Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It has come to my attention that most people over the age of 60 aren't ready to have a President who is bi-racial, or like he likes to call himself, black. While many people are ready for "change" and conservatives fight stupid change, there are those in the electorate that are not ready to change themselves. They will forever hold on to the prejudices they have been taught and quite honestly lived with for decades. The change I am referring to is racism. I believe that SOME in the older population of America are scared to freaking death of having a black President. Now, most of the Dem's in the world would like us to think that, THAT little nugget, is part of the philosophy of most non-Obama supporters and republicans. Most political junkies don't give a rat's butt about Obama's ethnicity and are appalled by his policies. But for most of the older population, I have realized that racism is going to be an issue for him. I am not saying all old people are racist, but I am saying that there are still a lot out there and while some portray themselves as progressive, the old cliche still stands that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Race is very much a factor in this election. The demographics I am not sure about, though polling data is only as accurate as the honesty of the individual taking the poll. I heard a statistic the other day that Obama's numbers are about 10% inflated because of the "fear of appearing racist" factor when poll taking. So, when all is said and done, he will not get all the votes promised by the polls. This number astounds me. I think America has come a long way in race relations. But I do think there are some older Americans who are knee deep in foolish traditions. I see John McCain getting most of the geriatric vote from both sides of the aisle. I may be wrong. But the data is so unclear, that most websites projecting a number of older peep vote, all stipulated the lie factor. Nobody in this day and age is going to be honest about why Obama will not get their vote, especially when speaking to a political inquisitor. I can only state that I am personally grateful for an education system that taught a clear and concise moral concept regarding prejudice. Previous generations were brought up in a completely different world than I was. It was a world that will only die with them. As we Americans struggle to iron out the kinks in our racial divide, let us acknowledge the lessons taught to our predecessors, and NOT pass them on to this generation. This is why Obama has the youth vote. They are the generation of racial objectivity. But, I do see older Americans as being more appreciative and more patriotic. There is much lost in a generation that sacrifices very little and is entitled to very much. I am not saying that the older generation is lost in a sea of prejudice, but lets face it, they come from a world where it was common place. This younger generation has its own issues and their supporting a candidate because he is black, is just as appalling. All in all I see a demographic of old school individuals with ideals that should be lost and ideals that we should cling to. And a new school of individuals with no concept of sacrifice, and new ideals that should be lost and some that are a welcomed change.


ba and the boys said...

my nana (who would be in her 80s now) was a racist. she wasnt one of the 'kkk' kind, she was one of the northeast kinds...'i dont have a problem with black people, as long as they dont come to mass when im there.'. her kids arent like that (or her grandkids), but she was.
was 'the greatest generation' the last generation of racists? i dont think she would have voted for obama. and it would have been about race.

EDGE said...

The first time I ever voted I went with Keyes... a lot of my friends (most of 'em libs) said why the heck would you want to vote for him? Now I'm being asked why wouldn't you want to vote for Obama?

People are weird.

Paul is a Hermit said...

I'm not going to prove I am not prejudiced by voting for a black man or woman I wouldn't vote for in the first place.
It seems to be the corner into which I and others are painted every time his stance on anything is questioned.

Prejudice certainly exists, the fact he is willing to play the race card points a finger at himself since he is willing to form stereotypes of those who disagree with him.
In people who do or do not vote for him specifically based on color, which is prejudiced?
I don't like McCain, his color has nothing to do with it.
I do think the country will be better when know one knows who is what color.

Nikki said...

BA, my grandma was too...extremely prejudice and very open about it. I remember her saying stuff that made my skin crawl...thanks for being honest! I hope others follow suit..:)N

Edge, You make a great point, I think liberal are overboard in trying to act like they are so supportive of a minority's plight that their judgement is skewed! :)N

Paul, I also agree that Obama himself is playing the race card to his benefit. I think Obama going that route is going to hurt him among older and white people who think that is unnecessary to point out. I do think there are some people, I met them recently, that have no idea what the issues are and are against Obama simply because he is black...I also think Obama is wrong to attach that label only to republicans. Color is and should be of no consequence when not giving him the nod! great comment! expedential! :)N

namaste said...

nik, i can add no more here. i salute your bravery for starting a dialogue with this post that most ppl avoid like the plague. and my humble cheers to these honest and heart felt commentors.




Righty64 said...

Hmm, there is a difference between being prejudiced and racist. I think people know the difference. I will not vote for Sen. Messiah Barack because he is a socialist. And, he wants the United States to lose in the War Against Islamofacist Terror. I do not care that he is black, white, bi-racial, multiracial. I think that older people may be prejudiced to a degree, but racist is a big leap. If my parents were alive, they being Democrats, they would be happily and blindly voting for Sen. Messiah Barack. I worry that what you are writing about is the DDBMSM narrative that many American's are leery about having a black president. I am leery of having a socialist, defeatist.

Z said...

I just can't imagine a Liberal Dem oldster voting for McCain rather than Obama because of Obama's color. Just can't picture it.

Nikki said...

righty, I think you are right and bring up an interesting point. There is a difference between racism and prejudice. I am prejudice against things that I am in favor of yadda yadda...racism is a different animal. I do think however that whether many want to admit it or not...it could be a factor. The polls according to most sites on this topic are reporting what they consider a possibility of 10 percent or higher of lying voters. its a big number and will skew the numbers for the election IMO. great comment! thanks for being brave enough to chime in! :)N

Z, a liberal dem is a different bird than say a traditional democrat, so I think you are probably right on. :)N

DB said...

I would love to add more on the race topic, but I think you hit it right on about the geriatrics. People are becoming more tolerant as time goes by and generations pass. Any person who claims that 10% of the people are lying about the race issue is blowing smoke and making the issue about race when it is not. Maybe if they based their poll off nursing home age people, than sure, but 10% of the population is way absurd.

Perhaps young people are voting less for the black person, and more for the young person who actually might be able to relate to them and their concerns. Even I can see how Obama would be more in touch with that generation than McCain. Obama is making an appeal to younger people, that is why he is winning that demographic. McCain really isn't, which makes sense because young people traditionally don't vote. Too bad for him this election is anything but traditional.

Nikki said...

Hey DB, I have to disagree that the election is not about race...I think it is and I think Obama is taking it there himself. The poll I referred to was one done by Fox and the question was asked not if you were voting for Obama but if you would ever vote for a black person for President...then it was asked if your family members would vote for a black person...now the premise is that birds of a feather flock together and the latter of the 2 questions is the more honest answer. Its very scientific. Behavior science to be exact...lol though I do agree that Obama is more apealling to the younger voter, I don't think the younger person is as savvy as older voters nor do they even show up, often times. please elaborate on the race in the race issue...I am interested! :)N

Nikki said...

oops...I forgot to mention that the 2 question was considerably lower than the 1st question by about 25%, 10% was a conservative estimate...:)N

DB said...

Poll done by Fox news, huh? You got me there! Anyways, polls aren't scientific if they have a premise associated like "are people lying in polls." The 10% number is speculation at best.

The contest is about race to a point, but not in the MLK vs Nixon kind of way. Race plays a part, but I don't think it is as big as people say. 10% is not many, but seem coincidently suspicious of a round number.

To a young white person, Obama is more than a black guy, especialy when compared to the 71 year-old guy. Younger generations don't really want to hear from grandpa. Old people don't understand young people, who are just as savvy, if not more savvy when it comes to politics.

Anyways, I can't imagine all the economy draining geriatrics caring too much that a black "socialist" is going to keep the social security, medicare, and other old people payments coming. Even old people aren't that racist!

Perhaps I don't understand the race issue here as I am not from the East, South, or 1936. I see this as an internal issue people don't know how to cope with.

Nikki said...

DB, young people today are no different than the young people of the sixties that did things because it was popular or "bucking the system" back then it was sticking it to the man and today it is sticking to the establishment. Young voters aren't savvy unless they are conservative and that means they aren't soaking in all that their loser professors are teaching them...older geriatrics do care about a black socialist of the worst kind who will tax them and their cozy snowbird retirements. Older americans are making more money than the average young idiot. So to them the taxocrats will take more of the leisureness they get at the moment. geriatric they may be but they got some bucks and the wisdom to eek out a geriatric vote to the right. The race issue sucks just as bad on the other side. Dems having sex with themselves for kicking out a historical gig is getting "old" and nauseating. America has come a long way but contrary to the left republicans aren't as racist as they like to portray so they can keep the black vote...that is just as disgusting IMO. the poll may not have been stringently accurate but it makes a great point. there are those who will profess love and punch right..like it or not it is a factor. :)N

DB said...

Wow, you picking a fight? lol

Young voters aren't savvy unless they are conservative and that means they aren't soaking in all that their loser professors are teaching them

What??? I am not conservative because simply because they are lead and manipulated by morons. I never had a professor preach politics in class but once...and he was a conservative. I don't want to buck the system, I just wanbt it to work. That's why there is no party for me.

older geriatrics do care about a black socialist of the worst kind who will tax them and their cozy snowbird retirements.

The rich ones perhaps, but not the ones draining the economy...the majority if you will. It makes sense for a rich geriatric to be a conservative. But the others are living off the system. Why would they vote against that? Even if he is black. The geriatric you talk of is an ideal, not the norm.

Older americans are making more money than the average young idiot.

You sure about that? Maybe because those people had to work 30+ years to get their salary. Again, the ideal, not the norm.

America has come a long way but contrary to the left republicans aren't as racist as they like to portray so they can keep the black vote

Seems pretty savvy to me ;-)

Nikki said...

DB, LOL I thought you would love the savvy=conservative comment and you handled it well, I will stipulate that you MAY have a point...:)N

Sandi said...

Nikki - excellent post and, sadly, you are probably right. My family were devout Chicagoans from the ole days and would NEVER vote for a black President. Unless it was to show how non-prejudiced they were. Which is odd considering how much prejudice the felt during the "ole days" being Italian in Chicago! And I know many people in my generation (by the way, I'm one of those ancient over 60 types!!) who feel the same way - although most of them won't admit it. I heard someone on tv say a few months ago (it may have been Jon Stewart) that we can't have a black President now. Because the only way we can tell a movie is about the future is because they have a black President! If we have one now, people will be confused.

thedailyelephant said...

hahaha. "or as he likes to call himself black." yea. i'm not voting for him. he's just too white.