Friday, July 11, 2008


This is a nation of whiners. There I said it and I own it and John McCain should not distance himself from the truth. There is a good reason why Obama is getting the youth vote. The youth are the biggest whiners of them all. They have had it too easy. The have worn Gap clothing charged by their parents since birth. They have had 24 hour cartoon channels for constant stimulation and entertainment. They were born with computers and cell phones attached to their hands and ears, and have no idea how to have a conversation beyond texting acronyms. WTF is that all about. They ride around in Hummers and go to the lake on the week-end to ride in their boats. They eat out regularly at nice restaurants and troll the mall with their own credit cards and buy J. Crew and Banana Republic outfits that mom and dad so lovingly provide. Now that gas is expensive they are struggling. Or if they are newly married and starting out, its kind of strange, the are broke. Well welcome to life folks! When I was a kid I wore my BROTHERS hand me down tuff skin pants with big huge patches ironed on by my mother. If we went to McDonald's it was a luxury and we were allowed to order from a certain price range and no more. We ate creamed peas on toast. I took pancake sandwiches to school for lunch. I worked in the cafeteria for lunch money in elementary school. We took the bus to the mall, bought NOTHING and had a quarter if an emergency occurred(FYI the quarter was for the pay phone). I had a job while I was in High School so I could have spending money to see movies with my friends. We WALKED everywhere. Sometimes miles to meet up just to hang out. We had 5 channels on the TV and had to get up early on Saturday's if we wanted to watch cartoons. When I got married, we went to college, both had jobs, and drove piece of crap cars we prayed would make it to our multiple destinations. One car eventually broke down and my husband took the bus to work then to school then home. We juggled our bills. Our Christmas consisted of one present a piece and a 20 dollar spending limit. We had a hand me down fake tree and we went to a thrift store for decorations. All this occurred in the 90's under the Utopian Clinton years. We made $15,000 a year between the two of us and PAID taxes until Clinton was out of office. As time went on we worked and saved and were broke again, juggled some more, bought a house, were house poor, juggled bills, had a baby, medical bills killed credit, adversity mounted and THIS IS LIFE! Why is it the youth of today can't handle the struggle? Because they have been given everything? Parents have worked hard to provide so nicely for their kids that very few young whipper snappers have had to struggle. So now when things are expensive and people struggle to make ends meet its OMG! WHAT? no cell phone?! NO car at 16?! NO designer clothing?! I am sorry, but isn't that how its always been? That is how its been for me and my family. Isn't the struggle to some point a good thing? It makes us self-sufficient and stronger. Relying on the government to bail us out every time things get tough is so anti-American in my republican mind. I am not saying the feds shouldn't look into gas domestication and solutions, and I am making a mass generalization to make a point. I realize this is not all Americans. But I do see a self-entitlement attitude wreaking from the youth of today and quite frankly some adults. They have been taught reliance and this is what is attracting them to Obama in my opinion. If the same outfit has to be worn more than once then it is the end of the world as we know it. I drive around and look at Hummers, SUV's, boats, 4-wheelers, campers, trucks, 3 car garages and toys, toys, toys. And yet we complain that gas is too expensive to go boating and to take trips in our fat automobiles. Bummer Hummer dudes and babes. Stay home. I don't think the whining is necessarily low income people. I think its probably more of the upper middle class who make plenty who probably have to cut back. Low income people know how to cut back and do without. They know the meaning of needs vs. wants. There is a class of people in America that waste, waste, waste. I think these are the biggest whiners of them all! Park the Escalade. Stop the pedicures. A massage is gonna have to wait. Use your kitchen. Find some coupons. Shop for what you need and not for what you want. Play a game with the kids. Take away their cell phones. Talk to eachother like human beings. Teach your teens to use full words vs. texting acronyms. Take a walk. Make some cookies together. Cut back and make do. Let's bring back the art of conversation. Our faces are so stuck in our stupid iPhone and hand held computers that we forget to emotionally connect with our kids, spouses and other humans. Maybe, just maybe, our fast paced life that we have enjoyed is not that great. We have created young monsters who demand and disrespect. Its time to get back to old-fashioned values of courtesy and conservation. But it appears that those who cry energy conservation and doom are also the same ones professing hope and government reliance. For such a "hope" themed party, democrats sure do project a lot of doom, gloom and pessimism. Big freaking whiners if you ask me. Phil Gramm was right. America is full of whiners and Obama is playing right into our needy little hands. By all means, exploit the necessary struggle of self-sufficiency. Act like life is really about always having plenty and a magic wand creating high paying jobs for all Americans. This is a lie and a disservice to those who are struggling. We are the captains of our own ships. Let's start acting like it. The definition of a depression and recession is NOT, the inability to purchase all the latest electronics. Wanting what you have vs. having what you want is hope and conservation. Deal with it.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Read the whole thing, Nikki. My, you do catch fire! I hope this message spreads, but I'm afraid much of this will never return, even with a heavy dose of Obama that I think is coming. Majority rules.
Huge changes in Education and the Judiciary, more government in everything. There is no where to resettle to in the world anymore.
I liked the post a lot. You'll never be on a politician's staff.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, I wondered where my pants went! Just so you know I have only whined a little about the price of gas, and my big truck and not wanting to go boating. What does WTF stand for? I though about asking Jordyn, but no, she probably knows, and I would have to kill her. LOL. I do wish I could take their phones away. Nice post, have a great day.

namaste said...

OMG!! where do i begin with my comment?! standing O!! well said!! here! here!

i don't claim to be the perfect parent, but i think i did a decent job. i have been frustrated for years as i watched my peers give so much to their children. and it has less to do with loving their kids than fulfilling their own unmet narcissistic needs.

and i confess, i think my kids are spoiled. the litmus test for spoiled is, IMHO, them sometimes acting like they hate you. if i were an abusive parent they would love the crap out of me. but when they are sheltered, well cared for, and given love- oh those little rugrats can sometimes take things for granted.

this country has evolved and with it comes the inevitable outcome of greed and insatiable living. and the pressure we've all placed on one another forces us to do more than is truly necessary for our kids. how many ppl out there own a wii or an iphone? i mean come on! is it really necessary to buy every stupid overpriced gadget that comes out on the market. if it is stop complaining about the price of gas.

you hit the nail exactly on the head here, nik. obama followers are the cry-babies who love to hear him validate their cries. i just want to bitch-slap em all. gawd!

i have visited a number of obama supporter blogs. ugh! they are so hopeless! it's a waste of time to even engage them with a comment. i mean, hell, i'm a democract, but i'm also friggin reasonable. i can hear and learn from the other side of an intelligent arguement. reading some obama blogs is like reading a cult pamphlet. one woman was accused by a commentor that she'd vote for obama no matter what he said or did simply because he's black. the response? i'm paraphrasing: "if obama put shit on a plate and told me it was chocolate, i'd eat it." wtf?! these ppl are effin scary!

yes, we're in hell.

btw, i hate hummers. they are ugly rectangles on wheels. they're made for battle, geniuses. consumers will fall for anything when that is marketed as "luxury" products.

great post!!

Nikki said...

Thanks Paul! especially for reading the entire LONG post. More government and more whining and more pandering to the have nots or the want mores! its a viscious cycle and the only thing we can do is rant...and hopefully change some attitudes! :)N

Mike, oops I mean anonymous, now you know! The jig is up...I got the old tuff skins and you got the new ones! HA! spoiled! You can whine its ok at least you are cutting back...its a bummer but its what ya do right? WTF stands for what you think it stand for what the freak...were you thinking a different effing word? haha thanks for commenting and my beautiful nieces are exempt from all whining

Maria woohoo! wooohooohooohoo! You go girl! what an awesome comment! You said it all and extremely eloquently...we have discussed this and I thought it was time to reach the blogo...thanks for reading and Hummer drivers have small penises...ha I said it you know its true! MAJOR OVERCOMPENSATING GOING ON FOR THE HUMMER DUDES! :)N

Righty64 said...

Tell it like it is, sister! I think that there is a great divide between those that think the government "owes" us something and those that want to make it on our own. Where is someone like President Kennedy? You know. "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." Just say it already Sen. Messish Barack. I am running to give you a free lunch! Too bad you will not have a job and will be taxed up the ying-yang for the free lunch. Needless to say, Sen. John "F--- You" McCain ran away from the truth. He is the example of NOT whining. He should have taken off and ran with Dr. Gramm's truth. But, I don't get it. Who is running, er ruining the McCain campaign? Stop pandering. Smack the Sen. Messiah around a bit. Show him what it really means to be a whiner.

ba and the boys said...

Sandi said...

I remember my parents always saying "Everyone should grow up in a depression so they can learn how to really appreciate what they have". And, although I got tired of hearing that everytime I wanted to buy something (dang parents!!), there is some wisdom in it. I must admit, there is a small part of me that is enjoying the poor economic state we are currently in. Granted, Ed and I are doing fine so that makes it a bit easier. But I'm so tired of the big cars (don't even get me started on Hummers - small penis syndrome, to be sure), people exploiting everyone and everything, everyone wanting more and better and forgetting about the real things in life that should matter. It's all about material goods. Now people have to cut back (poor dears), really look at ther lives, separate needs from wants, and perhaps raise their children to be more aware. I've always been an optomist (did I spell that right??!!) and I truly feel the economy will work itself out eventually and the country will survive - regardless of who gets elected President. We'll learn to use oil more less and more wisely. We'll all become greener in our everyday lives. opefully our kids and grandkids will learn to appreciate life and what they have. I just hope all the lessons we're learning painfully now don't get lost.

ba and the boys said...

im proud to admit that i tell my kids 'no, we cant afford that'. i dont say it all the time, because we can have some luxeries. but i do say no alot.
im happy to say that this week i showed parker how AWESOME coupons are...i had a coupon for $2 off paper plates that were priced at $2! you should have seen his face when he saw that they were FREE. (i was pretty proud of myself too!)
i was like you n, when we got married we ate pasta roni and took brown bag lunches (i did send chris to work once with a 'monkees' lunch box once!). right now we gave up eating out so we can save to go to disney this fall.
i think parents who say no really are better off. the kids get used to disappointment and realize that not eveything is a 'given'.
just as long as you say, ok once in awhile too.

EDGE said...


Sally said...

Wow Nikki you are sounding like a liberal anti-consumption tree-hugger. Hear! Hear! Indeed.

Marci said...

I agree. The problem with the government taking care of the people is that it makes the people EXPECT the help. I suggest the government take a page out of the LDS churches provident living information ie. teach the people to be self sufficent!

Khaki Elephant said...

A good dose of modern-day Emerson.

Kevin said...

I saw nothing wrong with what Phil said. The fact that everyone is whining about it merely proves his point.

Nikki said...

righty, thanks for the kudos, I agree that John should stand by his man. But when you are chasing the instituion suckers vote its hard to stand firm...bothersome. :)N

BA I am going to post that video tomorrow...its a goodie and well said on the say no to your kids. right on! :)N

Sandi woohoo! Hummer=small penis, don't we know it. We don't make the rules we just report...and your parents were very wise my friend. :)N

Edge, Dadgumit, thank you! :)N

Sally, kill the friggin trees and drill for some friggin oil...there! HA! Its common sense and non-partisan thinking. :)N

Marci, we are taught to be self-sufficient aren't we...its ingrained in us and when disasters happen we don't whine about it we take action! woohoo...thanks for chiming in...:)N

Khaki, I am so glad to have you back in action! thanks for the bravo! :)N

Nikki said...

Kevin, great observation! whining about a whining comment you gotta love it! :)N

DB said...

I love how it is the "youths" fault for being the "spoiled brats" that the have become. How about the previous generation allowing that to happen? When will they take responsibility for how they raised their kids rather than what those kids have become? This sounded more bitter than anything (the first half at least).

This election isn't just about the far-right fear that Obama will create a welfare state, but also a public referendum on how well a job the Republican Party (Bush) has done while in control. People look around and don't see the ship headed in the right direction so they will change captains. The current government has been so involved in manipulating interest rates that people are starting to think that the government is able to solve economic problems with the flip of a switch. Is it no wonder that people are relying on Bush to fix these problems? Conservatives (non-libertarian ones) do not/refuse to see how much Bush has expanded this government. They don't see how dependent the market now is in expecting the govt to manipulate the rates at the push of a button. The current administration is more "statist" than "fiscally conservative" and people have gotten used to that, now they want their cut. On this front, Obama, Bush and McCain are all on the same team. Big government's hand in EVERYTHING. This election won't change that despite who we vote for.

Nikki said...

DB, thanks for representing the "youth" in this conversation. I did fault parents for how they raised their kids. That was the premise of my argument. Parents have done well and as a result their kids expect more than any previous generation because they have had more than any previous generation.
I am not bitter about my struggles or my family struggles, I am grateful for them because they have taught me to go without. This younger generation has a superiority complex and your even mentioning that I sounded "bitter" is proof of the attitude I am referring to.
I do get tired of the defining from both the left and the right of what a true conservative is and how Bush is NOT fiscally conservative. He was also against Nation Building and an isolationist...remember the 2000 election? He was Ron Paul the first. 9/11 changed all that. We had a market already heading for recession post Clinton and in serious trouble post 9/11 Economics 101...deficit spend. The government should spend spend spend. We suffered a small recession and it is because Bush did the resposible thing and expanded government. I am no economist, but sometimes for a President the options are bad and worse. The economy after 9/11 could have been much worse.
I think its funny how when fault of economic diress is pointed at the peeps, the peeps get upset and point it back at government. Personal responsibility is a very conservative principle and this is what I am advocating.
What this election is about is different for every person. What this election is about for me is an ungrateful nation that whines when they can't afford a latte. People aren't doing worse than they were 10 years ago...people are doing worse than they were 4 years ago when mortgage companies were making money on loans they had no business giving, construction companies were gouging consumers with their ridiculously inflated prices, real estate agents were making money hand over fist and all bought big fat houses and cars because of a false real estate boom. Kinda sounds like Enron and the boys. From where I sit there isn't a candidate on earth than can fix the problems of this country and until we the people realize that little fact, it will continue to be the same. THAT I do agree with. Thanks for kickin my butt as usual...especially since you are a young whipper snapper yourself...haha :)N

Anthony Palmer said...

Personal accountability when it comes to one's finances is something I wrote about back in February when the rebate checks were being debated in Congress. This is one issue in which I agree with what you are saying.

However, I don't think the people who are struggling are necessarily young, old, or any group in particular. Some people spend their money at Starbucks (or Dunkin Donuts for the Red State residents). Others spend it on fishing rods. Some spend it on designer clothes. And others spend it on cars/trucks that they don't need. So people should stop trying to live above their paychecks and learn to live within their means.

Of course, the flip side of this is that if people cut back on spending and tried to be more fiscally responsible, how would that impact the economy? Consumer spending drives the economy, so if people are spending less, who would suffer then? All these businesses are doing their best to get people to spend money they don't have by offering 0% financing, cash back, no payments for 6 months, and 30% off sales. So perhaps the business sector is to blame too.

There is one legitimate issue with the economy, however, that has a lot to do with the struggles people are having now. It's gas prices. Gas prices are up over 50% from maybe 3 or 4 years ago. Not many people's investments or salaries have gone up by 50% over the same period of time. So that's eating into the money they otherwise would have spent at a local restaurant, shopping mall, or car dealership--or money they could have saved. Maybe people should have saved more money or bought more fuel efficient vehicles in the past. Those who didn't are certainly getting soaked now and that's their own fault. But gas prices are something largely out of our control because even people who drive small cars and are living responsibly are still getting hit with this because of rising consumer prices and fuel surcharges when they buy plane tickets, etc. That affects all of us.

Having said all that, Phil Gramm is correct. But voters don't like to be called names. So the Obama camp will exploit the "whiners" remark just like Republicans have exploited his "bitter" remarks.

Nikki said...

hey Anthony, thanks for leaving a comment. I agree that gas prices are tough. I know a lot of people who are trading in their SUV's for smaller more economical cars. That affects the auto industry and its a big trickling effect. Truckers are suffering more than anyone and prices keep a lot of industries slow. As far as name calling, we will see a lot of whining from the whiners and a lot of bitterness from the :)N