight years of a controversial Bill Clinton and will have had eight years of George W. Bush. McCain is just pretty much in the middle, where the voters are. Sen. Messiah Barack is just pushing too much and I think this slobbering is too much for the vast majority of Americans.

Khaki Elephant said...

Sen. Messiah Barack is just pushing too much and I think this slobbering is too much for the vast majority of Americans.

Ah, if only we were as enlightened as the Germans.

Incognito said...

Heh...thanks for my laugh in all this lunacy.

I saw a McCain (very small) bumper sticker today.. but no Obama one's yet. Though all my colleagues are planning to vote for him.

I can not wait until December!! It will all be over.

Nikki said...

Marbles, you made me laugh out loud with that one...I stand corrected! There is nothing disparaging about a burrito tasted again and again! thanks for the comment...:)N

Chuck, you have a point. These poor supporters could really damage themselves if Obama loses...if he wins they will go on with their lives happily as though everything has changed...only everything will be the same! deprogram that is what they need...:)N

WHT, I don't know...lets get that bald blond lady to start a campaign! STOP THE INSANITY...:)n

elouai, thanks for visiting the blog and I think the characiature(sorry bad spelling) is great! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me and I think everyone should click on your link and see it...thanks again! :)N

righty, I like your predictions...I am keeping my fingers crossed. This can't last. Can it? :)N

Khaki, I believe the correct term is "nuanced" like the Germans. :)N

Incognito, thanks for checking in! I have heard alot of people say that they wish the election would hurry and get is painful, but a lot can change in the short months left! :)N

Z said...

My husband's with Chuck; he feels we'll have unrest in this country like we never realized could happen should Obama lose. And he could.

Nikki! Did you invent 'OBASM?' that is fantastic. great piece. I just commented somewhere, maybe Chuck's blog?, that I am seriously getting scared to death this freak COULD win. I mean FRIGHTENINGLY scared over here. HELP!!

EDGE said...

An election erection...HA...that's classic!

defiant_infidel said...

I am totally overwhelmed also with all the perfect vacuum's nauseating Obamawama disgorging. They drink the wine and we all do the time... ARGH!

Karen said...

Thanks for the laugh your clever post brought to me today! I needed it.

Chatterness said...

LOL, Nikki Nicole!!! America speaks, huh? I loved the "Obama cheetoh" figure....I cracked azz on that one!! LOL

DB said...

Wow, fear and conservatives. I highly doubt riots will occur if Obama wins. I could see it if he wins the popular vote and loses the electoral, but I can see that with any Democrat running this time with regards to 2000. They may love Obama, but they certainly aren't going to go around looting and rioting if he loses. Give me a break. This concept is about as asinine as the left thinking McCain is going to drag the war out for 100 years. Get past it people. But anyways, don't vote for Obama because you are scared. Oh, and stop listening to douchebags like Rush Limbaugh he claim this crap all the time.

Nikki said...

Hey Z, I did invent obasm! lol, I thought it went so well with the theme of the post...haha I have to admit I did sit around trying to think of disturbing sexual was a goodie if I could brag a little. Glad you enjoyed the Obasm! :)N

Edge, thanks, pretty stinking funny! t-shirts with obasm and election erection on them! HA! :)N

defiant infidel, thanks for leaving a comment and for reading the blog! I think you are not alone in the scared arena! :)N

Karen, glad you laughed, its all we can do right? hope your days get better! :)N

Chatterness, you changed your name, I like it. When I first saw it I thought I had a newbie but there you were! glad you had a laugh...I know you need it. :)N

DB, I suppose you are right, but I would think most people of both political persuasions would be fearful of a politician who is as beloved as Obama...its not healthy or good for any of us. Checks and balances thank goodness for that! Your point is well taken. :)N